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March 13th, 2013

Smash - Season 2

via press release:

"Smash" (0.9/3) is currently up 0.1 of a point or 13% versus last
week's official-national 0.8 rating and up 0.2 of a point or 29%
versus last week's 0.7 in these prelim fast-affiliate ratings from
last week.

Note that this week's lead-in for "Smash" is down 22 percent week to
week (to a 0.7 for an encore "New Normal," down from last week's 0.9
for an original).  "Smash" is currently building on this week's
lead-in by 29% or 0.2 of a point.

*	Note that "Smash" continues to add an exceptional amount of
viewership via time-shifting, with last week's 18-49 rating growing by
77% or 0.58 of a point going from these next-day "live plus same day"
ratings to "live plus three day" results (to a 1.33 from a 0.75).  In
that slot, last week's "Golden Boy" went up 16% from L+SD to L+3 (to a
1.89 from a 1.63, 0.26 of a point) and "Body of Proof" grew by 42%
(1.78 vs. 1.25, 0.53 of a point).

*	"Smash" is also currently the most upscale drama on ABC, CBS,
NBC and Fox so far this season in its concentration of adults 18-49
living in homes with $100K+ incomes, with an index of 163 in "most
current" results that include "live plus three day" time-shifting (100
represents an average concentration of those homes), up from a 150
index last season.

From 8-9, "Off Their Rockers" (0.9/3 with an 8 p.m. encore, 1.0/3 with
an 8:30 original) finished within a tenth of a point of last week's
results despite:
*	This week's startup of Daylight Saving Time. 
*	This week's debut in the hour of Fox's "Hell's Kitchen."
  • E.S.


    KNTV may be the Bay Area’s NBC station, but no one watches them. See the Nielsen stats.

  • JeffT

    2.99 million viewers last week. 2.89 this week. What difference does it make the share of 18-whatevers if there are eventually zero people watching? I don’t believe McPhee killed the show, the SHOW killed the show.

  • forg

    this beats ABC press releases by a mile

  • a p garcia

    In the words of Hillary Clinton, “What difference does it make”.

  • HalCapone

    Me thinks a 13% increase sounds a heck of lot better than 0.1 increase. It would have been sounded sweeter if they included the fact that there was no adjustment down in the final national ratings.

  • sofaspud

    McPhee might not have killed the show, but she sure as hell didn’t do it any favors. A plastic bag caught in an updraft shows more emotion and nuances than she does. McPhee is just flat and wooden, and was clearly ill-prepared to carry a network hour drama. The fact that virtually everyone else in the cast is lightyears more talented and charismatic only underlines a big problem the show could never overcome. The writing and plotting were also wildly uneven. The premise and most of the cast, however, was good.

  • Rob

    I like the show and even accept all the little problems and quirks with the story development and character flaws. It’s unfortunate that the show developers have had sooo much drama behind the scenes (too many chefs in the kitchen). The show has great potential and just needs to find its voice and audience but as it looks right now it’s on its way to cancellation. Frankly this show would have been better with a little more edge/darker and dirtier like the entertainment industry really is and placed on a pay network like HBO or showtime. They try to be edgy with the undertone of drugs, sex, betrayal but it just comes across as fluff. We would have seen at least 6 seasons had they went in that direction. Oh well, I’ll take it for what it is and enjoy whatever little time I have left with this Broadway baby :).

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