'The Price is Right', 'Let's Make a Deal', and 'The Bold and the Beautiful' Up in Viewers and Key Women Demographics Versus Same Week Last Year

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March 14th, 2013


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"The Talk" and "The Young and the Restless" Up in Viewers


THE PRICE IS RIGHT, LET'S MAKE A DEAL and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL posted impressive year-to-year growth in viewers, women 25-54 and women 18-49  versus the same week last year, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending March 10.


THE TALK and YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS also notched year-to-year gains in viewers.


2+             W25-54          W18-49

Let's Make a Deal 1 wk of 3/4/13       2.89m              0.9/06              0.7/05

Let's Make a Deal 1 wk of 3/5 /12      2.29m              0.8/05              0.6/04

+26%               +13%               +17%


Let's Make a Deal 2 wk of 3/4/13       3.34m              1.1/06              0.8/06

Let's Make a Deal 2 wk of 3/5/12       2.74m              0.8/05              0.6/04

+22%               +38%               +33%


The Price is Right 1 wk of 3/4/13       4.79m              1.4/09              1.0/07

The Price is Right 1 wk of 3/5/12       4.20m              1.2/08              0.8/06 

+14%               +17%               +25%

The Price is Right 2 wk of 3/4/13       5.59m              1.6/10              1.1/07

The Price is Right 2 wk of 3/5/12       5.13m              1.4/09              1.0/07 

+9%                 +14%               +10%

Bold & the Beautiful wk of 3/4/13     3.53m              1.5/09              1.1/07

Bold & the Beautiful wk of 3/5/12     3.06m              1.3/08              1.0/07

+15%               +15%               +10%

Compared to the same week last year, THE TALK was up +14% in viewers (2.45m from 2.15m) and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS was up +6% (4.55m from 4.28m).

  • Derrick

    CBS is on a roll…………..

  • Mike

    Good to see the whole lineup doing well. Love all these shows.

  • moshane58

    Good move CBS for keeping soaps on.You make viewers stay.Congrats…hopefully other networks would take your lead.

  • TimsDale4ever

    I especially find that impressive with B&B as they lost 2 of their veterens this past year — Susan and Ron. Apparantly they have a jam up writing/producing team over there that has obviously been able to overcome these 2 HUGE gaps in their show and not only lose viewers but gain them. Congrats!

  • John K.

    The Talk is moving up slowly. I think it needs to hit 3 million eventually to ever be considered a “staple”.

  • James

    So, both soaps seem down this week. But still doing well enough for CBS.

  • Grey

    I think CBS made the right moves cancelling ATWT and GL but made an even better move keeping B&B and Y&R on air. I think as long as B&B and Y&R along with The Price Is Right are all there this block can stay strong for a long time. I really wish NBC would redevelop their daytime block.

  • Mike

    How is cancelling just as many soaps as ABC did keeping soaps on. CBS did the same thing ABC did….cancelled 2 iconic long running soap operas and replaced them with reality shows.

    Funny that CBS is always commended for keeping soaps on.

    I miss both the CBS shows but I can’t argue and say they didn’t made the right decision since their lineup is getting stronger ratings and better revenue return for the network than it has gotten in years. I just find it hypocritical when some fans commend CBS and condemn ABC.

  • James

    @Mike. Do you think the future of daytime soaps will either be a reduced yearly episode order and shorter time of 30 minutes and/or the Prospect Park route?

  • Mike

    James, I don’t really know. I had thought about the Prospect Park route as the future and feel it will be in some way. But just waiting to see how successful it is. There is just way too much still left to know about the whole thing.

    Some are saying that the vet and older characters may only be around for awhile. Plus at least AMC is jumping ahead five years. I think way too many people are expecting the old AMC and OLTL back and I don’t think they are going to get the shows they loved back. And I wonder how successful they are going to be if way too many drop out after seeing the shows are not like the shows that were cancelled.

    There are just way too many factors not known yet to know if the shows will work. Plus soaps have always had such a large older audience, and I am not sure how many of those older viewers will even know they are back much less have internet access to watch them.

    I don’t see any shows ever being reduced in time. I have heard several times through the years that the production costs are not that much different between a 30 minute show and an hour show. So I don’t see them being reduced. But I feel if new shows ever happen in daytime they will be 30 minutes. At least new soaps anyway.

  • James

    @Mike. I’ve read GH, AMC, and OLTL take place in the same universe/timeline. So is AMC going 5 years ahead or aging younger characters 5 years older?

  • Steve

    This is about the economy. GH, The Chew and Days are all up, too. Those out of work have given up cable and the web to cut costs. The only other answer for the networks doing so well is a baby boom for the tail end of Gen X but that would be helping new media, too.

  • Steve

    Mike…the 30 minute OLTL/AMC is about international sales. B&B thrives around the globe due to it being a shorter soap. I guess it makes them easier to sell and this is how PP will make most of the money unless they find a cable network to air these soaps.

  • Mike

    James —- AMC is supposed to not just go 5 years ahead to age those younger characters but in story too. They said it would pick up 5 years after the shooting on the cliffhanger. They said it was the only way they could explain folks not being there who wouldn’t or couldn’t return.

    Steve — As far as B&B International sales don’t matter here. If they did then CBS would not have had to cut the budget for the show thus causing them to lose stars like Ronn Moss who quit when his salary was cut.

    I don’t know how it will work with AMC/OLTL. Considering that both shows were like GH and didn’t sale well to International markets before. Right now they still haven’t even worked out anything where Canadians can watch the show. They say it is coming but right now they still don’t have a way to watch according to what was just reported on Soap Opera Network. So the international sales thing is not even a given at this point.

  • dave

    I don’t agree with Grey’s assessment on the cancellation of As The World Turns as being a “right move” for CBS I don’t watch CBS daytime anymore as a result. I have successfully moved over to NBC for daytime now and Days of our Lives is awesome! It has a family theme like ATWT did and I’m now hooked. I would never watch The Talk for one than a second. I can’t stomach Julie Chen.

  • Kevin

    Good luck The Price is Right for your ratings glory and coming back for Season 42 but it better be very bad news for this whole lawsuit thing they got going on with a former TPIR model.

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