NBC Announces 'Smash' Saturday Burn-Off, Shuffles 'Go On' and 'The New Normal' Finales & Moves 'Ready for Love' Into Post-Voice Tuesday Slot

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March 13th, 2013

smash season 2

via press release:

NBC Schedule Changes
NBC has announced the following schedule changes:

  • Will now air Tuesdays, beginning April 9 (9-11 p.m. ET) following “The Voice.”


  • Beginning April 14 (9-11 p.m ET) will be expanded to two hours through the end of May.


  • Will air encore episodes on Sunday, March 31 and Sunday, April 7 (7-10 p.m. ET), leading into original episodes of “The Celebrity Apprentice” (10-11 p.m. ET)


  • Moves to Thursdays on April 4 and April 11, which will be the season’s final episode. Both episodes will air at 9:30-10 p.m. ET following “The Office.”


  • One-hour season finale on Tuesday, April 2 (9-10 p.m. ET) following “The Voice.”


  • Moves to Saturdays at 9 p.m. beginning April 6 and will air its entire season of 17 episodes.



  • Will have a one-hour season finale on Wednesday, March 27 (8-9 p.m. ET).
  • Goku

    So NBC won’t even air all episodes of The New Normal?

  • Tom

    Let’s be a little kind to Smash, please. Musical theater is a hard sell under any circumstances. The genre hit its peak in the 1950s which explains why so many of the current musicals on Broadway are revivals. Smash was executed well enough. So, for that matter, was Bunheads. Although I believe the latter will be renewed, the reception both shows received reflects the limited audience appeal of scripted musical and dance related shows. I’m also grateful to NBC for airing all the episodes of Smash. Better on Saturdays than not at all.

  • Petar Ivanov


    The following is number 2 new show and number 2 new drama so i agree it is hit and was lock for season 2 no matter when fox will deside to renew it. Sure will take a hit from the voice return but again is number 2 new show of the season. Will it go for season 3 will depend from season 2.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    I hate these moves that networks do.It always destroys the shows.

  • Tom

    “Not sure what to make of The New Normal.”

    Again, I think this is NBC fishing for any reason to renew the show and keep a big name relationship happy.

    As a business decision, its dumb dumb dumb, but as showrunner outreach, it is not completely indefensible.

    I still maintain that if there’s a “surprise” renewal on NBC, its New Normal.

  • Potato


    Calling it Goon is a reference to an SNL joke where they had Ryan Lochte (sp?) talking about NBC’s fall shows. His favorite was “Monkey Hospital”

  • K

    Ready for love is NBC’s take on The Bachelor, though it probably won’t get the The Bachelor’s ratings.

  • Rachel Scott

    This may be off topic a bit, but does anyone what deal PBS has with British shows like Downton Abbey and Sherlock?

    The proven success of such shows seems to be overlooked by major US networks. Perhaps a failing network like NBC should adopt a business model that mixes original programming with purchased foreign properties (someone in another thread mentioned things like Lost Girl as a success for ScyFy). While Lost Girl is far too niche for network, and really not “glossy” enough, Downton and Sherlock are international hits.

    If a network like NBC could work on obtaining such properties as a mix with originals, it might be a more cost effective and audience-friendly way of revival.

  • Rebecca

    GO will be on March 19th and 26th before its move to Thursdays in April. TNN will air the same nights in March, new episodes. So the 4 remaining eps of both comedies will air. I’m not surprised about the Saturday move for Smash. Futoncritic shows ten eps left on the schedule but now updated their ep order to 17 and there’s no #17 airing yet…probably on May 25th (since #16 airs on May 18th) unless it’s bumped to June. Nothing like having your season [most likely series] finale airing over Memorial Day weekend.

  • Ultima

    They are in a similar position as ABC when they aired Millionaire to death.

    Yes and for exactly the same reason – both networks had huge issues with new program development after cutting back significantly in order to allow for one show to dominate their primetime (Millionaire for ABC, Jay Leno for NBC).

    NBC is going to have to renew some shows regardless of the ratings, the question becomes which ones cause the least amount of damage.

    Which shockingly involves doing the exact same thing as the other networks when it comes to renewals.

    Go On is going to be renewed. The Thursday night thing assures it. It is a nostalgia play and Thursday night needs an anchor.

    So the show that could only pull a 1.3 ratings average without The Voice is going to anchor a night in your mind? Right.

    Same as Whitney because to be honest, they don’t have much of a choice.

