How Big Will 'The Big Bang Theory' Be Tonight? - Poll

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March 7th, 2013


The Big Bang Theory squares off against American Idol again tonight. Its most recent new episode scored a 5.6 adults 18-49 rating. Will it do even better this week? Make your predictions.

  • Melissa

    Scratch that, Elementary is not original tonight.

  • zth

    Hmm person of Interest might actually beat American Idol tonight, and deservedly so. It’s such a good show! If it won’t happen tonight, it will in the next few weeks.

  • Blaster

    I’m more curious about how well Glee will fare tonight. It’s been heavily promoted (500th song) and the last episode ended on a huge cliffhanger, but I just don’t know how much interest the public has in the show at this point. I’m going to guess a 2.4.

    As for Big Bang Theory, I would say 5.5 seems doable.

  • jake3988

    Being that it’s later in the season and it’s a random episode in March, I kinda doubt it’ll get great ratings. But the last time we had a TBBT prediction, I wildly underestimated it and it ended up breaking its own record.

    So… I’m going to split the difference and say it stays the same.

  • TV Addict

    Big Bang Theory- 4.3
    It’ll lose a lot of its audience to a new episode of Community, which will get a 2.7.
    Jk lolz. Who cares about TBBT, I’m predicting Community will get a 0.9.
    I’m hoping for a 1.3, but that ain’t gunna happen.

  • iggy

    like 2.1

  • Ashley

    6.0 or above.

  • ToXiX

    @Melissa As if Elementary has to worry about Glee.

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