TV Ratings Friday: 'Grimm' Solid, 'Golden Boy' Sinks,'Fashion Star' Debuts Low, ' Nikita' Up, as 'Shark Tank' Wins Night

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March 9th, 2013

Grimm Face Off

Adults 18-49: Rating/Share 1.7/5 1.3/4 1.1/3 1.0/3 0.3/1
Total Viewers (million) 6.350 8.417 3.976 2.992 1.057

ABC was number one in adults 18-49 while CBS was on top with total viewers.

On ABC, Last Man  Standing earned a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating even with last week. Malibu Country garnered a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating down 7 percent from last week’s 1.4. Shark Tanks scored a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating up 5 percent from last week’s 1.9.   20/20 notched a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating up 14 percent from last week’s 1.4.

On CBS, Undercover Boss scored a 1.4 adults 18-49 rating down 7 percent from a 1.5 on February 15.  Golden Boy earned a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating down 60 percent from a 1.6 on Tuesday and down 40 percent from a 1.4 for the CSI:NY finale.  .Blue Bloods garnered a 1.4 among adults 18-49, even with its performance on February 15.

On NBC, the season premiere of Fashion Star earned a 0.8 adults 18-49 rating down 50 percent from a 1.6 for its first season premiere on Tuesday, March 13, 2012.  Grimm scored a  1.5 adults 18-49 rating down 6 percent from a 1.6 for its fall finale on November 16 but up 7 percent from a 1.4 for last year’s mid-season return. Your predictions were pretty accurate.   Rock Center garnered a 0.9 among adults 18-49 down 10 percent from last week’s 1.0.

On Fox, Kitchen Nightmares' 1.3 adults rating was the same as last week, and Touch dropped a tenth vs. last week to a series low matching 0.7 rating.

On the CW, Nikita earned a 0.4 adults 18-49 rating up 33 percent from last week’s 0.3. In its new time period,  Cult scored a 0.2 among adults 18-49 down 33 percent from a 0.3 for its last original episode on Tuesday, February 26.

Overnight broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, March 8, 2013

Time  Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 ABC Last Man Standing 1.5/5 7.01
CBS Undercover Boss 1.4/5 7.29
FOX Kitchen Nightmares 1.3/4 3.38
NBC Fashion Star - Season Premiere 0.8/3 3.03
CW Nikita 0.4/1 1.39
8:30 ABC Malibu Country 1.3/4 5.96
9:00 ABC Shark Tank 2.0/6 7.45
NBC Grimm - Spring Premiere 1.5/5 4.97
CBS Golden Boy 1.0/3 7.45
FOX Touch 0.7/2 2.61
CW Cult 0.2/1 0.72
10:00 ABC 20/20 1.6/5 5.69
CBS Blue Bloods 1.4/4 10.51
NBC Rock Center 0.9/3 3.93


via press note:

In Late-Night Metered Markets Friday night:

In Nielsen's 56 metered markets, household results were: "The
> Tonight Show with Jay Leno," 2.2/6 with an encore telecast; CBS's
> "Late Show with David Letterman," 2.4/6 with an encore; and ABC's
> "Jimmy Kimmel Live," 2.3/6.
> * In the 25 markets with Local People Meters, adult 18-49
> Wednesday results were: "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," 0.6/3 with
> an encore; "Late Show," 0.6/3 with an encore; and "Jimmy Kimmel Live,"
> 0.8/4.
> * From 12:35-1:05 a.m. ET Wednesday night, ABC's "Nightline"
> averaged a 1.4/4 in metered-market households and a 0.5/3 in 18-49 in
> the Local People Meters.
> * From 12:35-1:35 a.m. ET, "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" (1.2/4
> in metered-market households with an encore) tied CBS's first-run
> "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" (1.2/4). In the 25 markets with
> Local People Meters, "Late Night" (0.5/3 in 18-49 with an encore)
> topped "Late Late Show" (0.4/2).
> * At 1:35 a.m., "Last Call with Carson Daly" averaged a 0.8/3 in
> metered-market households with an encore and a 0.3/2 in adults 18-49
> in the 25 markets with local people meters.

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

NOTE: All ratings are "live plus same day" from Nielsen Media Research unless otherwise indicated.


Rating: Estimated percentage of the universe of TV households (or other specified group) tuned to a program in the average minute. Ratings are expressed as a percent.  More information on ratings is available here.

Share (of Audience): The percent of households (or persons) using television who are tuned to a specific program, station or network in a specific area at a specific time. (See also, Rating, which represents tuning or viewing as a percent of the entire population being measured.)

