Will 'Once Upon a Time' Climb Out of Its Ratings Slump? - Poll

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March 10th, 2013


Perhaps the Dark One has cast a spell on Once Upon a Time's ratings. The program began the season with ratings above a 3.0 among adults 18-49, but has  declined sharply. Last week, it earned a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating. Can it reverse its fortunes tonight? Make your prediction below.


  • CBSviewer


  • Tommy

    The death of the one of the main characters will increase ratings. :) Hope Cora lives on!

  • rob60990

    REVENGE is back. #NoMoreDistractions


  • iMember

    Yesss! Once and Revenge will both be UP tonight! I believe it.

    Revenge should be up too, because that last episode was really something to remember!

  • iMember


    #NoMoreDistractions! Tonight’s episode will be soooo good. I haven’t watched a lot of ABC this week, but I hope they promoted Revenge’s return a lot.

  • zerg

    I hope so, but even if rise a bit it will go down badly once DST strike, so awful ratings until the new season ,that will rate worse than this year thx to Olympics,crazy schedule and Awards shows

  • Xiola

    Unfortunately, the storyline has declined – it feels like a daytime soap where barely anything actually happens for an entire episode. Last week was downright boring, and if that trend continues, they’ll keep losing viewers.

  • kayla-j

    ABC is run by some of the dumbest people in the business. They just keep on killing their few hits. Remember what they did to Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Lost,…

    OUAT is dead. It’s over. Now watch ABC kill Modern Family with bad scheduling and weak lead-ins.

  • kbmv

    It is amazing how fast Once and Revenge have fallen and Scandal has risen(if thats a word).

  • The End


    You have no idea what you’re talking about. ABC never killed Lost, infact Lost had a planned ending with the seasons guaranteed upfront by ABC. Something rare to see in TV these days.

    @bad scheduling

    Yes let’s blame the decline on any shows ratings on the schedule, can’t be the content right?

  • iggy

    but even if rise a bit it will go down badly once DST strike

    DST strike already dees morning while we sleeped!

  • The End

    @The death of the one of the main characters will increase ratings

    An episode entirely devoted to Cora seems to suggest Cora will die, but then again an episode devoted to Cora could imply they’re giving their new villain a bit of a back story.

    Rumple would be TOO obvious. And weak writing, with the way this death is being promoted.

    Can’t be Regina, won’t be Snow or Charming, won’t be Emma either, lot’s of people want Henry killed off lol.

  • AJ


  • Devon


  • iMember

    @The End

    Bad scheduling is definitely a factor when dealing with serialized shows, and ABC is hands down guilty when it comes to that with their Sunday line up. You can’t keep putting your shows on and off, oh and off and keep expecting everyone to keep up with it. People have lives, people lose patience. Look at the Fall when their Sunday line up aired 9 episodes straight. No breaks in the middle except for Thanksgiving. The ratings were steady and high.

    Now look with all the breaks here and the award shows, they’ve messed up their Sunday hits. Luckily, there won’t be a break for a good few weeks well, but bad scheduling is definitely a factor.

  • Fred

    I don’t think more than 2.5. Of Course I would rather see a 3.0 but not gonna happen.

    As long as OUAT focuses on Regina, Cora, Hook and of course Rumpelstiltskin all is right in my world!

    Also would like to see REVENGE enjoy a bump. The last new ep was nothing short of amazing. Although I will miss the beautiful faux Amanda. Hey its a soap, maybe they’ll bring her back somehow!

  • Simon

    Can’t wait for REVENGE! 2-14 was amazing! #NoMoreDistractions

  • The End

    @but bad scheduling is definitely a factor

    Well said, and an intelligent point there. But it might not be a factor in every case, which was mostly my point. Viewers can lose interest in any show really and stop watching.

  • KristaH

    Why does this site always forget Revenge? I think people care more about Revenge ratings then Once upon a time ratings! (I am a fan of both shows)

  • Liam

    2.4-2.5 I dont want to be to disappointed if they dont go any higher. Hopefully it ill rate higher.

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