'Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs Favorites' Soars to Season Highs in Viewers and Adults 18-49

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March 14th, 2013


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            SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN – FANS vs. FAVORITES posted season highs in viewers and adults 18-49, according to updated Nielsen ratings for Wednesday, March 14.


SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN – FANS vs. FAVORITES was second in households (6.1/10), viewers (9.89m), adults 25-54 (3.7/10) and adults 18-49 (2.7/09).  SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN – FANS vs. FAVORITES posted season highs in households, viewers and adults 18-49 and matched season highs in adults 25-54.

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  • TV Addict

    Brandon=crazier that Russel
    Russel>Brandon in every way, shape, and form.

  • Yea OK

    Hopefully Phillip will be gone soon

  • Silvio

    I cant stand Phillip

  • ken

    Glad to see that Survivor is stable in its ratings. When it premeired this season a lot of people were saying that it would be its last due to its low 18-49 ratings, its hanging in there though even though this is a horrible season. Way to much focus on the castaways u can’t stand, not really developing any of the characters. Overall one of the worst casts I have ever seen on the show.

  • Dorie

    Glad Brandon is voted out. Was a real treat to the tribe

  • wallaby2012

    I LOVE PHILLIP!!! I love the stealth names – a fun addition, IMHO. Jeff’s magic fingers kept that situation from moving to disastrous. Jeff should get a raise.

  • Gumbo4756

    People wonder why there are mass shootings in the US. Some will blame it on availability of guns, but the real reason is evident from this last episode of survivor. In this country, we mistakenly allow lunatics like Brandon to roam the streets along with with people who are sane. This nut has serious mental problems and should be locked up in an asylum before he kills an innocent person or worse, innocent people.

    In any event, this is the last season I will watch Survivor and for three reasons:

    They continue to allow lunatics like Brandon or individuals who really don’t want to be on the show as contestants. I am sick of their whining about their home or their kids or how hard the game is, or how they are going to sabotage the tribe if they don’t get their paranoid delusions satisfied. Don’t put these people on the show.

    This isn’t really “survivor” any more, but who gets to eat the steak dinner this week. The early Survivor programs were truly grueling, with fat contestants looking like concentration camp survivors at the end of the series. Alas, no longer, because now there are “reward” contests just about every week. Also ther are giveaways of fishing equipment, tarps, tools, cooking utensils, it has become a real joke.

    Then there is Jeff. At every tribal council, he exposes what is going on with his so-called random questions, which are not random at all, but specifically designed to expose what was discussed by the tribe members before the council meeting. He destroys any suspense that could occur at the council. Survivor is not Survivor any longer.

  • janzpai

    The producers thanks to Brandon for the rating

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