HBO's 'Girls' Season 2 Finale Averages 632,000 Total Viewers

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March 18th, 2013


Sunday's Girls season two finale garnered 632,000 Total Viewers, down from 1 million for the season one finale last June, The ratings were also down from the 866,000Total Viewers who watched the season two premiere. The episode aired three times on Sunday night,  delivering 1.13 million cumulative  viewers. More details are available on Deadline.

  • BigBrotherFan

    @John A

    IN TREATMENT was a steller show but was it not axed after it got 0.0 several times in season three a few months after the final episode? I think so. This show needs to go too!

  • KJ Styles

    To be fair, Walking Dead is killing everything it airs against, even the reruns and the Talking Dead are beating it’s competition. Not only on cable but broadcast as well. Girls is a good show. I have been DVR’ing it while watching Walking Dead live.

  • Brian J

    This is a big reason why it’s silly to think broadcast can be exactly like cable, at least right now.

  • boogke

    The viewers that watch Girls are the same group that watches on time shift, on demand, and different platforms, so yes it is a hit just not by traditional measurements of viewers who watch a show at its official airtime. I think those who are bashing it just don’t like the show and or Lena Dunham, and if “their show” was getting these cumulative weekly numbers, would be boasting about them.

  • martin

    this show stinks! so much better tv shows than this–cant figure out why it wins awards

  • PVC1234

    LIBERALS such as Dunham will keep their show on the air becasue of their LEFTIST views and their fellow liberals. look at 30 Rock. terrible ratings yet lasts for years.

  • The Original J

    632,000 people wasted their time.

  • Mark3

    God what a boring show

  • Ashley

    The ratings only reflect how awful Season 2 was. Season 1 was great, but the writing for this season really went downhill.

  • forg

    I know HBO counts multiple viewings but the live rating shows that the viewers are not engaged enough to watch Girls on its first airing. It should be performing at least on the level of Mad Men (not a high ceiling ratings to match) given the critical reaction but it’s consistently low. Anyway,it’s niche programming. Personally, I don’t like it and I hope it won’t win the Emmy for Comedy this year because it is simply not a comedy

  • boogke

    Speaking of wasting time, it astonishes me how people who don’t like something or have no interest in it spend their time and energy posting on forums about it. Its one thing if you like certain aspects of something and want to have a constructively critical conversation about elements that bother you or you believe could be improved, but if you truly dislike something or don’t understand its appeal, why not have more respect for your own time and others by focusing on the shows that you do watch, what does interest you, rather than putting out hate and negativity—that’s the true waste of time.



  • forg

    I don’t think Girls is still a “hit” even by HBO standards (even combining those other platforms) because it’s just on par with what Hung, Bored to Death and How to Make it in America. But the reviews of course towers them all. I may not like the show but well at least a young woman showrunner is getting this much attention especially in the industry that’s so male dominated, how I wish I liked the show so I could root for it.

  • BigBrotherFan


    This show is an EPIC flop…Looks like we have the WORST case of crazy fans living in a dreamworld here. yes..THE ON DEMAND factor is really gonna save it! GREAT REAL!

    #FANEXCUSEBINGO to the MAX with the GIRLS FANS! Good LORD!

  • CC

    Lol, another soft porn tv show without substance. Critics love it for that reason alone…..shirts are off more then they are on in this steaming pile of horse manure.

  • Michael1

    I watched the series premiere, and I did not laugh once. I also conferred with anyone I could think of, and not a single one of us were subsidized by our parents while being allowed to live independently and not earn an income, but that’s beside the point. Since when were unfunny shows able to be classified as comedies?

  • Michael1

    Every time this show airs, there is an opportunity cost. HBO subscribers are denied the opportunity to see a hit movie that was in theaters as recently as 12 months ago. They pay a flat rate, and should be given the movies they paid for rather than subsidizing the career of Brian Williams’ daughter.

  • Dan

    Ratings don’t matter since HBO doesnt sell ad time, they like quality acclaimed shows plus the show repeats like 8 times and there’s on demand and DVR so why watch it live when there’s The Walking Dead and Revenge on at the same time

  • Barry5436

    I loved the finale.

  • Blob

    Could it be that viewers are realizing that the characters of Girls are disgusting people?

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