Thursday Final Ratings: 'The Big Bang Theory', 'American Idol' & 'Community' Adjusted Up; 'Elementary' Adjusted Down

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March 15th, 2013


 The Big Bang Theory, was adjusted up three tenths, American Idol and Community were each  adjusted up a single tenth, and Elementary was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 4.8 16 15.90
FOX American Idol 3.1 10 11.93
ABC Shark Tank -R 1.3 4 4.47
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.1 4 2.41
NBC Community 1.1 4 2.58
8:30PM CBS Two and a Half Men 3.3 10 12.18
NBC Parks and Recreation 1.6 5 3.00
9:00PM CBS Person of Interest 2.9 8 14.34
ABC Grey's Anatomy 2.6 7 8.20
FOX Glee 2.0 6 5.37
NBC The Office 1.9 5 3.54
CW Beauty and the Beast 0.5 1 1.43
9:30 PM NBC 1600 Penn 1.0 3 2.23
10:00 PM CBS Elementary 2.3 7 11.33
ABC Scandal -R 1.1 4 3.86
NBC Law & Order: SVU -R 0.9 3 3.77

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • JacobYates

    Three tenths for TBBT? I’ve seen two tenths for some shows but never three.

  • Chandler

    787 is right on that stuff The CW works a lot different than the other broadcast networks they use television as a commercial property similar to the Disney Channel who uses their shows to sell merchandise. The CW is used to be a content platform for syndicating shows. Had TSC done well internationally it would’ve been back this season. One of the producers last year knew the show was dead after those numbers came out in February.

  • Raul

    Yes Greys Anatomy hit a series low!

  • HalCapone

    How anyone can cheer or even comment that a one tenth of one percent increase to 1.1 is anything but a complete and utter failure for a first run show on any network (DST or not) other the CW, is beyond my comprehension. Best bet for Community fans to see it next season is to fund a movie because it ain’t coming back to NBC.

    POI skews as old as nearly every other CBS drama.

  • Tony JJ

    They should’ve aired a scandal recap episode after Greys. I understand why they had to air a new GA followed by a Scandal repeat but a recap would’ve rated better and would’ve helped in the long run.

  • theCroup

    @HalCapone, except several NBC sitcoms have hit 1.1 on first airing (or lower). I mean look at the New Normal. A 1.1 is good for them without a Voice lead-in nowadays.

  • CrimTV

    Elementary is stable as a rock!

  • Funeral Dinner

    If a 0.5 wasn’t good enough for The Secret Circle or Ringer, then it’s not good enough for Beauty and the Beast.

  • Flopaterine chandler

    Batb lost even more viewers and is this close to a 0.4 lol! Embarrassing.

  • AO’s Sock Puppet Account

    Yeah, sure.

    At Seattle Grace dementia is about to cost one doctor their job, if only the elderly chief of staff can move fast enough to sign the papers before the Episode ends. Following two elderly doctors in their walkers has never been so nail-biting!

  • Tom

    “if a show puts up piss poor numbers domestically but still makes them enough money in other areas then they will still bring it back.”

    Of course, that’s because the independently owned affiliates are just dying to broadcast more dead air. Around 80% of viewers still access the CW’s programs through affiliates. Ad revenue is dependent on viewership and the CW currently doesn’t have much to offer. So, unless you’re saying that CBS/WB is content to jettison its domestic affiliates, I’d say that hypothesis needs work.

  • Chandler

    Some of you just don’t get the television business its really embarrassing to read some of these comments. I don’t know who taught you this stuff but that must’ve been a very naive person who knows nothing about the business and the way it works.

  • caveez

    Clearly the old farts that are in a coma watching cbs are now lying about their ages. I do not accept these numbers as final until POI is adjusted to a 0.8 and Elementary to a 0.2

    Grey’s FTW! 20seasonsandamovie!

    ha rob is butt hurt his old series gray’s is getting pummeled by POI every week. 6 of last 7 weeks they win the demo and of course 6 million more eyes overall every week. take your beating like a man, you woman lol

  • HalCapone

    I know. That’s beyond pathetic. My guess is that Community’s brand of humor appeals to a very small segment of the viewing audience compared to a traditional sitcom like Big Bang (laugh track and all, along with syndication exposure ad nauseum) which reigns superior in the 18-49 demo. As far as every new struggling comedy on NBC, it’s never easy to win a new audience but it is always harder when practically no one is watching your network to begin with. Looks like the NBC rebuilding may never happen as viewer fragmentation accelerates faster and faster each year for all the networks.

    My theory is that so many devices and sources are being created each year that have taken the urgency out of watching televised programs live when they are broadcast, so a lot of programming disappears off viewer radar. It does in our home at least. We hardly use the DVR any longer but prefer to watch programs on-demand over cable a few weeks or months after their debut and we stream nearly as many shows over the web. The broadcast networks make their shows broadly accessible on the web and for free. I look at my cable bill each month and shake my head in disgust how expensive it is for the 10 or less channels we watch with any regularity. I’m tired of subsidizing most of the crap on cable–all the bazillion channels of it.

    I don’t doubt the accuracy of Nielsen ratings but their sampling really only counts watching television the old fashioned way (and I include DVR’s as yesterday’s tech). My assumption is the audience for Community is fairly young, hip and educated (maybe I’m wrong) and they are especially savvy using the newest tech devices or streaming from the newest web sources so Nielsen would not capture their viewing habits. I am neither a fan nor detractor of Community but I give it high marks for its edgier humor. I am a huge fan of ABC’s Happy Endings, another show that attempts to offer humor up in an edgier fashion but sadly, shares the anemic Nielsen ratings.


    Another great ratings night for my favorite show Person of Interest and the ending of the latest episode was beyond intense,and now Im more worried for Det. Carter than I was for her in season 1 when Elias tried to have her killed,now she seems like she is one of the only truly honest cops in the NYPD, now that it seems that HR is corrupting everybody on the force,it seems like some challenging times for the POI team in the future.

  • rob60990

    “ha rob is butt hurt his old series gray’s is getting pummeled by POI every week. 6 of last 7 weeks they win the demo and of course 6 million more eyes overall every week. take your beating like a man, you woman lol”

    First of all, that wasn’t even me.

    Second of all, go on and on about all of its meaningless total viewers. Grey’s is clearly still the stronger show, actually growing from its lead-in triple digits, while POI can’t even hold the lead-in of a 10 year old show.


    OH BTW,just in case I did’nt make it clear in my previous commets,PERSON OF INTEREST ROCKS!!! :)

  • jackieO

    I love Elementary.
    TVD is terrible right now. I hope the writing improves soon.
    I hope The Originals pilot gets picked up.

  • 6 seasons and a movie

    @ Michael,

    What superstars? There hasn’t been any since Carrie Underwood in 2004. Kelly Clarkson and her are the only real “superstars”.

  • Paul P

    Elementary was amazing last night!!! Very good ratings compared to ALL
    other new dramas. Episodes are getting better & better.

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