HBO's 'Girls' Season 2 Finale Averages 632,000 Total Viewers

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March 18th, 2013


Sunday's Girls season two finale garnered 632,000 Total Viewers, down from 1 million for the season one finale last June, The ratings were also down from the 866,000Total Viewers who watched the season two premiere. The episode aired three times on Sunday night,  delivering 1.13 million cumulative  viewers. More details are available on Deadline.

  • rob60990

    Horrible ratings. HBO wake up and can this trash.

  • Jenny

    Abysmal, but praise from critics might continue to save this show.

  • marc

    guys, how long until everyone realizes that HBO doesn’t care about the ratings of the first showing?

  • John A

    I dont watch this but why do people call for it to be axed? Its not like HBO have that many hits and its not doing that bad. In Treatment used to average a 0.0 in the demo.

  • peter

    Ratings don’t matter that much for HBO. Girls is critically acclaimed, wins awards, is one of the most talked about show on HBO and it doesn’t cost as much as Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire.

  • No way, read the article

    No way. Already been renewed for a third season. Read the deadline article!

  • Dave

    Loved season 2. Don’t care about the numbers, I’m just grateful we get a third season.

  • JJ

    LMAO @ these ratings. Time to run Lena Dunham out of Hollywood. Well, actually, jog her out. Make that slowly walk her out… No… Perhaps they can get a large wheelbarrow.

  • Colin

    Wow, and again the numbers increased from last week. Like the week before and the week before…Great news, im so happy! Looking forward to the upcoming 5 five more seasons.:-)

  • BxActor


  • Weez

    The show is averaging over 4 million viewers per episode, which is surely what the executives at HBO care about. I don’t think I’ve ever watched this show live, actually. Good cumulative ratings across all platforms, critical praise, and awards recognition… And HBO should cancel the show?

  • daniel

    The more promotion this show gets the less people watch it

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    WHAT THE HECK! JJ y r u saying stuff like that about someone you have never met? And even if you have u r a huge Jerk! Y not stay on topic?!?!? HBO will renew it for a few years at least until it loses its critical favour

  • DW

    they have it up on demand before it hits , thats how i see it. and it hits 4 million during the week. thats a hit for hbo.

  • Rod

    It was a fresh new vehicle for tv until self-seving ego got in the way of a talented screenwriter, the fantasy doctor episode was the frost that killed this productive plant of a program.

  • Carl

    How are HBO’s ratings these days? I know True Blood gets a lot of viewers but don’t know about the rest. They were such a huge hype machine about ten years ago but since then seem to have leveled off.

  • Derek

    Its a subscriber channel so it doesn’t matter. Shows that get awards, buzz and passionate fanbases are what they want.

    ‘Enlightened’ better get renewed. I’m not anti-‘Girls’, its good, but ‘Enlightened’ is so much better.

  • halloween

    huge hit, lol

  • BigBrotherFan

    When will HBO finally throw in the towel here?
    I understand they paid heavy for that GOLDEN GLOBE WIN but come on this is just sad! This show should not of seen a season 3 RENEWAL and LENA DUNHAM makes me want to gag everytime I see her on my TV. It has NOTHING to do with how extremely ordinary she looks or even that she’s a bit PLUMP and everything to do with her classless, disgusting, horrible antics in the press. Hanging around celebs who throw around the N-word!, Her nasty political ad, and you know, she is not half as bad as that MONSTER BRISTISH GIRL my gosh!!! Has anyone seen that EuroTrash in interviews?

    HBO please cancel. Please! Give your network some cred back! THIS SHOW IS GOING BELLY UP!

  • MikeInCanada

    My better half watches this and this means I do. Bringing ocd into the picture out of the blue is absurd when there were no hints of it before. Hanah has enough defects to write interesting stories without this craziness added out of nowhere. To me it ruins the show.

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