Will 'Once Upon a Time' Rise This Week? (Poll)

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March 17th, 2013


Last week, Once Upon a Time's rose to a 2.3, after the dismal 2.2 adults 18-49 rating it earned in the week prior. Keep in mind last Sunday was also  the first Sunday of daylight savings time.  Can it work some magic and rise again? Or will fans skip tonight's flashback episode? Make your prediction below and tell us why in the comments!




  • Carmen

    OUAT will most likely fall in the 2.0 to 2.4 range for the remainder of the spring season.
    By recent industry standards, that is not too bad.

  • American


  • Raul

    Hopefullt One Upon A Time will get out of the 7 million stage and go to the 8-9 million stage towards the end of the season. And Grey’s should be getting 6-7 million viewers!

  • Boho

    I think that ABC is doing an amazing amount of promotion with this episode. I see a rise in numbers with this episode. Viewers will want to see what storybrooke looked like before Emma’s arrival. I will admit the writing has not been the greatest and consistency is also not quite there but afters Cora’s death I think we will get old Regina back. I wish they would develop her more. Earlier this season we saw vulnerability but it was all played on what she was feeling at the time. Complexity is different than development. At times I thought that Regina’s character was bipolar and got confused by her motives. I feel that’s why we saw a drop in numbers this season.

    I predict:
    Once 2.6
    Revenge 2.2
    Red widow 1.3

    This lineup is so odd I must say.

  • danny94

    OUAT- 2.3
    Revenge 1.9

  • DW

    i went with 2.7 but i dont think it will rise till the first Sunday in April when there is no more walking dead repeats.

  • Matthew

    I think OUAT will rise a little bit, it will not hit a 3.0 probably till April or near the season finale.

    OUAT: 2.5-2.6
    Revenge: 2.1-2.2
    Red Widow: 1.4

  • Mike

    St. Patricks Day will cause the whole line up to fall this week.

  • zerg

    I hope it can rise to 2.5 but maybe it can even go down..

  • Joseph

    OUAT: 2.4
    Revenge: 1.8
    I think revenge will fall because there was a lot of hype for last weeks episode and she said no more distractions however it seems as though they are adding her brother in as a main theme for this episode which doesn’t seem that interesting. Next week is when no more distractions will probably be more effective- I expect OUAT to stay solid at 2.3 or rise possibly by a tenth- nothing too large

  • Lifey

    No. I don’t see why OUAT would rise. Last week . It didn’t

  • Melissa

    If it’s a flashback episode, I predict that Once Upon a Time will dip to the 1.9-2.1 range.

  • Brandy

    I hope Once rises.Wouldnt be suprised if it did just because Grahm is in it tonight and JD fangirls will watch for him.Ill say 2.2_2.4

  • Fred

    The last couple of OUAT eps have been fantastic . Hoping all the fans caught up and will want to watch eve new ep live.
    So I think will rise . Unfortunately not much too many fans have been delaying to watch it.
    Revenge will probably also rise a bit. Curious fans may want to get hooked on the new mystery . Out of nowhere siblings seem to work well on soaps.

  • John A

    St Patricks Day? Lame excuse but OUAT and Revenge fans will use it i guess. I dont think either will rise both will drop a little. OUAT 2.1 and Revenge 1.9

  • Al

    Once 2.3, Revenge 1.8, Red Widow 1.1.

  • iMember

    I could see it rising after last week’s episode, same with Revenge.

    2.5-2.6 Once Upon A Time
    2.2-2.3 Revenge

    And Max, why are you back? You said you were leaving. I was finally enjoying the site so much more again. Not to be rude, but it’s better when you’re not around with your constant first post rants.

  • Justin121

    I think you’d have gotten x1000 page views had you been doing REVENGE polls instead of Once Upon A Time. But what do I know?

    Back on topic: 2.1.

    Revenge: 2.1.

    Started the season with 3.9 and 3.2, respectively.

    Just sayin’.

  • iMember

    Revenge’s episode last week also had great reception (as did Once Upon A Time) being back and the cliffhanger was definitely intriguing!

  • Watcher

    So the pain in the A** is back, I knew it was too good to be true, disgusting

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