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March 10th, 2013


Perhaps the Dark One has cast a spell on Once Upon a Time's ratings. The program began the season with ratings above a 3.0 among adults 18-49, but has  declined sharply. Last week, it earned a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating. Can it reverse its fortunes tonight? Make your prediction below.


  • Shepherd

    Oh yea, DST is actually here already.

    2.3 = not possible
    2.2 = not probable
    2.0 = most likely

    Revenge will not see 2.0 again this season, OUAT will not see 2.5 again this season (downgraded from 3.0).

  • BoB

    Once 2.1
    Revenge 1.9
    Red Winner 1.7

  • Dan S

    Despite the curse of DST I’m voting with the majority of this poll at 2.4-2.5. With the promise of a major character dying that may generate some interest in tonight’s show. Hopefully Revenge has found its groove once more & will bounce back to 2.0

  • Shepherd

    Ahh. The Bible and The Vikings are on again tonight.

    I think that The Vikings will retain more of its e.1 audience than The Bible (% wise). The excitement for The Bible should hold on for this week, but I still find it hard to believe that it can continue to pull great numbers through 10 hours of programming. I expect to see demo numbers around 1.2-1.5 at some point before it’s over.

  • The End


    The Once Upon a Time Season finale will probably hit 2.5-2.6 imo. Season finales usually see an uptick in viewers.

    Episodes 21 – Second Star to the Right and Episode 22 – And Straight On ‘Til Morning

    Have a lot of people thinking Peter Pan. That might attract more interest too.

  • HalCapone

    Once remains the best of the best family fare on network television. While it won’t necessarily appeal to Walking Dead or Two Broke Girls fans, it represents the core values of Disney which happens to own ABC. Every reference to fairy tale characters immortalized in classic Disney films throughout Once Upon A Time is a plug for the Disney brand (parks, films, DVD’s, etc) so ABC/Disney will not let this program end without much resistance. It seems to be very effective counter programming to football’s juggernaut ratings in the Fall. Of course, Once will be affected by DST like every other program on television, especially in the early hours but the average ratings from September through May should yield a respectable high 2’s rating for its sophomore season. I predict mid 2’s for the rest of the season.

  • Jade

    OUAT is one of my favorite series but something seems to be missing this season. I dont know if it’s trying too hard to pack in so many storylines at once,or if it’s because the main characters are not together in most scenes like last season. Whatever the case is hopefully it starts to rise in the ratings because this show is so well down.

  • Shepherd

    @The End

    Last season, the finale equaled the post Grammy numbers, so if I had to guess early, I say the finale falls around 2.3-2.4. But its too early for such a prediction. At least for me anyway. :)

  • The End


    You might be right there, but depending on how ABC promote the shows final 2 episodes, I can see a lot of people tuning in, especially if they’re visiting a timeless classic like Peter Pan.

  • Shepherd

    Off topic, but I think Hook was the best Peter Pan adaptation ever!

  • John A

    Forgot The Client List was back. Sundays are packed for me. Revenge TGW TWD and The Client List.

  • The End


    I agree, certainly the best live action adaption anyway. And will likely be Hooks swansong in Once Upon a Time. They eluded to Neverland with Bae basically telling Emma the reason why he isn’t 100s of years old, is that he spent a lot of time there. Might be to the shows benefit if they do it right, certainly it’l gain the show back viewers.

  • Sara

    Once never should have let Eion Bailey/Pinocchio leave…he is what the show is missing, a male love interest for Emma that actually makes her character likeable and works well as a character on his own. I know they are bringing Pinocchio back soon, but I think it will only be one episode.

  • Samunto

    It’s not going to rise again this season. Oh, and remember daylight saving time! It’ll do 2.1 if lucky. The reality is that it’ll do a 2.0

  • Joseph

    Had “Once Upon A Time” been broadcast at 9 or 10 P.M. EDT, the show might have gotten a 2.5 to 2.7 in the 18-49 demo.

    But it likely will sink to below a 2 in 18-49’s simply because in much of the Central and Mountain time zones, it will still be daylight when the show is on.

  • Shepherd

    I think if OUAT aired at 10pm, all of the kids would be in bed, and their parents would have no reason to watch.

  • Brandy

    @shepherd, not everyone that watches Once has kids they watch it withMy husband and (early thirties)don’t. I have a single childless friend in her early thirties that loves it.

  • debsafan

    It’s up against 3 other high rated shows. It should hold it’s own. I don’t care for reality shows, and I dont’ watch the cartoons that much anymore. So for my Sunday night it will be OUAT,
    Revenge and Red Widow. ABC all the way for me.

  • Christian

    OUAT last year:

    Pre-DST: 3.4 demo
    First DST episode: 2.9

    Then it remained consistent thereafter.

  • Shepherd


    not everyone that watches Once has kids they watch it withMy husband and (early thirties)don’t. I have a single childless friend in her early thirties that loves it.

    I never even implied that everyone who watches OUAT has kids or even that most do. I simply said that those who do watch for the sake of their kids would have no reason to watch if the show was on past their bedtimes. Do you honestly believe that a show the network considers a ‘family show’, would do better if it aired at 10pm? I’m sure they have years of research data that would say otherwise.

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