SOAPnet celebrates 'General Hospital's' 50th anniversary

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March 13th, 2013


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Unprecedented Marathon Features 50 Classic Episodes in 50 Hours

Leading up to General Hospital’s Special 50th Anniversary Episode

Airing Monday, April 1 on ABC and SOAPnet


Marathon Kicks Off With The Very First Episode


(March 13, 2013, Burbank, CA) – In celebration of “General Hospital’s” 50th anniversary, SOAPnet is airing an unprecedented 50-hour marathon of classic episodes from the beloved series, starting Friday, March 29th at 10pm ET/PT and running through Monday, April 1 at 12:00am ET/PT (Sunday night/Monday morning). The marathon kicks off with the very first episode from 1963, and will include shows from every decade. The stunt leads up to the very special 50th anniversary episode of “General Hospital,” airing on Monday, April 1 on ABC (2:00-3:00 p.m. ET//1:00 p.m. PT/CT) and SOAPnet (9:00PM ET/PT, encore at 12:00AM ET/PT).


The marathon will cover all your favorite characters, couples and storylines with such themes as romance (Luke & Laura’s wedding, Frisco & Felicia’s wedding, Luke & Laura’s dance at Wyndham’s, Lucky & Liz’s first kiss), heartbreak (Stone dies, Sonny leaves Brenda at the altar, BJ dies/Maxie’s heart transplant), action-adventure (Ice Princess, the Hostage Crisis, the Hotel Fire,) and shocking bombshells (Elizabeth finds Carly in the panic room, AJ discovers he’s Michael’s father, Jason’s car accident) plus many more surprises and appearances by fan favorites (Elizabeth Taylor as Helena Cassadine, John Stamos as Blackie, Ricky Martin as Miguel, Rick Springfield as Noah). It is an extraordinary marathon, 50 years in the making.


“General Hospital,” the most honored show of the 2012 Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards, celebrates its golden anniversary on April 1, 2013. Approaching 50 historic years on ABC, “General Hospital” is the longest running American soap opera currently in production and the third longest-running drama in American television history. “General Hospital” was created by Frank and Doris Hursley. Frank Valentini is the executive producer. Ron Carlivati is the head writer. “General Hospital” airs 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET; 1:00 p.m. PT/CT on the ABC Television Network.


SOAPnet owns the world of character-driven soapy drama. The network features same-day episodes of popular daytime dramas “Days of our Lives,” “General Hospital” and “The Young and the Restless” as well as classic episodes of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” Plus favorite primetime series “Gilmore Girls,” “One Tree Hill,” “Veronica Mars,” “Brothers & Sisters” and “Beverly Hills 90210.” Wrapped in a 24-hour environment, SOAPnet is the one destination for stories focused on real emotions and revealing truths about intriguing yet flawed characters.

  • Barb

    Sounds like they’ll be airing the same special episodes as they did in the past. Would be nice to see some new ones for a change.

  • Angela

    some they are. there are tons of new ones, the first eppy hasn’t been re-aired that I can ever think of. nor has F&F’s wedding, nor the ice princess, at least not in decades

  • Jackie

    Hopefully ‘I will kill you’ will be shown. BEST scene in the history of GH!!

  • Matt

    Now wishing I still had SOAPnet. Sadly, Comcast does not carry it anymore. Really hoping to see first episode.

  • James

    I read ABC is suppose to air the 1st episode on the first of April. Not sure though.

  • Morgan Wick

    SOAPnet? Isn’t that the channel ABC supposedly killed a year ago but was forced to keep running indefinitely because distributors were lukewarm on Disney Junior?

  • Chrisann D

    Ugggghhhh Where we live Direct Tv airs Disney Jr instead of SaopNet…..Would love to see the old episodes. But anyway……Go GH!!!! Love what you are doing!!

  • sofaspud

    Fortunately Uverse kept it. I’m sure some kind soul who is more technically inclined than I am will upload the episodes to youtube the day after airing.

  • Rob R

    What a special event truly honoring one of the most historic programs in the history of Television. I saw the first episode one time at the Museum of Television. Fans will be shocked. Unlike the first episode of DAYS, which features the Horton living room that viewers can STILL SEE today in 2013, the first episode of GH feels very unfamiliar. But fans will love to see it.

  • Carmecia

    Happy that Comcast in my area still carries SoapNet. Can’t wait to see this marathon.

  • Roddy

    GH did re-air most of the first episode in 1993 on the 30th Anniversary. Dr. Hardy was visited at the hospital by Angie, who was a patient in the first episode. Their story was re-told through black and white flashbacks to the first episode in 1963.

  • Mike

    Looking forward to seeing anything before Guza and Phelps came to GH. Anything since has been awful and don’t care to see.

  • Scott_N_ATL

    ABC aired the opening sequence as well as snippets of the first GH episode during the 40th anniversary where Steve was remembering back to his first days at the hopsital and his first patient. I am VERY excited to see the 50th anniversary episode and if they are smart, they will keep the Nurse’s Ball as an annual event from now on. And ditto Mike…Phelps/Guza was just a bad dream for the most part of GH’s history, Emmy wins or not. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THE ENTIRE GH CAST AND ALL THE FANS!!! :)

  • Herb Finn

    SOAPNet is still on the air?

  • Mike

    Herb Finn, According to most sources SoapNet is just burning out current contract cycles with companies like Charter, etc. and then will be gone. The most recent article I read said that ABC/Disney would not renew any contracts with any providers. How long these current contracts are for is unknown.

    @Scott_N_ATL — Like any hack regime they all have their good moments etc. but overall they are just bad. As bad as they were I have not read one thing since I quit during their tenure that has made me want to tune back in.

    I was almost driven away from Y&R during the bad regimes of Latham and MAB. If they had lasted longer I probably would have quit Y&R too.

  • David

    Well I agree with Richard (woops I mean Mike) ib Guza/Phelps since they have been gone and the current regime has taken over the show has been fantastic. Remembering history bringing back old favorites getting the show up from the previous regime’s numbers.

    But Richard (cough Mike) is a GH hater and a big hater of Frank and Ron. Funny he hates Phelps yet he is supporting her on Y & R just more proof he is a GH Hater.

    Go GH you have improved greatly, and the current writer/producer as well the awesome cast are the reason.

    Keep on hating Richard (or Mike or ClassicTVFan)

  • Dorothy

    Im so excited. I’ve been watch non stop since I was about 16 so for 15 years. Im excited to see all the previous stuff. Luke and laura wedding the year I was born.

  • MBmomof3

    So glad I still have SOAPnet. LOVE IT!

  • Joan Tomlinson

    I would have enjoyed marathon more if it had been in some chronological order. Jumping around was ridiculous.

  • Charlotte McKenzie

    I thoroughly enjoyed all the episodes leading up to and during the nurses ball. But what was truly inspiring to me was the closing number when the song (I am not sure if this is the title) “You are not Alone” was sung. I have tried to stop thinking about this song and it has captured my heart but I can’t seem to locate it. Is it possible you could send me the correct name and artist that sings this song. I am a life time viewer of General Hospital and would be truly grateful if you honor me with this request.

    Fan For Life
    Charlotte McKenzie

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