'Veronica Mars' Movie Funded...Could a 'Chuck' Movie be Next?! (Poll)

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March 14th, 2013


It looks like the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project that began just yesterday has been a rousing success.  Could a Chuck movie now be a possibility? Star Zachary Levi has apparently been watching the Veronica Mars Kickstarter saga unfold and sent out this cryptic tweet yesterday....


So would you fund a Chuck movie? Is it even a viable idea? Cast your vote below and tell us what other canceled TV shows you would plunk $10 down to see resurrected on the big screen in the comments!

  • BigBrotherFan

    I can’t help but think movie studios will catch on to this and start doing this to see if it’s worthwhile to bring a TV show into a movie.

    Who was EVER asking for COLIN FARREL and Miami Vice..?NO WONDER IT BOMBED! If STUDIOS go this route many shows that people actually want to see translated into film have a great chance cause of this! SPECIALLY ones of a CULT variety


  • Alex

    I can’t help but remember how people were flamed, ridiculed, and all sorts of other nasty business back in 2005 when they attempted to do this exact same thing (and if I recall they did raise a good chunk of money too) in order to get a movie or a fifth season of Star Trek: Enterprise done.

  • Brian

    This would make for a great movie to continue the Chuck verse.

    @ People talking of a Jericho movie

    In case you do not know; the show continues in comics. They completed the 3rd season in them and are publishing season 4 now. I believe that season 5 will be in the works soon as well. I hope for a movie for this as well.

  • nola


  • Dude

    Firefly got a movie. Why do they need two? Chuck is a different situation because they were able to end it the way they wanted. It just so happens that ending was pretty polarizing. I would love to see shows unable to get a proper ending have some closure but I hope it doesn’t get out of hand. Freaks and Geeks is another show that should just leave their ending as-is.

  • TJ

    We need a “Cheers” movie!

  • Lmw931

    RINGER! it needs an ending

  • Wright

    Who cares about Chuck. I want a fringe movie.

  • Marco

    A “V” movie would be best, since ABC never gave its FANS a closure!!! Bring us a V movie. I saw Laura Vandervoort last week in Toronto, and she misses her cast and crew. I think every actor who was on V would return for a movie!!!

  • John

    24, Heroes, Friday Night Lights, House, Prison Break, Lost, Flash Forward, I think I might be missing a few.

  • jamandas

    Loved Chuck the ending was ok but I would rather see a Jericho movie or Deadwood. I hate when shows get canceled and leave you hanging.


    I mean if fans want to give money for a movie , why not ?
    It cost nothing to them.

  • Marsinvestigations1@gmail.com

    Serenity was basically the end of the arc that Firefly would have finished with the remainder of season 1 and then all of season 2. Whedon certainly planned for seasons 3-5 or more so there is plenty more story to tell with additional films. With a lower budget (10-15 million) they could easily make a feature length film. The pilot cost something like 7 million for what amounts to a feature in running time. No reason it can’t be done. Universal indeed released the first film and from what I understand they have the option of two sequels. The cast and creator all expressed their wish to continue the franchise. I see that as a legit option bit it would be more difficult getting Whedon to take the time to do it as I imagine he is very busy. Still can see it happening.

  • Marsinvestigations1@gmail.com

    3.3 million and counting for Veronica Mars. 28 days to go

  • k:Alex

    A Friends and Seinfeld Movie pleace :)

  • Leverage-Fan

    The last episode of “CHUCK” gives the series a fitting conclusion. A follow up movie COULD destroy the ending and especially the last scene. There are other series which needs a proper ending / follow up movie!

  • Pietro el Grandisimo

    I would love to see the Original “V” return as a movie. (sorry folks, the “V” remake was bad!)

    I think it would be great to see the original series be made into movies and not be remade as bad tv shows (i.e. Bionic Woman and “V”) not to mention the horrible movie remakes of tv shows (Dukes of hazard, A-team, etc.)

  • Anthony

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer, only with original cast.

  • Brian

    No…Chuck was very low rated

    Bring back Charmed for a movie!

  • Cristian

    I’d definitely contribute to a Chuck project.

    I don’t understand why some people would vote “This all has to stop”. Why? If fans want a movie made, why not give them the option to do something about it? Kickstarter might be the best thing that ever happened to creating independent art.

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