Soap Opera Ratings: 'The Bold and the Beautiful' Hits 4 Year High in Households + All Soaps Up in Total Viewers Over Last Year

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March 15th, 2013

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via Soap Opera Network:

March 4-8, 2013

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,549,000 (-65,000/+274,000)
2. B&B 3,532,000 (-26,000/+469,000)
3. GH 2,708,000 (-57,000/+364,000)
4. DAYS 2,563,000 (+46,000/+134,000)

1. Y&R 3.4/11 (+.1/+.3)
2. B&B 2.7/8 (+.1/+.4) <—– 4 year high *
3. GH 2.0/6 (-.1/+.2)
4. DAYS 1.9/6 (same/+.1)

* Highest since February 16-20, 2009 (2.7/8)


Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 825,000 (-72,000/-53,000)
2. B&B 710,000 (-40,000/+53,000)
3. GH 615,000 (-57,000/-14,000)
4. DAYS 585,000 (+38,000/+32,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.3/8 (-.1/-.1)
2. B&B 1.1/7 (-.1/+.1)
3. GH 1.0/6 (-.1/same)
4. DAYS 0.9/6 (same/same)


Source: Soap Opera Network

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Y&R = The Young & The Restless, B&B = The Bold and The Beautiful, GH = General Hospital, DAYS = Days of Our Lives.

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Mike

    Joshua Landers……I am loving ERic and Taylor. Never been that big of a fan of Taylor through the years but I do love them together. I love how they have beefed up John McCook’s presence since Moss and Flannery have been gone. I have always enjoyed McCook but he always took a back seat. Good to see him shine.

  • Melanie P.

    I too have enjoyed B&B this week in particular because it moved away from the Liam/Steffey and Hope triangle. It is nice to see some other characters for a change such as Rick and Maya, Eric and Taylor, Donna, Pam, Caroline get some airtime. Yes, they should keep it to a half hour. The Y&R has been ok also. It is different to see Steve Burton in another role with a little more life, than what we saw of him as Jason on GH for so many years.

  • J

    B&B is okay at 30 min.Less time to see Eric & Taylor.DOOL is staying level in the ratings.Y&R is the best soap and had to make a change to improve.No more stupid doppelganger nonsense.Aa for Lauren handling a family crisis by sleeping with Carmine,thats okay as long as he doesn’t turn into a vampire or werewolf.Dark Shadows/Port Charles/Passions are loser soaps so is GH for coming up with s/l’s like that.

  • chris

    Way to go soaps! I figured B&B was going to plummet dramatically after Stephanie died, but they’ve managed to keep me interested.

  • bizzarr


  • bizzarr


  • Larry

    If that damn triangle storyline had a whole hour to work with man that would’ve been a nightmare. Like somebody was saying before if CBS really wants to do that then they minus well bring back GL and ATWT for 30 minutes.

    DAYS to me is better than GH right now but it flip flops between the two of them all the time. New writers at Y&R are awesome!

  • Jennifer

    DAYS is actually getting some very good storylines going. Eileen Davidson and Deidre Hall make for DAYS doing much better and also this strange pairing between Kate and Rafe is actually interesting. Then therre is Will and Sonny’s gay storyline, I love that as well!!! DAYS is much better than when I watched 2-3 years ago. I watch as much as I possibly can right now:) As for Young and Restless , i have watched since I was a child in the 1970’s, but Y & R needs a boost if you ask me it is sort of boring right now. Way to go DAYS!!

  • Kelby

    Y&R and DOOL still need a lot of work done to them.

  • Justin

    Days has been great recently, surprised it’s not up further in the ratings. They needed a better bang for Feb sweeps though all of the storylines are interesting at the moment!

    Agree with Jennifer…Kate & Rafe seemed so bizarre but they are actually really interesting together, they have lots of chemistry.

  • Cass


    We only have a few soaps left, instead of all the hate and negativity saying one soap is better than the other is ridiculous. All soaps are in such a better place than they were one year ago That is definitely something to celebrate

    Sense. Stop making so much of it! Haha, I couldn’t agree more. I love that all soaps are on a better footing this year. Not to mention the impending arrival on Hulu and iTunes of AMC/OTL on April 29. I wouldn’t mind a shortened soap schedule of 30 min that would cut down on filler story/characters if it weren’t for the fact that I’m pretty sure the fillers exist for budgetary reasons. Actors on contract are paid for how many episodes they appear in. If they appear in every single episode for months at a time the network might have to pay them more than they do now!

    As it is, I think Team Cartini has the right idea. Can’t afford vets full-time so have a revolving door policy where they walk in and out as dictated by story, hence why no Robin/Robert/Holly. If that means putting up with Sabrina so I can have vets back for a few months at a time, sounds good to me. Personally, I think of it as quid pro quo. I tolerate Sabrina/Britt/Maxie/Ellie/Spinelli antics and in return, I get Tracy snarking on everyone and everything on my screen.

