NBC Announces 'Smash' Saturday Burn-Off, Shuffles 'Go On' and 'The New Normal' Finales & Moves 'Ready for Love' Into Post-Voice Tuesday Slot

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March 13th, 2013

smash season 2

via press release:

NBC Schedule Changes
NBC has announced the following schedule changes:

  • Will now air Tuesdays, beginning April 9 (9-11 p.m. ET) following “The Voice.”


  • Beginning April 14 (9-11 p.m ET) will be expanded to two hours through the end of May.


  • Will air encore episodes on Sunday, March 31 and Sunday, April 7 (7-10 p.m. ET), leading into original episodes of “The Celebrity Apprentice” (10-11 p.m. ET)


  • Moves to Thursdays on April 4 and April 11, which will be the season’s final episode. Both episodes will air at 9:30-10 p.m. ET following “The Office.”


  • One-hour season finale on Tuesday, April 2 (9-10 p.m. ET) following “The Voice.”


  • Moves to Saturdays at 9 p.m. beginning April 6 and will air its entire season of 17 episodes.



  • Will have a one-hour season finale on Wednesday, March 27 (8-9 p.m. ET).
  • stevenD

    I think that they moved Ready for Love to tuesdays just to give it a boost and move it to Sundays next year. If it could get a low 2 for its episodes, I dont see why after football they couldn’t have Ready for Love followed by a drama (Parenthood?) at 10 next year.

    Hannibal should be better scheduled though, it only gets 13 episodes a year, so it could a “The Following” for NBC if aired right.

  • jennyl

    When NBC hires someone from the lowest rated show (Gossip Girl) to “save” Smash, what do they get? The lowest rated show.

    How does this guy keep getting hired?

  • TVDude

    I know people are saying NBC might cut comedy hours in the fall, however, I don’t think that means the following shows won’t get renewed: Parks and Rec (guaranteed), Community (likley), Go On (likely), Whitney (won’t surprise me).

    Two or three of them could air in the fall while one or two are saved for midseason. If any of the new shows stick, which I’m sure anything following The Voice will, they can share slots while shows go on hiatus or create an hour while a drama goes on hiatus. I think Wednesday is the most likely hour to go away.

    I don’t think a renewal of The New Normal is completely out of the question, but I think it’s not likely. Even if it picks up during the two days it airs after The Voice, I think it’s really too late for the show. It’s a given that whatever airs after The Voice should have decent ratings, but we learned that TNN’s ratings without The Voice are worse than the shows they’re wanting to replace. Taking that into account, I don’t see them attempting to try TNN on another night and Tuesday will be reserved for new shows next season, probably more broad multicamera shows.

  • Rob R

    The purest confirmation that “Smash” is dead is that NBC is quickly editing Celebrity Apprentice to expand to two hours from mid April to May. No one noticed but the original plan was to air it for only one hour, following a two hour “Ready for Love.” NBC could have scheduled SMASH on Sundays at either 8 pm or 10 pm, but didn’t. It gave the extra hour to Donald Trump and his 1.6 rating. UNBELIEVABLE.

  • John A

    Smash cost 4 million a episode? How did it cost that much?

  • Rob R

    Why does anyone think Go On and Smash will get any airings after The Voice? New Normal gets one airing (its final hour) at 10 pm, and that’s it. “Ready for Love” airs March 26 and then again on April 9, so it is the beneficiary of THE VOICE. Period.

  • Dan

    @TV Dude – I think all the guaranteed shows you mentioned like Community, Go On, and Parks are good for the fall. NBC had a lot of returning comedies and all of those were scheduled for fall and then some bumped to midseason. Parks will likely have a 22 episode order and Go On and Community will probably have an 18-22 ep order. NBC should save new shows for midseason and test out their returning shows this fall. Holding returning shows until midseason can only hurt them.

    My guess
    8:00 Community
    8:30 Go On
    9:00 Parks & Recreation
    9:30 Michael J FOX
    10:00 Parenthood, SVU or Grimm.

