NBC Announces 'Smash' Saturday Burn-Off, Shuffles 'Go On' and 'The New Normal' Finales & Moves 'Ready for Love' Into Post-Voice Tuesday Slot

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March 13th, 2013

smash season 2

via press release:

NBC Schedule Changes
NBC has announced the following schedule changes:

  • Will now air Tuesdays, beginning April 9 (9-11 p.m. ET) following “The Voice.”


  • Beginning April 14 (9-11 p.m ET) will be expanded to two hours through the end of May.


  • Will air encore episodes on Sunday, March 31 and Sunday, April 7 (7-10 p.m. ET), leading into original episodes of “The Celebrity Apprentice” (10-11 p.m. ET)


  • Moves to Thursdays on April 4 and April 11, which will be the season’s final episode. Both episodes will air at 9:30-10 p.m. ET following “The Office.”


  • One-hour season finale on Tuesday, April 2 (9-10 p.m. ET) following “The Voice.”


  • Moves to Saturdays at 9 p.m. beginning April 6 and will air its entire season of 17 episodes.



  • Will have a one-hour season finale on Wednesday, March 27 (8-9 p.m. ET).
  • Dan

    @TV Man – That’s evident with the fact that they came in 5th place in February with no Voice.

    NBC is doing OK with dramas, they have 5 definite renewals
    SVU, Chicago Fire, Grimm, Parenthood, and maybe Revolution*

    NBC is a mess with comedies but with some combination next season of these comedies they could hold up
    Community, Parks & Rec, Go On, Michael J Fox Comedy, Whitney and maybe The New Normal*

    *Provided Revolution holds up well after The Voice, that shouldnt be too hard against Castle and Hawaii 5-0, and also provided that The New Normal gets a boost in its season finale, that could help it.

    NBC needs to use these decent performing shows and put together a better schedule in order to succeed next fall.

    @Ultima – I agree Ready for Love is the only show that gets a boost, the comedy trio gets episodes burned through faster as does Smash. But one could argue airing Go On and The New Normal instead of repeats on March 19 and 26 after The Voice premiere could only help Go On’s ratings and airing post Office could help Go On.

    NBC’s failure can only help Go On.

  • Dan

    @Oliver & Rockmypants – Ohhhh, That makes a lot more sense. I feel that FOX should stick with 2 hour comedy on Tuesday while CBS should stick with NCIS trio, ABC DWTS results and another show at 8 and 10, and NBC The Voice at 8 and dramas at 9 and 10. NBC should stick to Thursday comedy and maybe Wed 8-9.

  • Mr Mumble


    “The New Normal is actually getting better treatment than Goon.”

    Agreed, the post-Office slot has been Kryptonite for any show put there over the past 18 months. The New Normal getting an hour long block for its finale after “The Voice” will rate far better.

  • Michael1

    Would it be totally crazy for NBC to air a 30-minute sitcom during halftime of “Sunday Night Football?” They can just throw the halftime show on CNBC, or NBC Sports, or just have people watch it online. Seriously, people stayed tuned (to CBS) for a 34-minute open ended blackout, so why not give it a try? It seemed to work fine when Obama addressed the nation after the school shooting. NBC would start January with a hit sitcom on its hands.

  • Thereasonsy

    @Oliver – I don’t think we are disagreeing on Smash’s fate, I’m just saying that there is a chance (a minimal one). When I’m placing a buy I do factor in things like the audience that watched the show and right now for cheap I can hit people with 100K? Thank you sir. Obviously there is the offset of the 4 M an episode to account for but you have to factor in the other aspects of the money. How much are the iTunes sales, how is it doing overseas, etc. At this point until an episode airs on a Saturday AND the plus 3 come in I wouldn’t call the show dead.

    NBC can do crazy things right now because they are in last place. They can be scrappy and try whatever they want to and mess around. All I have to say is upfronts are going to be hilariously funny.

  • Ultima


    Go On is going from four episodes after The Voice to only one. I think the move to Thursdays is NBC trying to have something better than 1600 Penn to lead into the first two episodes of Hannibal.

