Will 'Once Upon a Time' Rise This Week? (Poll)

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March 17th, 2013


Last week, Once Upon a Time's rose to a 2.3, after the dismal 2.2 adults 18-49 rating it earned in the week prior. Keep in mind last Sunday was also  the first Sunday of daylight savings time.  Can it work some magic and rise again? Or will fans skip tonight's flashback episode? Make your prediction below and tell us why in the comments!




  • Boho

    Once is progressing, the flashback episode will have something to do with the present. They wouldn’t flashback if it didn’t relate to the storyline. My guess is Regina will be disposing of the guests that came to town. Relaying to the present with Greg seeing as that is where the story will start to go.

  • ZmaX

    OUAT- 2.4
    Revenge- 2.2

  • Nick

    OUAT: 2.5
    Revenge: 2.2
    Red Widow: 1.2

    The Amazing Race: 2.4
    The Good Wife: 1.6
    The Mentalist: 1.6

    The Simpsons: 2.3
    The Cleveland Show: 1.6
    Family Guy: 2.4
    Bob’s Burgers: 1.7

    Dateline NBC (R): 0.9
    Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars: 1.5

    OUAT was REALLY GOOD! The flashback was not some boring Revenge-style flashback, it was clear, concise, and relevant. It also didn’t take up the whole episode.

  • Paulo Portugal

    Broadcast network must return to the 50′ and 60’s when seasons last only for 6-7 months, between September and March.

    Fall/Winter – shows with 22-24 episodes.
    Spring – shows with 10-12 episodes.
    Summer – Only repeats.

  • iMember

    Everyone here was complaining about tonight’s Once being a flashback, but it was actually very good.

    REVENGE was so fantastic though! Such a great episode. That final line at the end was everything. “Let’s go hunting.” Emily VanCamp knows how to deliver those one liners like it’s a gift! And next week’s episode looks soooo good!

  • mia

    I doubt ratings will go up, all shows drop in Spring always, I’ve never seen any shows really rise massively in spring, the highest rated episodes are always season premiers. I hope I’m wrong though.

  • Ashley

    I’m guessing 2.1-2.2 give or take 0.2. I don’t think it’ll get to 2.5 though. I don’t think Red
    Widow will go above 1.5.

  • David Howell

    A nudge up to 2.4.

    2.0 for Revenge, and I can see it joining the group of shows cancelled one season from syndication because its serialized nature makes it vulnerable to a massive drop in S3 (and harder to syndicate!), and it’s getting just-above-the-bubble numbers now.

  • Unknown

    I sure as hell hope it rises! I’ve only been watching OUAT for a month or so. but I love it, the newest episodes are amazing!

  • Fred

    Very satisfying episode. OUAT has been fantastic lately .

  • BigBrotherFan

    Revenge was actually good.


    I hope Jack doesn’t buy into Nolans BS!
    I hope Daniel plan or sacrifice gets rid of Aiden. I cringe everytime he comes on the screen and he mumbles. GO AWAY!
    Kinda like Emily’s foaster brother but he won’t last long. He’s too bold!
    Conrad is kind of become a bit OVER THE TOP now.
    Give Ashley more to do!

  • Kavyn

    @BigBrotherFan I agree with you about all of those points except for Eli. He basically just replaced Amanda, so it kind of makes her death meaningless.

    I wish they’d give Ashley more of a plot. They turned one of their better characters from early on into some ho. She has so much potential.

  • BigBrotherFan


    You know, I was thinking the very same thing. With him totally disregarding everything Emily said but he seems was more vendictive than fauxAmanada, for sure. I mean, atleast she appeared to have so much feelings for Emily.

    I’m really happy with the show giving jack something relavent to do and more screentime because he is one of my top characters on it.

    They could do a lot with Ashley’s character instead of having her in Conrads shadow only to appear when the plot needs it. They shouldn’t of ended her and Daniel so fast! They could of built a lot more with her there. Oh, well..My hopes are up that they give her more to do.

  • Mike

    2.2, been posted on spoiler tv.

  • Just Desserts


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