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March 13th, 2013


UPDATE: They're here!

Fast Affiliate Ratings for Tuesday, March 12, 2013 are delayed due to processing issues. We're not sure when they'll be coming in, but we will update this post as soon as we get an ETA.  We'll also update this post with a link to the overnight report once they do come in. Sorry!

  • Melissa


  • Lonesome Rhodes

    Blah blah Max blah blah NBC blah blah bear

  • Fake Me Out

    I understand that they’ve been hacked by Chinese hackers … this is where we draw the line! Sure, hack our electrical grid, our nuclear power plants, our defense departments … but our TV ratings?! That’s just too much to take … this means war.

  • John A

    Will Tuesday Cable Ratings be delayed today then too?

  • Dan S

    No big deal, there was nothing on last night that I watched. Seriously though, Chinese hackers ?

  • Densino

    Of Topic but why are NBC showing NEIGHBORS amongst repeats tonight???

    Trying to kill the “little show that could” ??

  • zerg


    The Neighbors must end on April to leave his slot to Suburgatory

  • Lonesome Rhodes

    ABC is trying to finish off its Neighbors order so it can slide the godawful Sarah Chalke show in its slot.

    I love The Neighbors, but the Renew/Cancel index is wrong on this one; its a dead show walking unless ABC extends the Friday comedies to two hours. Which they won’t (and shouldn’t; Shark Tank is holding the fort over there). Otherwise there’s just no place on the schedule for it.

  • Joe Daniels

    Damn it! I was hoping to see how much more Smash has dropped.

  • pete5125

    ABC has to burn through the episodes because they got a mid-season Brad Garrett show coming up, and Suburgatory will take over The Neighbors slot after it finishes its run mid-April, The Neighbors is getting better than OK ratings I would be surprised if it didn’t return to either Fri or as a mid season show, not strong enough for Wed nights

  • Densino

    Thats a shame…

    we love the Neighbors..

    it is a very funny, silly show

  • The Watcher

    Great pic of the Bear (now apparently a stuffed panda) waiting for the nice Calphalon pot to boil.

    Also off topic, I note that the NBC affiliate in St. Louis, KSDK, is replacing a Whitney repeat with a Papal election special tonight…they sent an anchor to Vatican City, therefore they must air something about the Pope every half-hour or so. Especially if there’s no actual news.

  • Densino

    oh and I ment ABC not NBC in my original post!!

  • joel

    There was nothing good on last night anyway.

  • rob60990

    Nothing really interesting. I’m just curious how much more Golden Boy and Smash fell airing after reruns and if Body of Proof potentially won the hour in the demo.

  • DW

    3.5 for NCIS – 2.9 for NCIS :LA

    1.7- 1.2 for everything else is my guess.

  • psychic


  • ToXiX


  • r0ckmypants

    @Lonesome Rhodes – There’s room for it, even if the Friday comedy block doesn’t get extended.

  • HalCapone

    I don’t think ABC will cancel Neighbors but would be absolutely shocked if it returns to any nights as a regular series other than Fridays or maybe Sunday. Putting the Neighbors in the AFV slot at 7 on Sundays might make sense appealing to children and families. Use AFV as summer/filler show like Wipeout. The Neighbors was an inapproriate fit with the existing Wednesday lineup. While Suburgatory is an edgier, more adult themed show, it makes a better lead-in for Modern Family than The Neighbors. I personally loved the old lineup of The Middle, Suburgatory, Modern Family, Happy Endings. Not a big fan (or detractor) of The Neighbors but I rarely watch it and consequently often forget to watch Modern Family, Suburgatory and now Nashville–really like all three of those shows, too. Wednesday used to be my ABC night exclusively but The Neighbors has thrown my viewing habits out of whack.

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