    Community and Go On are compatible shows and I could see them being paired at 8 Thursdays. Parks looks like a good candidate to succeed The Office and then lead into Michael J Fox comedy. Parenthood would work at 10 because its a comedy drama. SVU could work Tuesdays at 10 and if Grimm stays Fridays at 9 then hopefully NBC will find a good drama lead in.

    I could see this

    8:00 The Voice
    10:00 NEW DRAMA

    8:00 The Voice
    9:00 NEW DRAMA
    10:00 Revolution

    8:00 Whitney
    8:30 NEW COMEDY
    9:00 Chicago Fire
    10:00 SVU

    8:00 Community
    8:30 Go On
    9:00 Parks & Recreation
    9:30 Michael J FOX Comedy
    10:00 Parenthood

    8:00 NEW DRAMA
    9:00 Grimm
    10:00 Dateline

    If Ready for Love works then air it at midseason but as far as their returning shows, all of those should premiere in the fall.

  • Dan

    @Rob R – Go On and The New Normal will air March 26 at 9 after The Voice, Ready for Love wont air that night and Smash continues airing Tuesdays at 10 on March 19, 26 and April 2 then moves to Saturdays beginning April 6.

    So all 3 will get a Voice lead in for one night. Smash is already dead so it doesnt matter but at least all episodes will air and Go On will probably be renewed.

  • Ultima

    @Rob R
    It gave the extra hour to Donald Trump and his 1.6 rating. UNBELIEVABLE.

    The Apprentice has had ratings of 1.7 and 1.8, so basically double what Smash has done the past two weeks. Yet you’re still surprised?

    Why does anyone think Go On and Smash will get any airings after The Voice?

    Because that is what’s currently on the schedule?

    26 March – Go On, The New Normal, Smash
    2 April – The New Normal (x2), Smash
    9 April – Ready for Love

    New Normal gets one airing (its final hour) at 10 pm

    Did you even read the press release?

    “Ready for Love” airs March 26 and then again on April 9

    Apparently not.

    ‘Ready For Love Will now air Tuesdays, beginning April 9 (9-11 p.m. ET) following “The Voice.”’

  • cadburyeasteregg

    I’m sort of surprised that they didn’t throw the last of Smash and the Deception finale both on Saturday night together. Those shows are rotting zombie corpses.

  • Ryan Schwartz

    COMMUNITY and PARKS will stay put in the fall. Full seasons. NBC will solely promote Thursdays 9-11. Michael J. Fox, new sitcom (I’d bet “About a Boy” as it’s also a family comedy in nature) and the reliable Parenthood at 10. They can’t do better Thursdays at 8, and they at least know what Community and Parks can do.

    NBC will cancel 1600 PENN, THE NEW NORMAL, probably WHITNEY too, but save GO ON for 13 episodes worth of midseason filler. I mentioned this the other day, but here’s how i see Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays playing out next season:

    8:00pm – The Voice
    10:00pm – New J.J. Abrams Drama

    8:00pm – Happiness (Sean Hayes Multi-Cam)
    8:30pm – John Mulaney/Martin Short/Elliot Gould Multi-Cam
    9:00pm – The Voice: Results / New Sitcom + Go On (13) / The Voice: Results
    10:00pm – Revolution (11) / Law & Order: SVU (13) / Revolution (11)

    8:00pm – Community
    8:30pm – Parks & Recreation
    9:00pm – Untitled Michael J. Fox Sitcom
    9:30pm – About a Boy
    10:00pm – Parenthood

  • Ultima

    I’m sort of surprised that they didn’t throw the last of Smash and the Deception finale both on Saturday night

    You’re surprised that after constant ratings for the past two months that NBC didn’t decide to reschedule the Deception finale to Saturday at the last minute?


  • sofaspud

    They should move SMASH to Bravo. It’d fit in better there.

  • L

    If Smash didn’t have such a huge budget, I would have some hope about it succeeding on a Saturday night and getting a rare Saturday 13 episode renewal…

  • Ultima

    @Ryan Schwartz
    save GO ON for 13 episodes worth of midseason filler

    Why do so many people think that NBC will hold anything for midseason? They have the Winter Olympics and they’ll use it to promote new shows. Was one Olympics promotion not enough for Go On?

