NBC Announces 'Smash' Saturday Burn-Off, Shuffles 'Go On' and 'The New Normal' Finales & Moves 'Ready for Love' Into Post-Voice Tuesday Slot

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March 13th, 2013

smash season 2

via press release:

NBC Schedule Changes
NBC has announced the following schedule changes:

  • Will now air Tuesdays, beginning April 9 (9-11 p.m. ET) following “The Voice.”


  • Beginning April 14 (9-11 p.m ET) will be expanded to two hours through the end of May.


  • Will air encore episodes on Sunday, March 31 and Sunday, April 7 (7-10 p.m. ET), leading into original episodes of “The Celebrity Apprentice” (10-11 p.m. ET)


  • Moves to Thursdays on April 4 and April 11, which will be the season’s final episode. Both episodes will air at 9:30-10 p.m. ET following “The Office.”


  • One-hour season finale on Tuesday, April 2 (9-10 p.m. ET) following “The Voice.”


  • Moves to Saturdays at 9 p.m. beginning April 6 and will air its entire season of 17 episodes.



  • Will have a one-hour season finale on Wednesday, March 27 (8-9 p.m. ET).
  • SJ

    The only slightly surprising thing here is that The New Normal is getting a post-Voice finale. As for Go On, I hardly think those final two airings will make a difference. As far as their renewal chances, I’d put Go On’s at around 40% (likely cancellation) and The New Normal’s at 10% (certain cancellation), the post-Voice airing notwithstanding.

    Smash is now officially dead. Might as well label it as “cancelled” in the R/C Index and Bubble Watch.

    So 1600 Penn will be the last show to get the Office lead-in(assuming it still has episodes to air in late April/early May). What a waste…

  • SJ

    Also, it is very telling that there is still no premiere date for Save Me. Bearchow!

  • GARebelman

    And they still won’t put Hannibal behind the Voice. I Have no clue what they are thinking.

  • Oliver

    Wait a second, only 4 episodes of Goon have aired. Are they really only airing 2 of them?

    Have they quietly pulled 1600 Penn, which was scheduled for the 4th and 11th?

  • NBC Fan

    So is Ready for Love still airing on March 26?

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    I’ve seen some people refer to Go On as Goon on here a lot, is it that hard to write Go On? Goon doesn’t even make sense.

  • 1313 SVU Lane

    So I’m confused NN And Goon have 4 epis left, so will they air next week then disappear until they move to their new slots? Also will Smash still air next week (I would think so)?

  • Oliver

    Sorry, I mangled my language:

    Wait a second, presumaly 4 episodes of Goon have yet to air. Are they only airing 2 of them?

    Have they quietly pulled 1600 Penn, which was scheduled for the 4th and 11th?

  • Petar Ivanov

    @Ready for Love seems like a massive waste of The Voice lead-in. Do they really have nothing better they can put in that Tuesday 9PM slot?

    Nope they don’t. But Ready for Love is Eva Longoria show a litle be like The Bachelor or at least sound that way so can be big with the voice lead in. Reality will work the best way after the voice in my opinion. Fashion star was ok after the voice.

  • Ultima

    I called Ready for Love to Tuesdays and Go On to Thursdays quite some time ago. That makes up for me missing the return of The Voice by two months. On the plus side, NBC lost to Univision in February, so my position was justified! ;)

    As always is the case with spring shuffling, this is all about maximizing ratings with what little they have to work with. They clearly think that Ready for Love might have the potential for a second season and that Hannibal is going to be DOA.

    Smash is obviously canceled (shocking!) and I don’t think this changes the fates of any of the sitcoms – virtually all of them will be canceled.

  • Grey

    “Smash” is officially “smooshed.”

  • Petar Ivanov


    I guess they think that Hannibal is DOA. They watch it and know how good or how bad is it. Its clear that there is no confidence at all which usually mean that is bad.

  • Alex

    I’d assumed that new episodes of Go On would air during March (as in next week and the week after) leading into the final two episodes airing on April 4 and 11. Although having looked it up the next episode scheduled is the one with the Courtney Cox guest spot so presumably they’ll want that for Thursday night and it doesn’t appear as if anything is scheduled for March… Presumably The New Normal still has 4 episodes left as well so will have 2 left on the shelf after airing its finale? I can get not having space for New Normal but why not run the final 4 episodes of Go On Thursday nights? Its not like they have anything else to put there.

  • Ultima

    Wait a second, presumaly 4 episodes of Goon have yet to air. Are they only airing 2 of them?

    Presumably, they’ll move the first two up to 19 March and 26 March.

    Have they quietly pulled 1600 Penn, which was scheduled for the 4th and 11th?

    I’ve been expecting this move for a while. Hannibal may be DOA, but no way they were going to lead-in with 1600 Penn.

    Maybe with the double up of Whitney, they’ll double up with 1600 Penn the following Wednesday?

  • Nick

    Lol, of course Celebrity Apprentice is back to 2 hours on Sunday. They’ve scheduled it for an hour every single season, and every single it ends up being expanded to 2 hours as usual.

    All good moves though. They’re doing what they can. Although I cannot believe they’re not going to try Hannibal after The Voice at least once.

    And do people have to talk about the overexposure of The Voice in every single thread? It’s getting so old. NBC is not overexposing it. American Idol has aired on two nights (often 3) for 10 years and no one says that is overexposed.

  • Ram510

    Go On should at least get one episode after The Voice. It was doing well there in the fall, but I can understand how NBC could want to test it on Thursdays.

    Still don’t understand why TNN is getting the post Voice spot, it doesn’t deserve it at all

  • Oliver

    Ah, I think I get it.

    They will keep Goon/TNN on Tuesday for two more weeks, airing originals. TNN will double-pump its last 2 episodes on Tuesday, Goon will air its final episodes on Thursday. One episode of Goon will air after The Voice.

    1600 Penn is up in the air. Have they pulle it, or will it return after Goon? What will NBC put after The Office? Office repeats?

  • Ellen

    The New Normal is actually getting better treatment than Goon.

  • Ram510

    This schedule is a mess, just like last Spring

  • Ultima

    Do they really have nothing better they can put in that Tuesday 9PM slot?

    Nope they don’t.

    That pretty much says it all.

    It’s been a while since one of the big four has come up this short on available programming.

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