'Veronica Mars' Movie Kickstarter Campaign Lets Fans Do Something That's Not A Waste Of Time

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March 13th, 2013


I happily mock the nonsense "Save Our Show" campaigns that try and save failed TV shows by tweeting, Facebook liking, online petitions, sending crap to a network and other such nonsense.

They do little more than waste time and money, and swamp the poor network's mail room staff.

On the flip side, the current Kickstarter campaign for a Veronica Mars movie allows fans to contribute to something that could actually produce results. Money.

The next time somebody suggests you tweet, sign an online petition, or mail something to network remind them about the money.

  • Hi

    I think they could make an 10-13 episode 4th final season to give the fans a closure, with a kickstarter campain, after the huge sucess for the film! To be on air @ Netflix/itunes/hulu (I don’t think a network would to want broadcast.)

    would be great! (sorry my english.)

  • Jane Elliot

    @Carl: Nope, just a big British literature fan (Jane Elliott is the name Jane Eyre used when on the run from Mr. Rochester. Unfortunately, I managed to misspell the last name when I first used it, which makes it harder to guess the origins.)

    The VM movie fund is now almost to 2.5 million. I’m guessing it’s going to start slowing down soon, but 5-6 million is a very distinct possibility.

  • Jane Elliot

    @Hi: Honestly, I’m not sure I want another season of the show — the first season of VM was pure gold, but the third season was a terrible mess. It sounds like RT’s been working on the movie idea for a while now, so I’m hopeful that it won’t suck.

  • Cassie


  • Lulu

    Awesome. Yes and YES and again YESSSSSSSSSSS Rob you did it and we will here to watch it, i can’t wait !

  • Penny

    OMG my dream would be if a Pushing Daisies page was done. Now, that show was so damn good. But, it did end with all it’s loose ends knotted.

  • Metal Mickey

    Very, very cool indeed. I’m in the UK so can’t contribute, but definitely would have if I’d been able to… the Kickstarter page very much makes this seem like a semi-hobby project, a fun month-long reunion for the cast & crew, and if done right, should make the fans happy and lead to who-knows-what in the future, kudos to all concerned for making it happen!

    PS Up to $2.5M at time of writing – crazy!

  • Jumbo

    I doubt it’ll get beyond 3-3.5 mil.
    Thing is there’re no stretch goals for people to invest any more money beyond that, and it’s not a physical product like OUYA or that watch which got huge sums on kickstarter ’cause people were using kickstarter as pre-orders on the product.

  • Kat

    IDK, they’ve already hit 2.5 mil in still less than 24 hrs. It hit 2 mil approx 11 hrs ago. While nowhere near the speed it was for most of the day, half a mil in 11 hrs is still nothing to sneeze at. I do think it will slow down significantly, but they’ve still got 29 days left, and Rob already posted an update saying they’re working to add more top dollar prizes, and also working so that they can extend physical rewards to overseas donors as well. I can see them getting over 3.5 mil. It’ll be interesting to see how fast it grows today. Yesterday the growth was insanely fast. I’ll be interested to see if it starts picking up speed again once people in the US are awake again. Though I don’t expect it to get to the levels it was yesterday.

  • Fake Me Out

    Correct me if I’m wrong … it happens from time to time … but I don’t think Whedon has control over what happens with Buffy. He got to helm the tv series but wasn’t he fired/quit the original movie over creative differences? I think those folks control Buffy on screen & TV … and were recently looking at some sad sack attempt to reboot the franchise.

  • Mari


    Did you read the VM movie project page? They’re using the kickstarter page as pre-order of the DVD/blueray/tshirt/tickets/whatever as well.

  • Ginger

    I imagine that the Firefly/Serenity universe is much MUCH more expensive than Veronica Mars because of the larger cast, costumes, sets, and locations. Veronica Mars can fill anywhere in the city and call it California. Firefly would have a bit more trouble passing off Burbank as somewhere in space or a foreign planet.

    I’m so excited for a Veronica Mars movie. That show was cancelled too soon.

  • Ginger

    In my pipe dream land, maybe Joss Whedon can start a kick starter to get his Wonder Woman script made.

  • MBmomof3

    Been waiting so long. Makes me as happy as cancelled daytime soaps going online :)


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