'Veronica Mars' Movie Funded...Could a 'Chuck' Movie be Next?! (Poll)

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March 14th, 2013


It looks like the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project that began just yesterday has been a rousing success.  Could a Chuck movie now be a possibility? Star Zachary Levi has apparently been watching the Veronica Mars Kickstarter saga unfold and sent out this cryptic tweet yesterday....


So would you fund a Chuck movie? Is it even a viable idea? Cast your vote below and tell us what other canceled TV shows you would plunk $10 down to see resurrected on the big screen in the comments!

  • The 47th

    I say bring back all the shows. If the crew and the fans wants it and have the money, why not?

    I hope this bring us closer to a Gilmore Girls movie.

  • Rebecca

    Chuck had a proper ending. I never saw Veronica Mars so can’t speak for it, but it’s nice they’ll make a movie. Firefly had a movie already with Serenity. Maybe this kind of thing could help 24 become a movie, since right now their director of choice said no. So get a new director. Keifer’s schedule should ease up a lot soon.

  • John

    Chuck had the rare ending that was satisfying while making you want to see what was next for the characters. A show I’d love to see a movie for is Angel, now that was open ended and would love to see it continue in movie form

  • The End

    @I’d love to see a movie for is Angel, now that was open ended and would love to see it continue in movie form

    That ending was as evil. Thought we were meant to just assume they all died or something lol

  • Rebecca

    Heck, just take Smash off the air and make a movie to tell us how the second season would have finished up (it’ll be less boring and not as long). Just the good stuff…Bombshell being a success on Broadway and more song and dance.

  • The End

    @Heck, just take Smash off the air and make a movie to tell us how the second season would have finished up

    Might be a little pointless with Season 2 pretty much filmed.

  • samurai99


    Yeah, exactly my point, thanks.

  • SR

    @Julia – That’s A Good Point. But I Think Only People With The Financial Means, And Dedication Would Pledge. Most Are Probably Legit.

  • Derek

    CHUCK ME!!!! :D

  • SR

    @TheEnd @Rebecca – Smash Is Being Moved To Saturdays, Which Means That They’re Just Burning Off Episodes. NBC Really Doesn’t Care What Happens With The Show. Think Back To The Firm. That’s The Last NBC Show That Had The Saturday Time Slot, And It Ended With The Biggest Cliff-Hanger Of All Time.

  • FireflyEskies

    I would love to see a Chuck movie, a Firefly sequel and a Stargate Universe movie. Stargate Universe has so much left to be answered.

  • AniMatsuri

    Sky’s the limit! A Charmed movie would be interesting.

  • Ellen

    A Better Off Ted movie would be great. And probably cheap.

  • The Original J

    I’d really like to see a “Terriers” wrap-up movie get the Kickstarter treatment.


    According to an article at The Wrap, they’re not kicking in any addition funds for the production, just covering marketing and distribution, which probably won’t amount to much, considering it will be a limited theatrical release. So I’m betting they end up making a profit.

  • Charmed

    I think -and hope- that Pushing Daisies is the next show to get a movie via Kickstarter. Bryan Fuller has been tweeting about it and has been interested in continuing it since it was cancelled. Don’t say it got a proper ending, it was a regular episode except from the five minutes at the end which was very rushed and obviously not how he wanted to end it. Hopefully Gilmore Girls will get a movie, I imagine it wouldn’t cost much and there has been talk about it for a while, and I think a Secret Circle movie is definitely a possibility. The fans definitely want it, and I’m sure the producer didn’t want it to end the way it did.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    I want a Ringer movie, at least a tv movie or direct to dvd, not theatrical release. Also most people probably dont remember this NBC show “American Dreams”, it ended season 3 on a cliffhanger and got canceled, they didn’t even release season 2 and 3 on dvd. They shot an alternate ending but was never released.

  • Bizarro

    @FLOP CW
    Yes, I want a movie for all of them too!

  • Goku

    Chuck had a proper ending, I think there are shows that need a movie more desperately. For example Heroes, Carnivale or The 4400. But I guess they all would be far more expensive than VM.

  • JC

    A Chuck movie would be fun. I could get behind that idea. And I’m looking forward to this VM movie.

    The one I’d really like to see though is the Stargate Atlantis movie we were supposed to get before all things Stargate kind of fell apart. I know it’ll never happen though, for lots of reasons.

  • Heather h

    I don’t what all the negativity is about. Regardless if any show had a proper ending, I still think it would be awesome to let any favorite characters “live” a little longer. If all the pieces are in play and its done well I say bring it. I’m all for a Chuck movie, a Dawsons Creek. A Buffy, a Friends, a Heroes, an Alias, a Seinfeld, a Different World, seriously I think this is the beginning to something beautiful. Fans getting what getting what they want!

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