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March 10th, 2013


Perhaps the Dark One has cast a spell on Once Upon a Time's ratings. The program began the season with ratings above a 3.0 among adults 18-49, but has  declined sharply. Last week, it earned a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating. Can it reverse its fortunes tonight? Make your prediction below.


  • Rebecca

    @The End
    You’re right; that would work well too.

  • The End


    Yup, and realistically in that situation he would still be a useful character too as he still has his knowledge/experience from being the dark one, just without the magic and evilness. Win Win all around if he turns good, and people need his help.

  • Roco

    The reason these shows are losing audiences is because of ABC, one minute their up against the Oscars to Football to even The Grammy’s, then all of a sudden they are showing repeats. ABC this isn’t the way to keep people tuning in. Look at Scandal, that show is growing in the audience and yet a 3 week hiatus, Major mistake for ABC.

  • Mark Wood


    ABC aired the Oscars the only show that went against the Oscars was the amazing Race, which managed to immediately return to its previous ratings the very next week.

    I stopped watching not because of scheduling, but because the charm was gone, oh so gone. Thats just me, but I am sure I am not an isolated incident.

  • Mike

    I think both ‘Once’ and ‘Revenge’ will struggle tonight. Very little promo and no buzz what so ever around these shows.

  • lola

    i want Max back !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Howell

    2.2. Once serialized shows go down, they generally stay down.

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    I stopped watching after like 2 episodes in this season, it got boring and Revenge got really boring too, I stopped watching in December. Judging by the ratings, clearly I wasn’t the only one.

  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    Once Upon A Time 2.0
    Revenge 1.8
    Red Widow 1.2

    Daylight savings time started on March 11, 2012 last year. Once Upon A Time dropped to a 2.9 from a 3.4 on March 11, 2012. Daylight savings time really affects 8 pm shows but doesn’t hurt 10 pm shows much. I predict the drop this year will be 40% of the drop from last year.

    Desperate Housewives actually increased to a 2.6 on March 11, 2012 from a 2.5 on March 4, 2012. Revenge won’t do as well as Desperate Housewives but will maintain its last rating.

    Zero Hour dropped from a 1.4 to a 1.1 in its second week. I anticipate that Red Widow will also drop by 0.3.

  • Matt

    OUAT – 2.5 / 8.0M

    Revenge – 2.0 / 6.8M

    Red Widow – 1.4 / 6.0M

  • DenverDean

    As long as ABC does serialized shows and only order 22 episodes, they are going to be hurt. They really should bump the orders up to 24 or 26. None of the shows repeat well (GA, Scandal, Rev, OUAT, etc.) so they usually fill with other product that doesn’t produce good ratings or they do “Season-to-Date” ratings savers like sliding Scandal into GA’s slot so it doesn’t “count.” CBS was able to keep its stable of soaps going by ordering more episodes – and yes, different era – but still the higher ratings generated by the originals + the stability are worth far more than the product they are putting out there and the hiatuses.

  • Igwell Predicts

    2.4 due to random fluctuation

  • Joe

    I wonder if bringing magic into the forefront caused the ratings dive. Ratings started dropping when Fringe started to introduce more far fetched plot elements.

  • The End

    Well that death wasn’t surprising, technically we’re not allowed to discuss spoilers until after the episode has fully aired but needless to say, that’s a good plot setup right there.

    By the way, the Young Cora actress has had extensive cosmetic enhancements, I noticed a lot of people on twitter commenting on how unnatural she looked, well that explains things.

  • cimmer

    2.0-2.1, I think the issue with OUAT might be more than a scheduling problem.

  • iMember

    REVENGE was sosososososo goooooood tonight!

  • Justin

    Apprentice will do just fine! I say 1.8-2.0! It’s on from 9-11! Always does great from 10-11! Lets be honest the premiere numbers for the show last week were great for NBC! They do not have a strong platform to promote the show, so we couldn’t have expected it to get higher than a 2.0 especially when NBC’s highest rated show is a 2. Viewers wouldn’t have known it was back on. Once The Voice, Revolution and Hannibal r on, it will increase in the 2’s!

  • Networkman

    Both Once Upon A Time and Revenge were excellent tonight. Revenge is really intense. I’m really invested in all of the characters. Emily is playing her part brillantly.

    I’ll say OUAT: 2.4
    Revenge: 2.0
    Red Widow 1.5

    I’m really hoping Revenge begins to start garnering at least 7 million viewers or more weekly. It really is one of the best dramas on network TV.

  • Networkman

    The ratings I would love for both shows to garner

    Once Upon A Time: 3.0
    Revenge 3.3

  • 1530

    Revenge was great tonight. I stopped watching once , I liked it when the characters didn’t know they were Fairy tell characters.

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