Friday Final TV Ratings: 'Last Man Standing' & 'Malibu Country' Adjusted Up; 'Nikita', 'Cult', 'Fashion Star', 'Blue Bloods' & 'Rock Center' Adjusted Down

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March 18th, 2013


Last Man Standing and Malibu Country were each adjusted up a tenth while Fashion Star, Nikita, Cult and Rock Center were each adjusted down a tenth and Blue Bloods was adjusted down three tenths  among adults 18-49 versus Friday's preliminary ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, March 15, 2013:

Time  Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 ABC Last Man Standing (8-8:31PM) 1.4/5 6.43
CBS Undercover Boss - R 1.2/5 5.86
FOX Kitchen Nightmares 1.1/4 3.03
NBC Fashion Star 0.7/3 2.75
CW Nikita 0.4/2 1.21
8:30 ABC Malibu Country 1.1/4 5.60
9:00 ABC Shark Tank - R (9-10:01PM) 1.5/5 5.60
NBC Grimm (9-10:01PM) 1.4/5 4.91
CBS Hawaii Five=-0 - R 0.9/3 5.55
FOX Touch 0.6/2 2.22
CW Cult 0.2/1 0.72
10:00 CBS Blue Bloods 1.4/5 10.41
ABC 20/20 (10:01-11PM) 1.4/4 5.46
NBC Rock Center 0.6/2 2.80

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  • Puzzled

    The thing with Nikita is if they canceled it, what would they put in its time slot next season that would be successful?

    Apart from Vampire Diaries, Arrow, and Supernatural, I do not think they would have much success moving another show to Friday at 8. Those three shows are not moving time slots, so the options are to either air repeats at that time, or launch a new show.

    The bottom line is this, CW’s target audience is young adults, particularly females, and young adults typically do not watch much television on the weekend. They don’t want to stay home; they go out instead. So Friday on the CWs needs to be aimed more at adults and cult shows.

    There is not much benefit to canceling Nikita this season when syndication is near. People on here confuse me, begging for the show to be canceled. It’s not like you’re going to get a better show in its place right now.

  • John A

    @RSH calling people idiots and Retards because they dont say darling Nikita is amazing and its ratings are fine arent you Nikita fan boys classy? And you wonder why Nikita gets these comments when its fans respond to comments like this?

  • GARebelman

    I have two proposals to fix NBC Friday. First, NBC, throw Fashion Star to the sad Saturday wolves. Pointless show that should have never gotten another season.

    Second, either just be happy with Rock Center at 10PM dying or put Hannibal after Grimm at 10PM. Counter program against senior citizen skewing Blue Bloods and 20/20. Also put Dateline back at 8PM. I think that will at least stabilize the night.

    Hannibal is going to be DOA if it is launched on their death night Thursday at 10PM slot if no Voice is there to help sample it.

  • Lisa

    Horrid yet again for Nikita, but syndication will keep it around for a fourth season. What’s more interesting to me is the thought of how it might do it syndication and how much it will be worth. Will it be enough to make the CW (and the buyer) happy, or will there be regrets on one or both sides?

  • argy

    everyone forgets that 90210 got some 0.6’s this season (5th season)! nikita in its 3rd season 0.3’s and 0.4’s !!! please cancel it already! they changed the time for 90210 and they let it die…

  • Dan

    lol Nikita haters love to dish the hate but cant handle it when its thrown right back at them.

  • SamG

    Argy Nikita will not be cancelled its getting a 4th season so deal with it. Plus it has gotten a few 0.5’s as well but of course you forgot to mention that lol.

  • rob60990

    Well someone forgot to take their medication.

  • Patrick

    aw for nikita.

  • Isab

    How is it that in the first post for Friday’s ratings (where the title said that Nikita rose in viewership numbers) the haters were so few, and in here where it says that the show’s ratings was adjusted down, the haters are back in full force?

    Getting revenge because you people didn’t have your chance to troll in the first post, eh?

  • keith

    Last man standing wins its timeslot 5 of the last 7 weeks!!!

  • Mon

    Plus it has gotten a few 0.5?s as well

    You mean twice? Let’s be accurate.

