An Ultra-Conservative Farm Mom Swaps Lives With a Las Vegas Party Mom on the Season 6 Premiere of ABC's 'Wife Swap' Thursday, March 21

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March 18th, 2013

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Marissa Zdazinsky, a.k.a “Big Juicy,” and Angela Kuncaitis, an ultra-conservative and religious mom of six, trade lives for two weeks on the Season 6 premiere of “Wife Swap,” THURSDAY, MARCH 21 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.


“Wife Swap” finds two mothers of families, each with opposing values, to trade households, lifestyles and children (but not bedrooms) in a two week-long challenge: In the first part of the exchange, each mom moves into the other’s home and agrees to follow a manual of “household rules” written by the departing mother, including how to parent, manage their social life, do house work, unwind and more. Everything changes in the second week when “new mommy” takes charge, introduces her own set of rules and runs the “nest” her way. At the end of the second week, the two couples meet for the first time in a raw and highly-charged exchange of views, making frank assessments of one another and discussing the experience. In the process, they really will discover what life would be like in someone else’s shoes.


A self described “over the hill party girl,” Marissa Zdazinsky lives with her husband Walter, their six-year-old son Jake, and live-in “many,” Princess, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Marissa loves to go out, and she visits the Vegas Strip almost every night, where she and Princess drink, dance and party the night away. During the day, Marissa likes to sleep in and relax while her husband is at work and Princess tends to her son, Jake.


In Coral, Michigan, Angela Kuncaitis lives on a 40-acre farm with her husband Matt and their six children -- Abby (18), Anna (16), Buddy (14), Penny (11), Peter (4) and Favour (3). With a mission to be closer to God, this devout family left their eight-bedroom home with modern amenities for a farm with no electricity or running water, and only one bathroom. The children are home-schooled and are expected to do daily chores and help with the needs of the farm.


When “Big Juicy” arrives at the farm in Michigan, it’s quite a shock to see the family has no modern amenities, and Marissa quickly realizes that she will be trading in her glamorous and pampered lifestyle for one full of cooking, cleaning and farm chores, while also tending to the needs of six children. While “Big Juicy” has a big heart and an open mind in regard to the lifestyle of her new family, she is upset when she tells them about her best friend/”manny” – Princess -- and they react with disapproval when they learn Princess is gay, causing tension between Matt and Marissa.


In Las Vegas, Angela meets her new family and quickly becomes uncomfortable with Marissa’s party girl lifestyle. As a devout Christian, she doesn’t drink and feels like a fish out of water when Princess treats her to a night on the town. Angela thinks Marissa is lazy and selfish, and finds Jake bratty and undisciplined, with no rules or boundaries in the home. The biggest issue Angela has with her new family is Princess, and when it’s time for rules change, Walter and Princess are both dumbfounded with what Angela has in store for the family.


“Wife Swap” is produced by Zodiak USA. Natalka Znak, Claire O’Donohoe, Mike Gamson and Bruce Toms serve as executive producers. It is broadcast in 720 Progressive (720P), ABC’s selected HD format, with 5.1-channel sound. This program carries a TV-14 parental guideline.


  • Zach

    hhahha this show is freaking hilarious

  • geronl

    I don’t know why people watch crap like this.

  • David Howell

    This might be the highest rated show they air in the slot in all of 2013.

    Interesting that they managed to find exaggerated exemplars of “red/blue America” in two states that aren’t obviously either.

  • Cece

    Yeah you go cousin Marissa, I love you!!!

  • Angela Kuncaitis Worse than Casey Anthony

    I can already tell Angela Kuncaitis is someone who needs her children taken away. What a horrible life they must live :(

  • Darkridedan

    Studies prove that most children prefer structure. Actually this show usually proves that as well.

  • Melissa

    I know one of angelas children and she is a great person and very well grounded young lady so dont judge,,, just saying

  • Tammi

    I’m watching this right now. I haven’t gotten to week 2 yet, but I give credit to both women for the fact that both of them seem to be attempting to follow the lifestyle (with certain limitations on personal morality for each of them).

  • nikky

    I would Luv to hang out with Marissa and Princess! They seem like fun. I do honestly feel that she does need to prioritize spending more time with her family, especially her son. Husband does seem boring. Her son needs mom and dad moreso than princess, so i do agree with the swapped mom on that. Overall, I dont feel marissa is the worst parent or person, just needs to prioritize. The other mom’s household is very dull. Kids should have chores, but they also should b able to b kids, play and have fun, not b so sheltered.

  • Ginger

    I just finished watching the season premiere of Wife Swap and I am absolutely DISGUSTED with this Bible-thumping, self-righteous Angela Kuncaitis chic!!! Attention America, this lady is NOT representative of all Christians!

    First of all, Marissa you are a GREAT mom and don’t ever let anyone make you feel like your style of parenting is wrong. It is clear that you love your son and have a lot of love in your heart, in general. Parenting does not come with a manual, so you’re allowed to learn along the way. And any mom with half a brain and that is living in 2013 will tell you that you can be a ROCKSTAR mom… and still make time to enjoy life as well! You go girl!!!

