Will 'Once Upon a Time' Rise This Week? (Poll)

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March 17th, 2013


Last week, Once Upon a Time's rose to a 2.3, after the dismal 2.2 adults 18-49 rating it earned in the week prior. Keep in mind last Sunday was also  the first Sunday of daylight savings time.  Can it work some magic and rise again? Or will fans skip tonight's flashback episode? Make your prediction below and tell us why in the comments!




  • rob60990


    You’re such a %#^@*^!! loser it’s not even funny.

  • kbmv

    It’s over for OUAT. It won’t ever get over a 3.0 again. It’s pretty much 2.5 or lower until it gets canceled. It’s far from a hit now.

  • Funeral Dinner

    I think it’s more interesting to keep an eye on Revenge, since that show is hopefully going to be rising this week. OUAT is the same every week.

  • JacobYates


    With the Bible to contend with, I think it will remain steady, but it won’t rise.

  • The End

    @It won’t ever get over a 3.0 again

    I agree, though I think it’l get close to this for the Season 3 premiere.

    @It’s pretty much 2.5 or lower until it gets canceled

    You mean until it gets renewed. I too think it’l be below 2.5 until the Season finale.

    @It’s far from a hit now.

    While you can’t define the show as a hit among Nielsen households, there’s no doubting the show has a fan base outside.

    I’m quietly confident that Season 3, depending on how it starts will recapture some form.

  • JR35

    OUAT still would be classified as a hit for ABC- no doubt.

    Inching up would be good for it; it sorta looks like back to basics, with Evil Queen Vs. Snow.

  • Gabe

    I expect a 2.3. Last week’s episode was one of the best this season, so I expect it to rise, but not by much because of St. Patrick’s day.
    I expect a 1.9 for Revenge. It was quite underwhelming last week.

  • Layton

    I am going with 2.4, so mostly remain flat.

  • Igwell Predicts…

    … 2.0, as Spring has sprung.

  • The End

    @I predict Revenge to get a 2.5 tonight

    Lol good joke there.

    I think closer to 2.0 would be more realistic.

  • John A

    The fake Rob60990 has been banned then. I was sort of enjoying that sillyness. No offense to the real Rob.

  • HalCapone

    A curse on DST!

  • were123

    OAUT: 2.5
    Revenge: 2.2
    Red Widow: 1.3

  • Fred

    OUAT will most likely resemble season 1 tonight . So perhaps some curious fans will return to see if OUAT will capture some of that lost magic . Still one of my most anticipated hours on TV every week.

    Regarding Revenge: Fake Emily demanding No More distractions lasr week.Although the long lost brother bit is certainly another distraction!! I really wish for the best , but I find myself falling asleep in the middle of nearly every ep. One of the exceptions was the Fake Amanda death ep. Boy will I miss that beauty . Although I won’t miss the her storyline involving the boring bar. Also Helen from the deadly dull Initiative is gone but replaced by another character . I was hoping that plot was terminated already.

  • John A

    To me Revenge would be a great show to find on DVD when it ends. I assume it will end after 4 seasons and watch all the seasons together would be better then watching week to week.

  • jimmers

    i hope it goes down. What a mess this is now.

  • rob60990

    whoever got rid of that fool’s comments, I really appreciate it. I also apologize for my above comment but I was getting annoyed.

    I hope Revenge holds steady tonight.

  • Kitsune

    Uhhhh guys? Every OUAT episode is a flashback episode. What are you talking about? LOL

  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    Once Upon A Time 2.3
    Revenge 2.0
    Red Widow 1.0

    Last Sunday both Once Upon A Time and Revenge recovered more strongly from their February lows than I expected. From now until the season finales, I expect Once Upon A Time and Revenge should be fairly stable in the ratings.

    Today Once Upon A Time follows a repeat edition of America’s Funniest Home Videos but last year (March 18, 2012), OUAT had a new edition of AFV as a lead in. However last year CBS had NCAA basketball that competed with AFV. So I will be optimistic and predict that the overall net effect is even with last year.

    Last year Revenge (on Wednesdays) had a 2.4 on the big “reveal” episode (season 1 episode 15) where Tyler died and on the next episode 2 weeks later. However the second episode (season 1 episode 17) after the big “reveal” episode had a 2.3. I might have thought tonight’s episode would get a 1.9 but I’ll be optimistic again and predict a 2.0.

    Red Widow’s first two hours bettered Zero Hour’s first episode by 0.1. Red Widow’s third hour was less than Zero Hour’s second episode by 0.1. I’ll be optimistic and predict Red Widow’s fourth hour to match Zero Hour’s third episode.

  • alvar

    Perhaps a small rise, but only by a tenth or two. I think last Sunday’s ratings will probably be the standard for the remainder of the season. Once will stay in the low to mid 2s, Revenge around a 2.0, The Good Wife and The Mentalist in the mid to high 1s.

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