  • Alan

    Move back Fashion Star to Tuesdays, NBC! Get your sh*t together for once.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Nikita Haters damn folks, Whats up?

    a .4 for sure ain’t great BUT IT SURE AS HECK ain’t bad for a CW show on a Friday..I mean look at the state of FOX @9pm, NBC@8PM@10PM. Nikita loks not-so bad in comparison

  • forg

    Yes now new season low for LMS! Just down a notch despite DST. Please rise in the season finale next week LMS to get better odds for renewal. I don’t think LMS is a lock renewal yet and it will be down the wire.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    John A: “@RSH calling people idiots and Retards because they dont say darling Nikita is amazing and its ratings are fine arent you Nikita fan boys classy? And you wonder why Nikita gets these comments when its fans respond to comments like this?”

    Look, stupid. It’s the ATTITUDE of YOU TROLLS that gets me.


    I hate using all caps but apparently a troll like you just can’t get the message without being screamed at.

    When you come in here week after week with the same LAME and INCORRECT bashing of the show, THAT is justification for calling you any name I can think of.

    Anyone who comes in here, like that guy above I said probably didn’t realize the situation – since I don’t recognize his handle – who doesn’t UNDERSTAND why Nikita is a lock for renewal, I don’t yell at.

    I yell at people who DELIBERATELY come in here, knowing full well what the situation is, and make SNIDE remarks about the show.

    Which is YOU and certain other clowns here.

    So don’t try to put the blame on me for telling a troll like you what’s what. YOU are the one who started this crap with your weekly snark and lying BULLCRAP.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Lisa: See, now, YOU I’m not going to scream at. :-)

    “Horrid yet again for Nikita, but syndication will keep it around for a fourth season.”


    “Will it be enough to make the CW (and the buyer) happy, or will there be regrets on one or both sides?”

    See, here is where you need some education, which I’m happy to provde.

    First, the CW isn’t the one doing the syndication. The WB studio is. They’re the ones that have to make the calculation as to whether Nikita is going to do well in syndication. They then have to make an offer to the CW for the fourth season that allows the CW is either make a profit or at least break even.

    And we can assume that both sides can easily predict that season four ratings will be lower than season three – because that’s what shows usually do – drop from season to season.

    So they’ll either make a deal or they won’t, based on their calculations. A few shows have been canceled in season three, so it’s not a CERTAINTY (few things are) that Nikita will be renewed. But once a studio has calculated a show has syndication potential, and offers a deal that allows the network to renew it for season three, it’s usually a given that it has calculated the same odds for season four.

    As to whether Nikita IS decent syndication potential, there are several answers:

    1) Since it’s the studio that decides, and they have a history of their syndication portfolios to draw on, we can’t know except based on what they DO, i.e., offer a deal that lets the network renew the show. Based on that, WB has decided the show is viable.

    2) Nikita has a lead actress who is a big star in Asia. My guess is that contributed heavily to WB’s intent to syndicate this show.

    3) The syndication market is not the same as first run in the local market. The fact that Nikita isn’t doing well on the CW means absolutely nothing toward how it may do in syndication. No one even knows WHY Nikita isn’t doing well on the CW despite it decent quality production values, so predictions about its performance in syndication are meaningless.

    I’ve been speculating that Nikita is simply on the wrong network and that the CW audience simply isn’t one that would respond to the type of show it is. But that’s just speculation. No one knows why a show flops unless it’s obvious to everyone that it’s crap – such as Charlie’s Angels. Some shows simply don’t resonate with the viewing audience and that probably varies by network, more so between broadcast and network, and probably even more so between first airing and syndication.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    As an aside, has anyone ever figured out why Jerry Lewis was a GOD in France?

    Or David Hasselhof?

    See what I mean? You can’t predict syndication value from first run ratings.

  • John A

    @RSH Lol you act all high and mighty. I was reading the NBC renew/Cancel post earlier and you posted you hoped Revolution ‘dies very badly’ as its a awful and terrible show If i say that about Nikita im a troll lol. You do it and its fine. And before you call me a Revolution fan im not. Its garbage just like NIKITA

  • Carl

    The Nikita stuff makes me wonder how many pages will be spent on arguing about SPN this Thursday. The CW powers this site…

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