  • David

    One of the things I hear people complaining about is the vets been on so little. Well a lot of them only agreed to a certain number of episodes, others are there long term but stay in budget only work a certain number of episodes.

    I do know Genie Francis will be front and center this coming week as i believe she will be on Tuesday – Friday. Jack Wagner has been on so little because as someone else stated he only agreed to come back for 12 episodes he had no interest in being there full time.

    I do like that the show is showing a lot of the characters. The stories seem to revolve where the focus for a couple weeks will be on some characters than the next couple weeks will focus on something as the main storyline.

    The show although done from previous weeks is up greatly from a year ago both in total viewers and in the key demos.

    This is true for all soaps so happy to see the resurgence. People had GH all but dead but its 50th instead its going stronger than it has in years

  • PatF

    Y and R has all stories in full effect right now. Great job!

    Can’t wait for anniversary week. Definitely the strongest traditional soap on the air currently.

  • James Michael

    Watched Y&R for the first time in several months on Friday. I will say it was interesting enough for me to want to tune in again Monday. That’s a good sign. The last few times I watched, I was totally bored. Enjoyed the retrospective by Kristoff St. John. Loved when Adam asked what do you buy for a couple that’s been married 131 times. That’s so true, just how many times have Nikki and Victor married. First time seeing Steve Burton on Y&R and why does he look better on Y&R than he did on GH? Still too soon for me to say they’re on the right track but at least I do want to see more. If I were off on Monday, I’d watch. First time I can say that in months.

  • Cath

    GH is so disjointed that it is hard to follow. In the last two weeks there was hardly anything interesting to follow. This stupid pickle relish story is nuts. Lawyers should be fighting over this since the relish was Tracy’s. Same goes for Molly’s manuscript. It just “disappeared” from her computer. No backup. Couldn’t Spinnelli retrieve it? Or find someone who could? The police are always a joke and the baby story is ridiculous. If doctor Brit reveals the “truth” she violates privacy laws. Some semblance of reality would be nice.

  • JayTN

    James Michael…according to TV Guide Magazine, the characters of Victor and Nikki have been married a grand total of 13 times and that includes what will eventually be 4 times down the aisle together.

  • Patricia

    GH was getting better and better- until the weeks of vampire stories. At first, I thought it was fun to have an episode or two
    Linking it to, and paying homage, to the previous soap, “Port Charles”. It was clever and fun for two days- but it became a month- and all the storylines with Anna, Duke, the comatose Robert, Robin, the nurses Ball- all those storylines were suspended as Livvie and Caleb dominated every show. The vampire storylines were a big reason “Port Charles” was cancelled- why duplicate what has already failed?
    I admit, I hate to see the wonderful actress who has played “Lulu” since the beginning, leave the show- but wish nothing but success to her. It’s a shame she will be replaced, however, by the overacting and older “Abby” from Y&R. What a shame!
    I look forward to the 50th anniversary of General Hospital! I hope all the soaps continue to gain viewership. Soaps have always been great storytellers, and the characters on soaps are allowed to evolve and become well rounded, with real depth. It is rare in dramas today and non-existent in reality shows!

  • cab

    Proof positive that a network’s support counts for something. GH is doing well ratings wise. Right now you can not avoid promtions of GH’s 50th anniversary. From grocery store magazines to media advetisement. Days also got support from NBC and NBC needs to continue to promote Days. I see a murder mystery coming up regarding Nick. Everyone hates him. From his prison roomate to Will, to Sonny to Sammi. This could be interesting. The gay community shoud acknowledge the great storyline involving Will and Sonny. They should get an award for being well written and actted. Instead the writers have made this storyline beleiveable instead of heading into the stereotype that some people beleive. This storyline could have just as easily been written for a male and female. The GLBT community needs to award the show and the network. Keep up the great work.

  • jonboyelk

    With GH I like the fact that they focus on one storyline a few days then move to another. For one thing it means I don’t have to tolerate Sonny 5 days a week! The DID plot has gone on far too long—its been over a year since this first began! Totally glad Johnny is out but will sorely miss Julie Marie Berman. Ron needs to balance drama with comedy. There’s just way too much dramedy going on for my liking. Hate to admit it but the show is beginning to list me. Where the heck is Monica? She rarely gets air time. They seem so eager to have veterans back and they’ve got her, a 70s veteran, in house. Really enjoying Y&R right now. Glad I decided to give it a try again. I predict they are leading up to a whodunit mystery with Wheeler the victim, Gus the likely suspect but a bevy of possible culprits.

  • bizzarr

    i have been watching gh for a long time i started when lucky died in the fire so i cant just watch othere shows and say its better

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