'Saturday Night Live' With Justin Timberlake is Top Episode Among Adults 18-49 Since January, 2012

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March 10th, 2013

SNL Justin Timberlake

This week's episode of Saturday Night Live with Justin Timberlake averaged a 3.7  adults 18-49 rating in the 25 markets with local people meters, up 32 percent from the 2.8 that last week's new episode (with host Kevin Hart) earned.

via press notes:

In Late-Night Metered-Market Household Averages for Saturday night:
Saturday Night Live," with host and musical guest Justin
> Timberlake, averaged a 5.9/15 in metered-market households, the show's
> top overnights in 14 months, since January 7, 2012 (with host Charles
> Barkley and musical guest Kelly Clarkson on the night of a primetime
> NFL playoff game). "SNL" scored the #1 rating of the night among ABC,
> CBS, NBC and Fox in metered-market households, topping all primetime
> telecasts on those networks. 
> * In the 25 markets with Local People Meters, last night's
> "Saturday Night Live" averaged a 3.7 rating, 18 share in adults 18-49,
> the show's highest result in the LPMs since January 7, 2012. "SNL"
> delivered the top rating of the night among ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox in
> the Local People Meters, more than tripling the result of each
> primetime program on those networks. 
> * Versus the same night last year, "SNL" is up 37 percent in
> metered-market households (with a 5.9 rating vs. a 4.3) and up 42
> percent in 18-49 rating in the 25 Local People Meter markets (3.7 vs.
> 2.6). Last night's telecast featured appearances by Dan Aykroyd, Alec
> Baldwin, Candice Bergen, Chevy Chase, Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Martin
> Short and Paul Simon.
  • Lucas

    Wow! Powerhouse JT!!! It rated better than all American Idol this week!

  • JohnDoe

    It wasn’t a spectacular episode but solid. Some good bits, jokes, and sketches here and there but overall it was just fun relishing in what felt like a celebration of an hour-long induction of Timberlake into the 5-Times Club. Strong musical performances by Timberlake, too.

  • Nick

    Best episode of the season hands down, and probably the best episode in a couple of years (maybe since the Jimmy Fallon Christmas episode?)

  • John A

    SNL is awful unfunny. But its ratings are amazing.

  • Ricky

    Great episode, yes, but without Andy Samberg – and with a less poppy musical guest – it would have been much better. At least there were no Californians to wreck the night (and since I can no longer remember the last time we had one of those, I’m really dreading the next episode because they are way overdue for slamming us with another one of those unfunny messes.)

    At least we had Stefon this time (Donald Duck’s Vietnam nightmare, rofl). And thankfully the stupid porn-star commercial was much better now than the first time they had it on. The Elton John bit was also surprisingly refreshing, too.

  • Ultima

    Wow! Powerhouse JT!!! It rated better than all American Idol this week!

    American Idol had a 3.8 A18-49 rating on Wednesday. Also, be wary about comparing national Nielsen numbers to those from only the top 25 markets.

  • Liz

    That was one hot show! Definitely best of the season, possibly last two years. Thank goodness, that there is one show still on the air that is full of original scripted material. So tired of this world full of cheap reality.

  • Mick

    The first hour was very strong, the last half hour not so much (Caligula?). NBC apparently got greedy with JT hosting. 68 full length commercials is just ridiculous.

  • brutony

    Hey Ricky-they had The Californians on a few weeks ago, so dont gloat too much-theyre probably due the nest time theres a new ep. But PLEASE no more Wat Up Wit Dat!

    At least with JT he always brings it! Just get him on as a cast member, please!

  • Ricky

    @brutony: That’s what I meant to say, that I’m sure they’re gonna put a Californians sketch on the next ep. And since Melissa McCarthy’s supposed to be hosting next, I’d be especially unhappy because I bet otherwise it would be a nearly perfect show. I wouldn’t mind What’s Up With That, though – for some reason that sketch doesn’t bother me so much. But it’d be hard to top the last time they did that (“Come on now, Sam, that cost money!”)

    If they really want to play a sketch out to death, I’d prefer the Girlfriends talk show – Aidy Bryant really sells that one well.

  • Lane

    NBC’s highest rated show

  • Andies

    JT proved there is only one Justin that matters.. No Beibers allowed…

  • Networkman

    @JohnDoe, I agree with you that it was a solid episode but was not spectacular. I would say the first hour was the strongest and then the last half hour got really flat. But during the first hour, Justin was just reprising characters/scripts from the last time he hosted. I would actually say that I enjoyed the Bruno Mars episode more this season. Bruno was surprisingly funny.

    Anyways, I think it is time Bill Hader received an Emmy nomination and possibly a win. He is perfect as Stefon. That character always makes me laugh out loud.

  • Clint

    I wasn’t aware SNL had any viewers left. I guess Fox’s ADHD will deal with that.

  • Michael1

    I didn’t laugh once during the episode, but maybe it’s because half the sketches were “sampled” from prior sketches.

  • Rebecca

    I agree about not bringing back Wat Up Wit Dat….I hate it, but they will do it again I’m sure.

    Only two sketches into the JT episode on hulu, loving it so far. Maybe I’m getting old….the 5 Timers bit just made me smile. The Three Amigos, etc. And then the Two Wild’n’Crazy Guys in the dating show, great.

    Good to know Melissa McCarthy is hosting again soon….loved her last time.

  • jesus christ

    AGREE with Boo Boo Bear- Stefon was back and that’s all that matters!! :)

  • Ramsay

    It was a decent episode, it’s great to see some SNL viewers.
    What Up With Dat >>> The Californians, I understand why WUWD can annoy some people but I love it!

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