    They do have a choice. They can cut back on their comedy hours. They don’t need four hours of sitcoms.

    Smash may be able to survive

    You’re completely delusional. It’s ratings are horrendous and it’s being burned off on Saturdays. This show costs $4 million an episode to produce. It’s dead.

    Lastly, this schedule isn’t permanent. If either Hannibal or the Love show bomb like every other show that NBC has launched this season and Smash still has the numbers they could do a switch back.

    Sigh. I get this far into my reply and you just go full-out Smash fanboy. The show is cancled. Get over it.

  • Rebecca

    Wasn’t that SNL Weekend Update sketch the one with Seth MacFarlane as Ryan L? I remember him calling it “Goon” but many here were calling it that before his bit aired, lol.

  • Ultima

    Dateline will air Wednesday at 8:00 after Whitney finishes, and they are airing two episodes of 1600 Penn on March 21 and 28 to finish it’s order before the end of March, according to The Futon Critic.

    Thanks for the info! I approve of the scheduling move with Dateline. They still have three episodes of Off Their Rockers left, I think – Thursdays during sweeps?

  • Chris Parker

    I agree with Craig’s comment “America has a good show like Smash and doesn’t watch. I’m not surprised network tv is dead”

    I love Smash, and am sad (but not surprised) to see it go…. these ratings are awful… but I’ve loved the shows…. :-/

  • ffas1234

    These are either genius moves or totally moronic. Only time will tell..

  • Ultima

    This is off topic but are you really calling The Following a hit for Fox

    It’s averaing a 2.9 rating, which is good enough to tie for the fifth highest rated drama on TV. Yes, that’s a hit.

    and the last few Monday’s a ‘huge success’ for Fox?

    They had their first successful freshman drama in quite some time and boosted the ratings for Bones at the same time. Yes, that’s a huge success for FOX.

    It dropped against The Bachelor finale

    The Bachelor finale had really big numbers and it only dropped a tenth. Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.

    is it really going to hold its audience opposite The Voice and Dancing with the Stars when they return?

    Dancing with the Stars will do about the same as The Biggest Loser and The Voice is unlikely to do much better than The Bachelor did for its finale. The Following will be fine – your going to be disappointed if you’re expecting huge drops the next few weeks (although March Madness will hurt).

  • Dan

    @Goku – No NBC will air all episodes of The New Normal, 4 episodes are left. 2 episodes will be the season finale on April 2 and the previous 2 episodes will air instead of repeats on March 19 and March 26. Go ON will air new episodes on March 19, 26 instead of repeats and then air post Office on April 4 and 11. 1600 Penn has 5 episodes left, 1 wil air March 14 and 2 will air on March 21 and the season finale will be March 28.

    The New Normal – 4 episodes
    March 19, March 26, April 2, April 2

    Go On – 4 episodes
    March 19, March 26, April 4, April 11

    1600 Penn 5 episodes
    March 14, March 21, March 21, March 28, March 28

    All episodes of all comedies will be aired, Any questions?

  • mat

    I think that NBC is doing the right thing by moving the New Normal and Go On , Ready for Love ,Whitney to some where they can survive or die a a quite death.

  • Rebecca

    Yes, all of TNN will air. See what I wrote a few posts back (same page as your comment…just didn’t address my answer to anyone, sorry).

  • Dan

    If NBC has one save face freshman comedy for the season, it may be Go On. Heck they may save The New Normal as well just to have comedy real estate. Community, Whitney and Parks seem likely to return among NBC’s comedy mess.

  • Ultima

    It’s a simple fact, NBC is in major trouble and with that comes crazy decisions and “creative” programing choices: i.e. Mocking Bird Lane actually being shown on air.

    Networks used to air their busted pilots all the time (well, during the summer anyways). It’s a way of recouping some of the money they invested.

    NBC is in bad shape, but they don’t need crazy decisions to get out of it. Just look at their fall 2012 schedule and it’s obvious what they need to do in terms of content (although not necessarily scheuduling) for next fall.

    Fall 2012 – 5 hours drama (2 new), 5 hours sitcoms (4 new), 3 hours of The Voice, 2 hours of newsmagazines, Saturday repeats, Sunday football

    They’re doing fine with dramas (both new ones hit last fall and even their weakest veteran – SVU – is still outperforming their comedies). They’ll want two new dramas again, so they have to cut something and the answer is two hours of returning comedies.

    If they want to dump Rock Center, they can replace it with one of their straight-to-series dramas, which might pair well with Grimm.

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