'Veronica Mars' Movie Kickstarter Campaign Lets Fans Do Something That's Not A Waste Of Time

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March 13th, 2013


I happily mock the nonsense "Save Our Show" campaigns that try and save failed TV shows by tweeting, Facebook liking, online petitions, sending crap to a network and other such nonsense.

They do little more than waste time and money, and swamp the poor network's mail room staff.

On the flip side, the current Kickstarter campaign for a Veronica Mars movie allows fans to contribute to something that could actually produce results. Money.

The next time somebody suggests you tweet, sign an online petition, or mail something to network remind them about the money.

  • Jordan

    @Richard Steven Hack

    Logan is only one of the main characters in the show and Veronica’s love interest…

  • JS4P

    And THAT is how we do that. Contributed..movie being made.

    Heck to the yeah!

  • The 47th

    And done! Veronica Mars joins the group of priviledge shows that had the chance to continue.

  • were123

    The movie is a go. In less than 12 hours fans raised 2 millions and the movie production will start soon

  • The Original J

    The pledging hasn’t even slowed down. It just kept right on going past $2 million and just passed $2.1 million. It’s going to be very interesting to see how much the campaign raises by the end of the month-long pledging period.

  • Julia

    There’s no way this will ever happen, but the current trend is for nearly $63 million in 30 days! That’s enough to make a whole new season, not just a movie! ;)

  • Mr Mumble

    The quickest Kickstarter to hit $1m and $2m. Will VM hit $9m and become the largest Kickstarter ever? Probably if the stretch goals are done right.

    PS. I love the Internet!

  • The End


    Can see it hitting about 5-6 million, maybe 7 after 30 days personally. Once the initial hype dies down, the donation level will drop and as news filters out of the movies production people will be happy to sit and wait for their investment to pay off/or just buy it on DVD/Blu Ray instead when released as the target had been reached.

  • The End

    @Mr Mumble
    @The quickest Kickstarter to hit $1m and $2m.

    Actually no it isn’t. Ouya hit over $1 million in 9 hours on the website. And $2.6 million in 24 hours. All this can be sourced on quite a lot of websites and on the Kickstarter blog.

  • Julia

    @The End
    This hit $1 mil in 4 hours 24 mins. Kickstarter says it’s a record: https://twitter.com/kickstarter/status/311918388962287617 and it did $2 mil in about 10 hours, though I can’t find an actual record for that.

    And, don’t worry, I know there’s no way it gets anywhere near $63 mil. I expect around 4 or 5.

  • The End


    Ah my mistake. Ouya was another Kickstarter sensation too with an insane amount of donations from people reaching ridiculous levels. Thought that did better, quicker for some reason.

    Just to correct myself though, Ouya took 8 hours 22 minutes to reach over 1 million.

    Totally read the Kickstarter page wrong before replying there, thought the Veronica Mars page had been up near enough 24 hours. Sorry about that.

  • Marsinvestigations1@gmail.com

    Still the goal was just 2 million. Imagine if it was set at 18 for a 10 episodes at 1.8 a piece… It would be conceivable they could do it. If the movie makes money they’d all do it. Warner would love to get another 22 to get it to syndication levels. All I’m saying. ;) I can dream. Yesterday this never would have seemed possible. Now we have an official movie greenlit. That’s amazing.

  • Carl

    @Tessa, my first thought (after being happy for Veronica Mars fans) was SPN, but I wonder if the fan wars would make them run screaming. I can imagine people only agreeing to pay money if a) the story is about Sam, since Sam never gets enough attention, b) the story is about Dean, since Dean never gets enough attention, c) Cas does not appear, since SPN is about the brothers, d) Cas appears and is in a huge role, e) Cas appears, and has a sex scene with Dean.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Carl: LMAO! How true!

  • Jane Elliot

    @Carl: I gave up on SPN this year, but if there’s a movie in which Castiel and Dean have sex, I’d watch it :)

  • Richard Steven Hack

    The End: “he would want to be involved and would have the final say.”

    Of course, he would. He’d be the senior executive producer. But that doesn’t mean he’d be writing and directing every episode any more than he did Firefly. Or any more that McG was running Fringe. He doesn’t have to be the “showrunner”.

    “simply won’t want too/feel the need for Buffy to come back. Sarah Michelle Gellar would be pushing 40 in 4 and a bit years time, it would go against the point of the series to have such an old Vampire slayer knocking around lol The show has ended”

    Oh, I agree. The show is highly unlikely to come back with original cast. And I doubt the fans would really want a reboot.

    I was just pointing out that Joss doesn’t have to do everything himself – even if he wants to. He was explicitly told by own of his associates NOT to do Firefly by himself and in the Firefly Reunion Panel he said letting Tim run it was the best decision he ever made.

  • DenverDean

    I wonder if WB will try to syndicate the series now – 64 episodes is still workable. Not that different than The Unit in terms of episodes. It might be smart to get it on a cable channel in order to hype up the movie. Just saying.

  • Mary

    It already airs in syndication on soapnet.

  • Atmos

    Terriers kickstarter?

    If I had the coin, I’d have already funded that thing my damn self….so shut up and take my money

  • Carl

    @Jane Elliot (any relation to Tracy Quartermaine?), I’d watch it too, although it’s probably going to take a whole lot of money for that to happen.

    Joking aside, I wanted to tell the Veronica Mars fans how happy I am for you and I hope this all works out. This would change so much, potentially, about TV shows and their future.

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