Fast Affiliate Ratings: These first national ratings, including demographics, are available at approximately 11 AM (ET) the day after telecast, and are released to subscribing customers daily. These data, from the National People Meter sample, are strictly time-period information, based on the normal broadcast network feed, and include all programming on the affiliated stations, sometimes including network programming, sometimes not. The figures may include stations that did not air the entire network feed, as well as local news breaks or cutaways for local coverage or other programming. Fast Affiliate ratings are not as useful for live programs and are likely to differ significantly from the final results, because the data reflect normal broadcast feed patterns. For example, with a World Series game, Fast Affiliate Ratings would include whatever aired from 8-11PM on affiliates in the Pacific Time Zone, following the live football game, but not game coverage that begins at 5PM PT. The same would be true of Presidential debates as well as live award shows and breaking news reports.

Time Shifted Viewing – Program ratings for national sources are produced in three streams of data – Live, Live+Same Day (Live+SD) and Live+7 Day. Time shifted figures account for incremental viewing that takes place with DVRs. Live+Same Day (Live+SD) include viewing during the same broadcast day as the original telecast, with a cut-off of 3:00AM local time when meters transmit daily viewing to Nielsen for processing. Live+7 Day ratings include incremental viewing that takes place during the 7 days following a telecast.

For more information see Numbers 101 and Numbers 102.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    thesnowleopard: “In other words, Cult’s getting what Nikita got in the same slot last fall. Whether Nikita got it once or five times doesn’t matter.”

    Yes, it does. Obviously. Cult is likely to get .2 repeatedly on Friday. Nikita didn’t and isn’t likely to do so going forward, at least not this season.

    “since it’s currently getting a lot of 0.3s at 8pm.”

    It’s gotten exactly FIVE .3’s out of 13 episodes. It’s also gotten 4 ‘.4’s and 2 .5’s. So it’s more likely to get .3’s and .4’s than .2. Granted DST sets in and that will probably negatively affect the ratings.

    But that isn’t the point, is it? Your entire point was to try to EQUATE Cult with Nikita. Because that’s what you do here – bash Nikita for no particular reason.

    “But it doesn’t make Nikita’s numbers anything to crow about, either.”

    And again, here we go. How many times do I have to repeat – specifically to YOU and the rest of the Nikita haters – that WE KNOW NIKITA’S RATINGS SUCK ON FRIDAY!

    Yet you continue to parrot the same line week after week: “Nikita’s ratings suck! Ha, ha. ha!”

    Give it a rest.

    “…filler episodes with no Amanda,” huh? You should try adding that to the Fan Excuse Bingo card.”

    Show quality counts, whether you like it or not. Nikita’s quality this season has been down solely due to the filler episodes. I assume that fact has had an impact on the ratings, especially for the .3’s earlier in the season.

    “The show is no more or less likely to be canceled this week than it was last week. Either the ratings are important (in which case, the show’s in big trouble), or they aren’t (in which case, why are you even here?).”

    Oh, how much more disingenuous can we get here! First you say the ratings won’t have any effect on cancellation – WHICH EVERYONE KNOWS – then you say “in which case the show is in big trouble.”

    Which is why you keep posting this crap. You really do believe that the show’s ratings warrant cancellation – despite the syndication factor – but you can’t actually admit to saying that because then you’d be considered a fool. So instead you keep posting “ratings suck, ratings suck” over and over like a mantra.

    Why am I here? To correct people like you who don’t understand that Nikita is a lock for season four REGARDLESS of the BAD RATINGS WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT.

    “As for the syndication factor, that is not a done deal.”

    And here we GO! This is what you really don’t understand, do you? Nikita would never have been renewed with a .5 season average last season if syndication were not the reason.

    “No one with half a brain in the TV industry considers a show safe until it is officially renewed. Is a renewal *likely*? Yep. Is it a sure thing? Nope. Not until a renewal is announced.”

    Gee, a master of the obvious fact that nothing is certain… I stand in awe…

    “Also, while the ratings have less bearing than usual on the show’s chances for a fourth season, they almost certainly spike prospects of any season beyond that. If Nikita were getting 0.5s and 0.6s this season, a fifth season might be possible. But with its current ratings, the network probably won’t be able to get rid of it fast enough, once it hits that syndication number.

    Again, another masterful statement of the obvious. I said nothing about a season five. A few people have speculated here that there might be one, and I’ve generally said I see no reason for that except to gain a few more episodes a la Fringe.