    If NBC had 20 hours of Ready for Love instead of 16, I doubt the comedies would be airing after The Voice at all.

  • toons


    “I’ve seen some people refer to Go On as Goon on here a lot, is it that hard to write Go On? Goon doesn’t even make sense.”

    i think the people writing goon are probably referring to the SNL sketch earlier this year with seth mcfarland where he was playing a dumb olympic swimmer during the news update segment and the swimmer mistakenly called “go on” goon

  • Ultima

    Would it be totally crazy for NBC to air a 30-minute sitcom during halftime of “Sunday Night Football?”

    Yes, that would be stupid. NFL halftime is only 15 minutes long and there would definitely be a commercial break at both the start and end of it.

    It would take three weeks to air a single episode of sitcom during the halftime…

  • Mr Mumble

    @Michael1, people didn’t know the Superbowl blackout was going to last 34 minutes and it was a live dramatic event.., unlike NBC’s scripted shows!

  • Ultima

    At this point until an episode airs on a Saturday AND the plus 3 come in I wouldn’t call the show dead.

    Do you actually think the show will double its ratings by moving to the much less watched Saturday night?

    You can be cautious, but the rest of us don’t need to wait until dawn to know that the sun will rise in the east.

  • Jonay

    So what about Save Me??
    Why not air Hannibal after the voice and keep airing repeates Thursday @10 and keep ready for love at the same time slot???

  • Spencer

    Once again NBC will probably ruin any chance of making ‘Hannibal’ a moderate success. They seem like they have no faith in it…which is strange because it looks really good. Though…it seems to be too ‘dark’ and not a good fit for primetime. This should so have aired on Showtime to replace Dexter (I believe it’s ending, right?) That would be amazing.

  • HalCapone

    No doubt typos throughout the NBC press release. Every “season finale” was supposed to be “series finale”. Can NBC do anything right?!

  • Ultima

    Why not air Hannibal after the voice and keep airing repeates Thursday @10 and keep ready for love at the same time slot?

    I think it’s pretty clear that NBC has more confidence in Ready for Love than they do in Hannibal and their comedies.

    Also, they may want to have original drama programming on Thursday ahead of upfronts. Apparently advertisers weren’t too hot on the whole Rock Center thing.

    So what about Save Me?

    Good question. Last I heard, they stopped production after two episdoes and were changing show runners. That was two months ago though. Anyone have an update?

  • Dan

    @Ultima – I agree Go On is a good 9:30 place holder on April 4 and 11, I believe April 18 will be repeats for all comedies so its likely NBC wil double on Office repeats at 9 and 9:30 and Community & Parks will resume new episodes at 8 and 8:30 from April 25 – May 16 and The Office will air new episodes followed by likely repeats on April 25 and May 2 with double new eps on May 9 and May 16 (which is the finale).

    This will solve Thursday for the rest of the season. It seems Save Me will be burned off in the summer should the show ever air. And it will also confirm that every episode of every comedy will have been aired this season with the exception of Animal Practice (3 unaired) and Next Caller

  • Danak

    Sad about Smash, but at least they are committed to showing the rest of the season. I thought it really improved over the first season and I’m loving the music.

  • Greg

    Ready for Love won’t succeed. The Voice’s lead in didn’t help Fashion Star last season, no reason to assume it will help a similar skewing show.

  • Austin

    I just hope we get a satisfying ending to Smash!!

  • joel

    Ready for Love – great Bad Company song. Youtube it.

  • Dan

    @Ultima – If Save Me stopped production after 2 episodes then its basically dead, who knows how many episodes have been produced and like Up All Night snd Next Caller NBC may as well give up on this one.

    I agree about Hannibal, I guess NBC sees the Thursday 10pm slot as more of a drama slot. My suggestion for next season, air SVU, Grimm, Chicago Fire or Parenthood 10pm Thursday instead of a new drama. I know that slot used to be high profile but its not anymore.

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