    For reference – in 2006, they held zero shows; in 2010, they held one – Chuck (and even then, that was only because of The Jay Leno Show).

  • Dan

    @Ryan Schwartz – Why would NBC save Go On for midseason? hat would surely kill the show faster. Pair it with Community 8-9 on Thursday, have Parks inherit The Office’s slot and air MJF comedy at 9:30. Any returning show NBC has should air in the fall.

    I don’t see NBC airing comedies post Voice at 9 Tuesday but maybe a drama followed by Revolution. I doubt NBC will timeshare SVU with Revolution so my guess is that SVU will probably air Wed at 10 and Chicago Fire would air at 9 Wed since it’s clearly the stronger show.

    What NBC should do with Revolution is have an 16-18 episode season air from Sept-Dec and then Jan-Feb and then have a new drama succeed it in March. Season spitting may not work for the show when it doesnt have a constant Voice lead in anymore.

    We seem to agree with Parenthood at 10pm Thursday, why NBC never tried that we’ll never know. It can finally get that 22 episode full season that it deserved without being timeshared.

    My schedule is simple and it showcases not only NBC’s few successes from this season but a simple 3 new dramas and 2 comedies, like what CBS does. NBC doesnt need 8 new comedies in the fall and 5 new dramas (exaggerating) but it makes for a crowded and confusing schedule, what they did last fall.

  • Ultima

    @Ryan Schwartz

    9:00pm – The Voice: Results / New Sitcom + Go On (13) / The Voice: Results
    10:00pm – Revolution (11) / Law & Order: SVU (13) / Revolution (11)

    Between the holidays and the Olympics, they’ll only need five weeks of schedule filler for January/February.

  • Networkman

    This confirms to me that FOX won the comedy battle on Tuesday this season.
    Also, it concerns me that NBC is moving Go On to Thursday this late in the season. I feel that they might actually be thinking about keeping comedies on Thursday night in the Fall. They would pair Parks & Rec with Go On. NBC wants to see how New Normal does following The Voice since Go On has gotten that opportunity during the Fall season.

    My biggest gripe with the changes is that I still see Grimm getting the shaft. Grimm should follow The Voice and then NBC should have Hannibal in the 10pm hour. Why are they so concern about making another dating reality program a success. It really does look like trash. It would have done decently on Sunday. And Smash should be on Friday night following Fashion Star.

  • Rob R

    @Ultima– What you said makes sense, except that NBC has been promoting the PREVIEW of “Ready for Love” to air March 26 for the past five weeks non-stop, with the PREMIERE following on March 31. So I am assuming that such “premiere” is now on April 9, with the preview still slotted for March 26. But what you suggest is more logical, but it continues NBC’s deep pain on Tuesdays even longer.

    And my reference to Donald Trump’s 1.6 rating was to highlight the unbelievable scenario of a network actively choosing to expand a show with a below 2.0 rating. We would have never dreamed that would happen as recently as a year ago. It shows how desperate NBC is.

  • Nick

    I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a network meltdown so quickly before. From December to March, NBC has just lost all control and spun right off the road. When a 2-hour Biggest Loser is your highest rated show of the week, airing against tough competition, that’s sad.

    But I think they’re doing damage control as best they can now. Go On on Thursdays is a good idea that should have been implemented a long time ago. Smash on Saturdays is a good way to clear up schedule space, try to save a solid Tuesday timeslot, and still make back some money on the show. Reality our of reality is usually a good idea, so Ready for Love out of The Voice might work. Celebrity Apprentice on Sundays will do solid work, and The Voice repeats usually do okay and may actually help it out some. The Voice/Revolution on Monday are bound to be strong. They still have a bright spot in Chicago Fire on Wednesday, which is holding its own very well. They should be able to end the season on an upswing.

    Next season, however, they really have to think long and hard about what they’re going to do. A full season of Parenthood on Thursdays at 10pm is a good start.

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