'Pretty Little Liars' is Tuesday’s #1 TV Telecast in Women 18-34 and #1 for the 10th Week a Row in Females 12-34

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March 13th, 2013


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“Pretty Little Liars” is Tuesday’s #1 TV Telecast in Women 18-34 and #1 for the 10th Week a Row in Females 12-34; Cable TV’s #1 Telecast in Women 18-49;

Trending for Most-Watched Season on Record in Target 18-34s and Women 18-49


“Pretty Little Liars” is Tuesday’s Most-Tweeted TV Series for 10th Straight Week


Winter Finale of “The Lying Game” Ranks as Cable TV’s

#1 Scripted Telecast at 9 O’clock in Females 12-34


“Pretty Little Liars” (8:00 – 9:00 p.m.)


In its penultimate season telecast, “Pretty Little Liars” ranked as Tuesday’s #1 TV telecast in Women 18-34 (760,000/2.2 rating), was the #1 TV telecast for the 10th consecutive week in Females 12-34 (1.32 million/2.9 rating) and Female Teens (564,000/4.8 rating) – each week since its Winter premiere – and was the #1 cable TV telecast in Women 18-49 (1.06 million/1.7 rating).


Once again the leader across social media, “Pretty Little Liars” was Tuesday’s #1 ‘most social’ TV series for the 10th straight week, according to SocialGuide, with 404,208 tweets (14.7 share) and 180,106 uniques (14.7 share). Impressively, “Pretty Little Liars” amassed more than 4 times the number of tweets (vs. 87,068) and number of uniques (vs. 40,862) than the #2 TV series, Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club.”


  • At 8 o’clock, “Pretty Little Liars” stood as TV’s #1 telecast in the hour in Women 18-34, Viewers 12-34 (1.56 million/1.7 rating), Females 12-34, Teens 12-17 (638,000/2.7 rating) and Female Teens, marking the series’ 10th week running at #1 in the latter 3 demos. Further, it was cable TV’s #1 telecast in Adults 18-34, Adults 18-49 and Women 18-49.


  • Based on available full-week DVR viewing numbers, “Pretty Little Liars” soars by more than
    1 million Total Viewers
    (2.71 million to 3.82 million) and generated hefty double-digit increases across all target demos, including by 42% in Adults 18-34 (1.18 million to 1.67 million), by 42% in Adults 18-49 (1.51 million to 2.15 million) and by 41% in Viewers 12-34 (1.96 million to 2.77 million).


“The Lying Game” (9:00 – 10:00 p.m.)


At 9 p.m., the winter season finale of “The Lying Game stood as cable TV’s #1 scripted telecast in the hour in Females 12-34 (644,000/1.4 rating), was the #1 original scripted cable TV telecast Women 18-34 (352,000/1.0 rating) and Women 18-49 (500,000/0.8 rating), and overall was Tuesday’s #2 TV telecast in Female Teens (292,000/2.5 rating), behind only “Pretty Little Liars.”


  • Notably, the Winter 2013 season of “The Lying Game” climbed by solid double-digit percentages over the opening leg of its freshman season (8/15/11-10/17/11) in key demos: +17% in Adults 18-34 (500,000 vs. 427,000), +21% in Women 18-34 (431,000 vs. 356,000), +13% in Adults 18-49 (679,000 vs. 601,000) and +19% in Women 18-49 (575,000 vs. 482,000).
  • Based on available full-week viewing numbers, “The Lying Game” posts huge DVR increases, gaining close to 500,000 more Total Viewers (1.27 million to 1.70 million) and surging by double-digit percentages across all target demos, including by 35% in Adults 18-34 (523,000 to 708,000), by 37% in Adults 18-49 (707,000 to 967,000) and by 33% in Viewers 12-34 (865,000 to 1.15 million).


  • rob60990

    The Lying Game dropped in its finale. Absolutely pathetic. What will fans blame? PLL being down? Hell’s Kitchen? :D

  • Michael

    The Lying Game >>> Pretty Little Liars

    More things have happened in 1 season of TLG than it has in 3 seasons of PLL, lol!

  • Ron

    Abc just go ahead and announce the renewal,it’s doing well in your target demo

  • RiseAgainstM

    So… What’s the exact number?

  • Brandy

    Good for PLL

  • Lala

    Well it went way up in viewers, and trended 3 times on twitter once for 35 minutes. Hopefully that’ll help.

  • Nikki

    Not bad for the lying game at all. We should hear about the back 10 soon.

  • Dillan

    TLG will be renewed.

  • Match

    So what were the exact numbers for The Lying Game?
    And rob60990 stop it, you are being just like the idiot Max!

  • Michael

    Pretty Little Liars was only 2 tenths higher than Switched At Birth!!! :D

  • RiseAgainstM

    So can someone say whats the EXACT number for Lying Game? Is it 1.15? 1.70? Or 1.27? PLEASE TELL ME!

  • DM

    I still believe that the PLL ratings dip was partly due to the Dance Moms schedule change. They have never competed against each other before and the first time they do both shows drop significantly. It is happening again next week but since it’s the PLL finale I expect the Dance Moms ratings to be hit much harder.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    PLL episode was great, again due almost entirely to Troian Bellisario. I suspect next week’s finale will be oriented around her as well since her arc at the moment is the most dramatic and most directly associated with the show’s premise. Her acting has been phenomenal the last few episodes.

    I’m hoping Spencer kills Mona (in self-defense) in the finale! That would be awesome! :-)

  • klaxa

    Both shows were great, except I think the killer reveal on LG was kind of predictable. There is just so few characters and half of them are necessary (because both Alec and Rebecca are fan favorites and Ted is the dad) it´s hard to come with something truly shocking. Still, great show and I really want to know how they are able do the twins scenes so natural and realistic with the miniscule budget they work with.

    The ratings report is talking about winter finale so I quess the renewal is a sure thing.

  • Jade

    These press releases seem to go around in circles but Hopefully that’s good new for The Lying Game fans. Last nights finale was great.

  • Alan

    The Lying Game should be canceled. PLL is like CW’s Vampire Diaries. A show after the highest rated show of ABC Family (I think) should have higher numbers.

  • RiseAgainstM

    So Lying Game’s rating was a 1.27?

  • Nikki

    @ Alan please dont compare the CW and ABCFamily its insulting to ABCFamily. And PLL is a better show then VD too in my opinion anyways. The actors on PLL are way better as is the writing. MK is awesome at what she does. And the lying game holds pretty steady all season behind PLL i dont see why they wouldnt pick it up for the back 10.

  • Nikki

    im guessing the rating for TLG was 0.6 but im not sure.


    Women 18-34 (1.2 rating)
    Women 18-49 (0.8 rating)
    Female Teens (2.9 rating)
    Females 12-34 (1.6 rating)

    Women 18-34 (1.0 rating)
    Women 18-49 (0.8 rating)
    Female Teens (2.5 rating)
    Females 12-34 (1.4 rating)


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