    “It’s also been known to drop. And it hasn’t gone up in finals at all this season.”

    Another masterful statement of the obvious. I said nothing about going up. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if it did.

    “And some posters on here accuse you of being rude and dismissive? I cannot imagine why.”

    The problem is you obviously have an anti-Nikita agenda. You’re in here every week with the same refrain: “Nikita ratings suck, Nikita ratings suck, why are people crowing about Nikita’s sucky ratings?”

    Well, if you haven’t figure out by now that Nikita fans – like every other fan of every other show here – happen to LIKE their show NOT dropping in the ratings, then I don’t know what to tell you.

    The problem is you apparently feel obsessed with coming in here and bashing Nikita every week, telling us the same old, same old stuff. One might ask you: If the ratings don’t matter – AND THEY DON’T – why are you here?

    I argue against TCD and BATB because there are people here who think those shows have a real shot at renewal, when it’s clear they don’t.

    Nikita has MORE than a real shot at renewal. It’s a LOCK. You’re coming in here every week to declare tautologies like “it’s not certain” isn’t going to change that.

    That happens to be boring and irritating because it reduces you to the status of a troll with nothing better to do.

    So give it a rest. If you haven’t got anything better to say every week than “Nikita’s ratings suck”, just go away. You’re no different than Max saying the opposite all last season.

  • Brian J


    The notion of moving DWTS is based on the idea that it still gets eyeballs. If it could get 10 million viewers on Fridays, that’d be a big effing deal for ABC. It could lead into a comedy block and probably reignite the night for ABC. It could move the sitcoms back an hour, or it could launch new ones there. And in this example, if it was able to take 1.5ish show (or two of them) to, say, a 2.5, it could then split them up and launch two new shows in between them.

    Thursdays work for ABC, but the 8;00 hour doesn’t. If they were able to to trim Dancing down so that it could fit into an hour slot, it’d probably help the entire night.

  • Brian J


    Fair enough in regards to NBC, but to cancel a show like this given all of its problems would be ridiculous. There’s just no excuse to do that and no indication NBC is that incompetent.

  • Melanie

    Good for Grimm!

    Cult & Golden Boy both lost about 35% in the move from Tuesday to Friday. Is that about average for a Friday factor?

  • Mickey



    As anyone who knows anything about ratings will tell you, comparing shows between networks is comparing apples to oranges. ABC has a larger pool of viewers than NBC, and a show would most likely rate higher if it were on a network with a bigger pool of viewers just because more people watch that network. The fact Grimm can in second in its timeslot, when NBC is the second lowest rated network, is a testament to how solid Grimm is.

    What matters is how a show fares compared to other shows on the same network. Grimm is doing very well in that respect, especially since it’s on Friday nights, which is the least watched night of the week.

    Cult is sure making Nikita look good.

  • Hepha


    “Deep inside, I would like CBS to say “Oh my god, what have I done ?? CSI NY is so ammmazzzingly good on Fridays, it has to stay !!!

    But this is not happening, unfortunately !”

    And you know that how? You can’t say for certain that it’s cancelled so don’t say it’s getting canceled.

    I’m not sayin’ it’s getting cancelled (I truly want a renewal !!). I’m just saying that they didn’t react the way I would like to. If CSI NY is renewed, it won’t be because CBS is enthusiastic about its ratings !

  • Brian J


    Who says ABC has more viewers than NBC?

  • MichaelChickless

    Not too bad for Grimm considering the pathetic lead-in.

    LMS still looking good!

    Golden Boy is making a great case for another season of CSI: NY!

    Shark Tank is a great fit on Friday.

    Touch is making Fringe look like a ratings juggernaut.

  • MichaelChickless

    @Joseph D “Happy Endings will take over for LSM and Malibu Country in a couple of weeks…remember that LSM’s Friday lows were still better than not just Happy’s Tuesday lows, but its SUNDAY lows too. I think LSM stands a decent chance of renewal, even if Malibu Country very likely won’t.”

    Last Stan Manding?

  • M A Thompson

    I am not giving up on Malibu country. I think it will be renewed on a trial basis for next season. It has improved a lot with its storyline and I believe it will continue to make improvements. Reba has a large following and as long as the show carries a 1.2 or better, I believe the show will be ok. I do not see the DVR numbers being added to the ratings anymore. Where are they?

  • eunice arede

    please bring back fall 2013 grimm nikita golden boy last man standing cancel shark thank is a boring show so is cult an d malibu country and blue bloods

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