How Will the 11th Season Premiere of 'Hell's Kitchen' Fare Tonight? (Poll)

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March 12th, 2013


Hell's Kitchen is premiering its 11th season tonight. Will the cooking mainstay light the ratings on fire? Last year's June premiere earned a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating and the finale rose to a 2.5. Can we expect more of the same from Gordon Ramsay & co., or do you predict a slide this year? Cast your vote below and let us know why in the comments!

  • Brian

    2.2 for Hell’s Kitchen. Why is he so angry in America and calm in his native Britain?

  • tvwatcher

    I love chef Ramsay but i am actually tired of Hell’s Kitchen would rather have more Kitchen Nightmares.

  • David Howell

    Low 2s, and with NCIS in reruns and Wife Swap in freefall there’s more upside than downside.

    Suspect there’ll be plenty of 10pm DVR watching of The Taste’s finale, though that will show up in the L+SD so won’t affect the numbers we see anyway.

  • rob60990

    Hell’s Kitchen is now 2 hours? Wow this decision sure was done quietly. lol. In that case I’ll up my prediction to a 2.3.

  • Tangie

    3.0 great season opener. Ramsey shows rule!!!!! Can’t wait til the next episode????????????????

  • Dan01

    cant wait for the finals.. for sure ramsay’s gonna be throwing those F bombs! lol too early for a prediction., im just gonna wait til finals and vote in Frinzee.. Hoping for some koynz

  • Derek

    who the fnckin chef will win this fnckin competition will be fnckin proud of her fnckin self! haha lol, i cant predict this season’s Hell’s Kitchen.. guess i would be waiting more episodes and throw up some koynz in Frinzee haha XD

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