Online Premiere Dates for 'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live' Announced

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March 11th, 2013


one life to live

Prospect Park’s The Online Network announced today that One Life to Live and All My Children will premiere on the web with original episodes on Monday, April 29.  New episodes will be available on iTunes and stream to Hulu and to Hulu Plus subscribers watching on connected TVs, mobile phones, tables and PCs.

  • Kevin

    Looking forward to this VERY much….God I hope I’m not totally disappointed

  • Jeff

    I am with you Kevin. Buying a subscription for my momma and myself. She watched those shows since they started. I am really excited about OLTL. AMC is missing major players (in my opinion anyway), and I am not sure about AMC without Erica, Jackson, Tad, Kendall, and Greenlee.

  • DenverDean

    I wonder if they start pushing boundaries – like language, sex, violence, etc. Daytime was always a little more liberal in certain things than prime time, but they tend to be more conservation and less edgy. It would be nice if one of the two would push the envelope.

  • moshane58

    Excited.hope it builds to a network for all to see.Hopefully more and more actors will come back.The show will age five years in the future making the children teens now.I hope when they say edgy it won’t be to edgy to hopely make it back to TV.Did mention hopes for cable.

  • JJF

    We shall see if either is any good in new hands.

  • Bob

    Best of luck to these shows. I watch CSB soaps. Hopefully if these are successful, we will see more of our favorites from the past perhaps or at least maybe some new Soaps. This could be the start of another great future for Soaps.

  • BG

    We’ve waited a long time!! Hope both shows are successful!!

  • Mike

    DenverDean….it has already been tweeted that there will be nudity. Vincent Irizarry has already filmed a nude scene (rear nudity) according to the info released.

  • Susan Lucci

    Don’t expect to see my bony ass anytime soon.

  • James

    I hope they put out viewership numbers and sale numbers for iTunes.

  • Scandalfan

    Both shows will not survive. I don’t think they’ll last 6 months.

  • lizzie marie

    Good Luck .I want them to be popular.

  • erika slezake

    @ Susan Lucci Don’t make me hit you in The head with one of my 6 Emmys.

  • Lindy

    How much will it cost to watch on a daily basis, will the format be the same a new episode everyday?

  • dewey wingate jr

    i love one life to live, now if they could only bring guilding light back.please tell me how i may get the link and watch

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