Paleyfest Celebrates NBC's 'Parenthood'

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March 8th, 2013

Parenthood Paleyfest

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TV Festival celebrates NBC’s “Parenthood”

The cast of NBC’s critically acclaimed drama series “Parenthood” engaged its loyal audience Thursday night at the 2013 William S. Paley Television Festival.

As part of the Paley Center for Media’s 15-day tribute to TV’s top shows, both the actors from the series and executive producer Jason Katims discussed the recently concluded fourth season before an exuberant crowd at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills.

"Parenthood" is a one-hour drama inspired by the box-office hit of the same name. This re-imagined and updated Universal Television/Imagine Television production follows the trials and tribulations of the very large, colorful and imperfect Braverman family.

One of the highlighted points of conversation was how the character of Kristina Braverman dealt with a season-long cancer diagnosis. After undergoing a mammogram, Potter relayed her experience to executive producer-creator Jason Katims but, unbeknownst to her, Katims and his writing team had already broken a cancer storyline for Kristina.

Said Peter Krause, who plays Kristina’s husband, Adam Braverman: “The most rewarding part was telling the cancer story truthfully. It was challenging to maintain fear since Monica and I lean toward comedy.”

Another storyline that had viewers engaged all season was the decision Lauren Graham’s Sarah Braverman had to make between fiancé Mark Cyr (Jason Ritter) and colleague Hank Rizzoli (Ray Romano), with whom she had romantic feelings. Ultimately, she chooses Hank but finds out he is moving to Minnesota to spend more time with his daughter.

“I saw it differently. I felt that the finale left it open,” Graham said. “Sarah made a choice and then Hank’s like, ‘I’m moving to Minnesota,’ so to me there was a lot of energy in both areas. I did not view it as she chose one or the other necessarily.”

Said Ritter of the moment when Graham told him she was choosing Romano’s character over his: “I remember standing in the classroom and listening to Lauren say those things, and it was like, after all this time, it all ends right here? It is heartbreaking because you do become invested. This is a real family that’s been created.”

During the question-and-answer session, one member of the audience said she had flown in from Italy specifically for the panel and to meet Graham. She presented Graham with a bouquet of yellow roses.

“Parenthood” stars Krause, Graham, Potter, Dax Shepard, Erika Christensen, Sam Jaeger, Savannah Paige Rae, Max Burkholder, Joy Bryant, Tyree Brown, Miles Heizer, Mae Whitman, Xolo Mariduena, Bonnie Bedelia and Craig T. Nelson as the family patriarch.

Serving as executive producers are Katims (“Friday Night Lights”), Lawrence Trilling, and Oscar winners Ron Howard and Brian Grazer ("A Beautiful Mind," "Frost/Nixon”).

  • Hoyt

    Best drama on tv… DRAMA as in, teardrops drama. I wish my family were that cool. :(

  • Lisbeth Slander

    Agreed. Best show on network television.

  • OddGuy

    I really hope NBC renews this for fifth season.

  • Dan

    NBC should just renew this already, It could be a good fit Thursdays at 10 next season while SVU could work on Tuesdays at 10 next season.

  • Liam

    PARENTHOOD SEASON 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • E

    It’s remarkable this show is still on network TV considering the lousy ratings it gets.

  • Travis


    Have you actually seen its ratings?

  • Britta

    I hope NBC renews this great show for season 5!!! Such a bunch of great actors, I love Parenthood so much?

  • davie

    Parenthood definitely averages between a 1.5 and 2.0 usually around 1.8 for a 10PM show on NBC, it should definitely be renewed.

  • Nikki

    Parenthoods a great tv show. Such great actors and writing and everything just meshes well together. I enjoy watching every week and am bummed its not on right now. I really hope they renew it for a 5th season. It would give it sydication and it deserves it. The ratings are usually near 2.0 for the whole season at 10 pm on tuesdays is not half bad. This show is exceptional tv. I love it.

  • chris23

    Parenthood deserves a FULL season pickup and a decent scheduling platform. As a 10 PM show that typically built out of its Tuesday night 930 leadin of new normal, Parenthood proved to be one of the more stable shows for NBC.

    Smash at 10 is doing horrible. Parenthood is one of NBC top rated shows and with the network falling hard in ratings PH should be a definite lock for renewal. Smash took over Parenthood timeslot and can’t manage to break the 1 demo and is underperforming big time.

    PH will see a season 5, I just don’t understand why NBC gave PH such a shortened season of this show, and made the horrible decision to split its Friday Night Hit Grimm which returned to modest ratings for a Friday Night show!

  • bl

    Parenthood will be renewed.

  • Tom

    Absolutely the best show on TV. !!!!!!!! Nothing else to say.

  • Scott

    I absolutely love Parenthood. I believe if it was in a better time slot the ratings would be much better. PH is about the only thing I watch on NBC.

  • LJ

    This show is so amazing. Please, Please bring Parenthood back, for more than just another season. The cast is so awesome and talented. There are so many lousy shows out there, we need a quality TV show like Parenthood that deals with real life issues and family interactions. I have had enough of the no talent, no content, mindless Reality TV shows that are out there. Parenthood is the benchmark ALL shows should be compared to, the stories and talent are one in a million. Please, Please bring this lovely show back.

  • lennie

    Love this show, by far my favorite drama on TV. Fabulous, true to life storylines, tremendous acting, and emotionally satisfying. Please, please, please NBC, bring this show back again next year! It’s the ONLY show I watch on your network!

  • Wanda

    I can’t believe its even a question,,,,, This show must go on. It is so real life today. It is one of the best shows on these days. And its real. I love all of the cast, they do a remarkable job. Just make sure that it is on a night when other stuff isn’t on. Hate to remote hop.

  • spela

    The show must go onnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love it

  • kathy

    This show is fabulous…please renew already…no other show on tv can compare to it

  • Yeay


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