'Steve Harvey' Soars as the #1 New Syndicated Daytime Show Among Women 25-54 in 2013

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March 12th, 2013


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--“Steve Harvey” is the only new syndicated show to grow double-digits vs. lead-in and year-ago time periods--


Chicago, IL – March 12, 2013 – Female viewers flocked to “Steve Harvey” in February for his common sense advice on love and relationships, making it the #1 new syndicated daytime show for the month and year-to-date among the all-important daytime demographic of Women 25-54 based on Nielsen’s national ratings.


Overall, the hit daytime series shined during the February Sweep, notching a 1.6 household rating , 1.0 W25-54 rating, and over 2.2 million viewers on average per episode. “Steve Harvey” also delivered for local stations by being the only new syndicated show to grow versus both its lead-in and year-ago time periods, improving its lead-in by 22% in households and a whopping 42% in Women 25-54 and growing its time period ratings by 42% in households and 43% in Women 25-54 vs. February 2012 among primary telecasts. In addition, the series continues to grow, building its audience in February by 33% in households and 38% in Women 25-54 from its premiere week in September 2012.


“Steve Harvey,” which has connected with millions with its blend of common sense advice and humor, is produced by Endemol USA with Steve Harvey, Alex Duda and Rushion McDonald serving as executive producers. The show, which has been renewed for a second season, is cleared in 98% of the country, including all of the NBC Owned Television Stations, and is distributed in national syndication by NBCUniversal Domestic Television Distribution. “Steve Harvey” is taped before a live studio audience at the state-of-the-art HD NBC 5 studios in downtown Chicago.

  • Mike

    I still don’t watch the show but congrats on the rise. I love talk shows and feel they have just as much a place in daytime as soaps and game shows. I just wish we had more game shows in the mix.

  • Davis

    What kind of ratings does The Wendy Williams show average?

  • primetime blabber

    Congrats Steve Harvey….but I disagree with Mike, he hates soaps, and he hates on anyone’s comments he don’t agree with. We don’t need these talk shows, their boring. ABC will never get back on track- with the daytime disaster they have created. ABC and Mike knows ABC’s daytime is a disaster and their former loyal viewers will never return, their primetime shows are experiencing low ratings (even though ABC won’t admit). Hatie Boreic is falling in ratings and she will end up cancelled some day. The Chew will also end up cancelled, when their brainwashed trained viewers wake up. Daytime is for soaps, just ask CBS. and Mike I don’t care what you have to say on my comment, your opinions don’t matter, because you attack anyone who has different opinions then yours….

  • Ashton Butcher

    It’s amazing how when the season started that this show came in looking DOA and Katie was going to be the star well the exact opposite has happened Katie is not a dominant player and Steve Harvey finally solved a problem that NBCU has had for years now with their talkers.

  • Mike

    And primetime blabber proves once again what an idiot he is. And how little he knows.

    Hey idiot. I post here every single week in the soap ratings. you post whenever your Mom lets you out of the playpen. What a useless idiot. Every time you post just proves how little you know.

  • primetime blabber

    Let me guess Mike, you don’t have many friends, you can’t when your ass of the town, and you proved my point when I said you attack others comments, but you can’t take the heat when someone strikes back….you get all offensive if someone says something bad about you or your stupid precious Katie or Chew, but if they happen to defend what they watch, you get to be a know it all…and start calling them idiots. I hope NBC cancels your stupid Days of Our Lives….how you like that one? Bitch

  • primetime blabber

    I apologize to the DOOL’s fans…..and I will now on ignore this Mike fellow, he has many problems putting down people who he doesn’t agree with. But Congrats Steve Harvey, I hope you stick around for many seasons to come. but at least we get AMC and OLTL back.

  • Cecil

    Steve, youre such a good person. I cry everytime I watch your show. I respect you. You help people. I consider you one of my best friends, even if we dont know eachother. I have deep respect for you.Ur the best talk show host of all time, barr none.

  • primetime blabber

    I love Steve Harvey as Family Feud host. He’s very funny….

  • Nancy M

    You know Mike you are an extremely rude person. I personally think you are a fake and just post stuff to piss off everyone else. Enjoy your dreadful life.

  • Mike

    Primetime and Nancy M honestly think they are something special. Frankly you two think more highly of yourself than you should. If you honestly think I give any care what two sad idiots on the Internet think of me — then you put way too much importance on what you say. You are two sad ignorant lonely lost people.

    And remember idiots you both started this. I simply stated my opinion. Sorry the concept of liking something else besides soap operas is beyond what you immature lonely lives and minds can grasp a hold of. Now go and get more of your soap opera cronies to come over here and attack me too. We all know that you sad lonely folks can’t fight your own battles. You have to go get your sad cronies to help out.

    Hey all that does is give this site that you guys accuse of having a bias toward soaps more views and that helps them to grow.

    But thinks for giving me laugh for the day. I laugh at how sad both of you are and how pitiful that you can’t handle other folks opinions. Now take your ball and go home…you little babies.


    As to Family Feud, he is the best host ever on there. I prefer him on there than on his talk show.

  • primetime blabber

    I’m getting to think Mike works for ABC….he surely is rude to the True TV viewers, and ABC enjoys being rude to their true TV viewers. Mike you can go back to your office at ABC and tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

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