ABC Earns its Top-Rated Friday Since November

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March 9th, 2013


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Growing week to week in Adults 18-49 against season premiere competition, ABC posted its top-rated Friday since November 9, 2012. Leading all-original competition on the night by wide margins, ABC outdelivered CBS by 31%, NBC by 55% and Fox by 70%. Shark Tank was once again Friday’s #1 TV series with key adults and 20/20 was Friday’s top-rated newsmagazine in Total Viewers, Adults 18-49 (2nd week in a row) and Adults 25-54 (4th week in a row).


From 8-9pm among Adults 18-49, ABC’s Last Man Standing and Malibu Country tied CBS’ Undercover Boss, while beating Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares by 8% and NBC’s season premiere of Fashion Star by 75%. Despite the increased competition, the ABC comedies paced within 1-tenth of a rating point in the 8 o’clock hour week to week.


At 9pm, ABC’s Shark Tank built on its Adult 18-49 lead-in (+54%) to earn its highest rating since January 11, 2013, equaling its best performance since November. In the hour, the ABC unscripted series beat NBC’s return of Grimm by 33%, CBS’ Golden Boy by 100% and Fox’s Touch by 186%. Season to date Shark Tank is up 17% in Adults 18-49, producing its best season ever.


ABC’s 20/20 won the 10 o’clock hour in Adults 18-49, beating CBS’ Blue Bloods by 14% and NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams by 78%. From 10-11pm, 20/20 also outperformed its NBC newsmagazine competition by 46% in Total Viewers and by 69% in Adults 25-54. 20/20 reported on housing nightmares, unusual homes, awful neighbors and real estate’s dirty secrets. Growing week to week in Adults 18-49 (+14%) and Adults 25-54 (+10%), the ABC newsmagazine earned its top ratings since December 14, 2012.

  • Jazz

    Isn’t Shark Tank moving to Thursday? Am I mistaken? I thought it was taking over for Zero Hour.

  • A Burdette

    Malibu Country is my favorite show. Cash is as cute as can be. Lily and Reba work well together and Kim is always funny. Kudos to MC.

  • Tommy

    Malibu Country is a fantastic comedy. It’s so freakin funny. :) Love Lily Mae. :)

  • Melissa


    Isn’t Shark Tank moving to Thursday? Am I mistaken? I thought it was taking over for Zero Hour.

    It’s not moving. ABC has been airing Shark Tank reruns in the Thursday 8pm slot.

  • BoB

    Wow! Red Widow’s surge has spread to the entire network as ABC surges to the lead over all other nets on Friday’s. CBS is fading fast.

  • Liam

    Malibu Country has gotten better as the season progressed. Rocky start but has improved hopefully a second season will happen.

  • chris23

    Friday Nights press release from ABC are not overly dramatic as the rest of the week, when ABC looks for things to spin about underperforming shows.

    Shark Tank did absolutely great as well as 20/20 and Last Man Standing. I can definitely see Last Man Standing being picked up for a Season 3.

    Malibu Country is up and down and still a bubble show imo. On one hand it scores solid ratings usually on par with last man standing ocassionally a tenth better or tying, mostly a tenth or two behind at 830, but hitting a 1.1 a few weeks back wasn’t pretty either. If this show could maintain a 1.4 demo for the remainder of the season I think it would get renewed. Friday Numbers are very weak and dropping a lot. ABC has a stable lineup from 8-11 so why mess things up if these shows can stay and remain consistent moving forward.

    Shark Tank should adjust to a 2.1 with the mid 7 mil total viewers. ABC should be more than excited with its current Friday night lineup consistently winning this season and improving over last by a good amount!

  • Fred

    LMS should be promoted to Wednesday after Middle for a try out.
    Not sure about MC.
    ABC should air Shark Tank Friday 8:00
    Prime Time. 9:00
    20 / 20. 10:00

    Much more profitable than expensive scripted shows.

  • TV Gord

    I never liked Reba before her first sitcom, but that show became my guilty pleasure. I’m not ashamed to say I really enjoy Malibu Country.

    As for Tim Allen’s show, I thought Home Improvement was one of the worst wastes of time on network TV, but this edgy, right-wing take on his character has kept me entertained. He’s not quite classic Archie Bunker, but he is enough of a traditionalist that he keeps me questioning how much I agree or disagree with him as I get older. (So far, I still think I’m more open-minded than Mike Baxtard ;-), but I can understand what he’s saying more and more…)


  • Jim

    All because CBS ended CSI:NY’s ninth season way to soon. Way to go CBS you imbeciles.

  • Connor

    Malibu Country and last man should be renewed. My family laughs out loud, I love the three generations of women in the malibu house, lily+reba+June. Same with tim allens family. Some of the topics are a little mature but it is handled well. Family viewing is hard to come by these days. We watch last man standing and Malibu country as a family on Friday nights. Please renew. I’ve all but lost hope in smart TV.

  • S G Sims

    Hoping Malibu Country survives and sticks around for another season. Love the show and its storyline. It always has a lesson learned using comedy.

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