    As for the Kuncaitis’, you people are delusional. If you think moving to a remote farm-bubble to live in a shack with NO electricity, NO running water, NO communication to the outside world and NO real sense of reality is “good parenting”… think again. You treat your children like SLAVES and you are actually doing them a disservice. The world you live in is not realistic and they will have no clue how to function in this world as adults. They’ll be shell-shocked if they ever decide to venture off. Who wants to raise children that will have no clue how to protect themselves and deal with the real world? Children need interaction with other children outside their home. They need culture. They need experiences. They need to just be children. And they certainly don’t need to feel like milking goats, cutting heads off chickens and shoveling cow dung will make them closer to GOD?! Living a simplistic lifestyle and instilling discipline in your children is one thing. Living in a cult-like atmosphere is another! I feel bad for your kids.

    And Angela… please do fellow Christians a favor and get off your high horse!!! You really are a HORRIBLE example a Christian and this is why so many people are turned off by our faith. You’re no better than Marissa… in fact, I wouldn’t even let you babysit my child!!! You’ve “sinned” like everyone else in this world, so don’t you dare turn your tight lip up at ANYONE (including Princess). My prayer is that YOU realize how evil, hateful, pessimistic and nasty you were on this show and it opens your eyes. And you have the nerve to sit there all high & mighty, with a Bible in front of you? What a joke!

    I’ll also pray that 1) your kids will move far, far away at the age of 18, 2) that they will be tolerate & respectful of others, 3) that they will learn to just enjoy life while they are here and 4) that they won’t be tainted by your close-minded views.

  • D

    Angela’s behavior was deplorable! What an ugly human being.

  • TeamJuicy

    I’m sure not many people will read this, but I am so disgusted with the “religious” family that I just have to say something about it. Marissa had her faults, but she was open to learning, had a very open heart, and was a loving, caring person. Angela, on the other hand, was completely close minded, rude, and at the end of the show, glaringly smug and self-righteous. This is a PERFECT example of how you cannot judge a book by the cover- that farm family was extremely bigoted, and annoyingly self-righteous. I could care less what Angela thinks, but Marissa, on the off chance that you read this, please know that you came across as extremely real, open, vulnerable and regardless of what anyone says, it was clear you are a good mom and wife, and that you learned from your experience, and grew. I am an educated, middle aged woman, with children, and I would choose Marissa to hang out with, in a HEARTBEAT! Oh, and bring princess! :)



  • Anna

    We need more of Marissa (BIGJUICY)

  • cathy Kennedy

    This was the best “Wife Swap” episode ever… Marissa rocked, Angela is a judgemental hipocrite.. she needs to open the bible she carries and read it..why would anyone have their children live a life like that when it is not they really think that will get her to heaven and God loves them more!! You gotta put Marissa on TV.. she is genuine and her expressions are pricless!!! GO BIG JUICY!!

  • chrissie

    wow! `Angela was disgusting! What a terrible person. Youre going to sit there and talk about how you live for the Lord then lol at someone and tell them you didn’t talk to the m because they didn’t have a personality? Really? I think you may need to reread your bible. I’m not sure you comprehended it. You sat there with a rude smirk on your face like you were something special. What an ugly person you are! I don’t normally comment on things like this but I was shocked. Merissa don’t let that snotty thing get you down. Take what you learned and be better for it. She won’t be anything more than she is and I wouldn’t want to even have to know someone like Angela.

  • Cathy Spurgeon

    This was the best Wife Swap Premiere ever. Marissa did a wonderful job being herself and following the way the Kuncaitis’s live. I feel sorry for there children, they are very sheltered and I agree they should have chores, but they also need there own space to grow as children and that is no life living without electric or water. They also need to open up about gay people, that is not a choice and if they are so Christian, they would not Judge. Marissa is a wonderful person and she respected that family and there ways of life. She has a beautiful loving family. So sad that Princess moved out. I would love to hang out with Marissa and Princess whenever I get to Vegas.

  • cathy Kennedy

    @Melissa, you may know one of her children..but Angela is the one who made all the judgements on this show…Marissa showed class and did not stoop to her level!! One of the commandments is to love your neighbor..period.. there was no footnotes to who you should not love!!! Just because you may not agree on one’s lifestyle does not give you the right to judge them.. there is only one Judge and that is God Almighty!!

  • Souis Chan

    Big Juicy should have her own show!! I really didn’t like that Christian husband and his hag wife Angela. They both have no manners and made nasty below the belt comments and the kids seem to have the same narrow minded views. Angela is the boring one and has bad style!! The father and mother won’t be able to handle it when their kids want to start to date and do less chores. They will all leave the house early. The eldest daugther and son look like they want to leave now. Sad that they left everything behind to bond together but their kids are going to leave them behind. I can smell that manure through the tv gross!!

  • andro hollaander

    post the damn video online!! or at least let us know when the re-runs will be!! >.<

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