'Veronica Mars' Movie Kickstarter Campaign Lets Fans Do Something That's Not A Waste Of Time

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March 13th, 2013


I happily mock the nonsense "Save Our Show" campaigns that try and save failed TV shows by tweeting, Facebook liking, online petitions, sending crap to a network and other such nonsense.

They do little more than waste time and money, and swamp the poor network's mail room staff.

On the flip side, the current Kickstarter campaign for a Veronica Mars movie allows fans to contribute to something that could actually produce results. Money.

The next time somebody suggests you tweet, sign an online petition, or mail something to network remind them about the money.

  • Julia

    Hey, it got me to finally actually give something to Kickstarter!

  • Dinaminjo

    650k in a matter of hours..

    I say 1 million in less than 24 hours is a safe bet!!

  • ForceChoke

    I am glad somebody finally did this. You know that everyone has been wanting something like this to happen for a long time. It looks like this thing could easily be 50% funded in a single day.

  • Julia

    Shawn Ryan commented on Twitter that if this works out it could be a way for Terriers to get a wrap-up movie. It’ll be interesting to see if this actually changes how things work in the world of cult TV shows.

  • Holly


  • Mr Mumble

    The pledged amount is rising rapidly, the movie may get its $2m funding in 24 hours. Hopefully the stretch goals are worthwhile.

  • Holly

    I haven’t seen you in ages.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Hey, it got me to finally actually give something to Kickstarter!”

    And to return to the site!

    Doubly successful!

  • Densino

    This is a great idea..adn I think they’ll have 4 million + by the end of the 30 days…. heck, it’ll be over 1 million in a couple of hours if the momentum keeps up

  • Julia

    Holly! Grad school is kicking my ass, but I lurk every once in a while. And this just happened to coincide with finals week, so perfect way to procrastinate!

  • The 47th

    I’ve always thought that when you see your show in danger, you should go out and buy a dvd set, instead of signing petitions os send a bunch of bananas to the network.
    This is way cheaper and direct, of course.

    I think they are in a good position to be successful with this. The cast of the show does not have a high profile -aside of Kristen Bell, and she musn’t be particularly expensive- and being the first project of this kind to have real chances will give them a fair amount of publicity.

    Good luck!

  • zerg

    Wow, already over 700k at launch..impressive

  • Dinaminjo

    600-700k in 20 minutes!!!!

  • John_M

    Dear Joss Whedon and the actors who were in firefly

    Are you paying attention?

    you could raise quite a substantial amount, mayb have actors offer some matching – maybe get up to 10 million crowdsourced dollars – then go to fox and say look morons – the market is there – I can make this movie – Did you see what I did with the avengers – oh right – you keep screwing up the x-men and your other marvel properties – either let me make the movie or give me the rights back so I can take em to disney where i’m the king

  • Holly


    Grad school is kicking my ass, but I lurk every once in a while. And this just happened to coincide with finals week, so perfect way to procrastinate!

    I hear you on both the grad school and the procrastination ;) Regardless, glad to see you pop in.

  • Christian


  • Matt


    Technically they had their wrap up movie with “Serenity”

  • Matt

    Oh yes, good to see Julia back as well. Welcome back. I always appreciate you and Audre… ahem Holly


  • Oliver

    Eh, a lot of fan campaigns are about trying to drum up publicity to improve ratings.

  • EatMorePez

    Right now a handful of delusional “Ringer” and “The Secret Circle” fans are trying to figure out how to start a Kickstarter project.

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