'Veronica Mars' Movie Funded...Could a 'Chuck' Movie be Next?! (Poll)

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March 14th, 2013


It looks like the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project that began just yesterday has been a rousing success.  Could a Chuck movie now be a possibility? Star Zachary Levi has apparently been watching the Veronica Mars Kickstarter saga unfold and sent out this cryptic tweet yesterday....


So would you fund a Chuck movie? Is it even a viable idea? Cast your vote below and tell us what other canceled TV shows you would plunk $10 down to see resurrected on the big screen in the comments!


    They need a movie for hereos !! it just didnt end right and would be an epic movie !!!

  • RyanCanada

    i would love a chuch and charmed movie.

  • CP

    This movie will get made but they can’t make a deal for a 24 movie? SMH

  • Ernie Davis

    Just how much has your traffic dropped since Chuck ended?

  • Marc

    There are a lot of shows that I would like to see a movie-based finale for, even if it’s just a direct-to-dvd one, I just want the stories to end properly. Dark Angel, Kyle XY, Roswell and 24 are a few I would watch, but I’d really love an Angel/Buffy movie, perhaps not to finish the stories, but to continue them on a grander scale. The comic versions of Buffy season 8 and Angel season 6 were ok, but I’m sure big screen versions with big screen budgets would be quite popular. The only problem I can see with that is that Whedon is quite busy with Marvel, Boreanaz , Hannigan, Kartheiser and Carpenter have regular TV roles and the majority of the cast dislike Sarah Michelle Gellar..

  • joel

    Even better – an epic Chuck/Community mash-up movie.

  • Steve

    ‘The Facts of Life’ never had a proper ending…

  • john doe

    Party Down!

  • tomko44

    Based on the results so far with Veronica Mars, I can see others go this route. It really will depend on the amount of financing needed and the availability of the cast, but if they are on board, why not?

  • kill00

    Heroes needs a movie

  • Ashton Butcher

    OMG! I really hope this doesn’t become a trend where the fanboys put up all of this money just to get movies made. This is already mad annoying right now!

  • Rollie Dethloff

    They should make movies for Numb3rs, Ghost Whisperer, CSI: Miami and NY, and My Name Is Earl

  • Trey

    Bryan Fuller was a writer for Heroes but Heroes was always Tim Kring’s show, whereas Pushing Daisies was Fuller’s show. So if it takes the creator of each show to get this thing going, Kring needs to get off his arse and get the Heroes kickstarter off the ground. Touch is about get cancelled anyway.

  • Fourat

    Las Vegas movie

  • Oneeye

    Hbo Rome movie too please, vorenus lives!

  • theCroup

    I don’t think 24 would do very well on kickstarter, especially if the star and writers aren’t willing to come out and say “we will do this movie on a shoestring budget and for low pay.” The idea of a 24 movie has been kicking around for a while with genuine studio interest. I’m a big 24 fan, but I am not going to contribute to produce a film that they probably could get produced without crowd funding if they could just iron out the details.

    With Veronica Mars, the studio wouldn’t produce after years of fan campaigning due to (justifiable, really) suspicion that there wouldn’t be much of an audience. Crowd sourcing the funding was basically put up or shut up–either the fans are there and will help make the movie happen or they’re not and the studio was right not to greenlight it.

    Chuck and Pushing Daisies sound like good candidates, 24 not so much.

  • Cyberwarrior

    Would love to see more Stargate, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe, another Firefly movie would also be fun to see.

  • rehabber

    I would love another Firefly movie, strike while the iron(Joss)is hot.

  • Chase

    I really want to see a Ringer ,TSC, The Event, and Heros movie! :D

  • Red Jane

    As I didn’t much care for Chuck’s final season (and the very bittersweet finale), I am not sure if I’d want a movie or not… I almost want them to undo that terrible Season 5 – is there a kickstarter for that?

    A movie for Angel could be cool though with Boraneaz busy with Bones, can’t see that really happening…

    I just don’t know how many shows have enough devoted following + committed cast/directors in the way VM does…

    I would like to see more seasons (not so much a movie) of Life but that is never going to happen with Lewis doing so well with Homeland etc.

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