'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Canceled on Cartoon Network, 'Star Wars: Detours' Postponed

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March 11th, 2013


As expected, Star Wars The Clone Wars is no longer being produced for Cartoon Network according to a blog post on the official Star Wars website, and the  Star Wars: Detours series announced at last year's Celebration VI has been postponed indefinitely. An ending for The Clone Wars is in the works, with the blog post promising " more information on where fans can soon find this bonus content."

  • Rabbit

    Damn, Clone Wars was a good show that Cartoon Network treated well. I thought Disney XD would take it over, but I guess that’s it for the show.

  • eridapo

    Damn… Disney.. I knew this would happen.

  • Ram510

    See CN doesn’t know what they are doin first Young Justice and now this. They are terrible. Can Nick or Dianey pick up Young Justice

  • Shepherd

    It looks like they still plan on airing s.6, presumably on DXD, but they haven’t made that announcement yet. They’ve been hinting that s.6 would be the last for some time, so no surprise there. I just hope that the final episodes don’t lose their appeal after Disney takes over.

  • Shepherd


    This wasn’t CN’s decision. Disney bought out LucasFilms, so Disney owns the series now.

  • Fake Me Out

    Little known fact, Disney is a direct descendant of the Empire.

  • yoda

    expected news this was.
    closure to the series still hope to see.
    interesting though the new series sounds.
    more details patiently await for on them.

  • herpderp

    I thought production would’ve moved to Disney XD. Oh well. It’s a rare sight, having an animated action series in broadcast syndication.

  • JacobYates

    Disney is dead to me! DEAD!!! I will NEVER forgive them. This series had amazing ratings for an animated show in its fifth season. How could Disney pull the plug on a show this good? Plus, the crew has already been producing and writing season 6 since October, and Disney just spits in their faces and laughs. I hope the new movie sucks so bad that the other two are shelved forever.

  • Shepherd

    Read the article/ blog people. Season 6 will air, just not on CN. There’s even a 3 min trailer from season 6 on the SW website. See blog link above.

  • BrettR4763

    If I remember correctly, they always intended to produce 100 episodes of TCW and be done with it. And that’s where we are: at the end of Season 5.

  • forg

    The title even says it “Canceled on Cartoon Network”. Read between the lines people

  • forg

    Let me quote this from the Star Wars site to make this clear to everyone:

    While the studio is no longer producing new episodes for Cartoon Network, we’re continuing production on new Clone Wars story arcs that promise to be some of the most thrilling adventures ever seen. Stay tuned for more information on where fans can soon find this bonus content

  • Ram510

    @ Shepherd

    I understand that Disney is picking up the show. My thing is I’m sure CN knew this would happen before Upfronts and should’ve kept Young Justice especially when the knew they were going to lose Clone Wars.

    Again can another network pck up Young Justice as well. Nick could pair it with Ninja Turtles

  • JD

    @ Shepherd

    Well Here’s The Thing…I Highly Doubt That Nick Will Pick Up Young Justice,Since Its A WB Animation & DC Comics Property. Besides They Don’t Really Need It,Ninja Turtles & Other Shows Is All They Need.

  • simsalabim

    Biggest mistake ever to sell the empire to the dark side. Disney went evil long long time ago!

  • Bloop

    Young Justice is not coming back. The crew working on the show has already moved on to other projects, mainly The Legend of Korra.

  • PurpleDrazi

    Well, this is expected but still disappointing. I hope Disney doesn’t ruin it.

  • psychic

    This is not happening.

  • Morgan Wick

    So “Star Wars: Detours”… is taking a detour?


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