HBO's 'Girls' Season 2 Finale Averages 632,000 Total Viewers

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March 18th, 2013


Sunday's Girls season two finale garnered 632,000 Total Viewers, down from 1 million for the season one finale last June, The ratings were also down from the 866,000Total Viewers who watched the season two premiere. The episode aired three times on Sunday night,  delivering 1.13 million cumulative  viewers. More details are available on Deadline.

  • Oliver

    It’s a show that has virtually no viewers yet the few viewers it has can’t shut up about it. People who like Girls are worse than the people who like Breaking Bad.

  • Neeta

    It was unwatchable this season. Stopped after two episodes.

  • Colby

    Critics are even starting to turn on the show. Entertainment Weekly, which usually always praises the show, has even said the second season was a huge let down.

  • forg

    Technically, ratings does not matter on HBO because they don’t sell ad time but they DO CARE about the ratings because if they don’t they would not be flaunting True Bloods and Games of Thrones high ratings.

  • Bill

    Lol why even do a press release

  • JJA

    There are many good shows that do not get the ratings they deserve–Carnivale, Pushing Daisies, Nikita, etc.

    Girls, however, is not one of them. This show is crap!

    Also, do not discount the possibility that Lena Dunham angered a good portion of her fans by her off-screen antics, and especially that insulting Obama commercial she did.

  • Eric_Philly

    Yay! Can’t wait ’til it goes away :)

  • Jay

    The last laugh is on the pork-thighed Lena Dunham woman who dresses like a man in drag and says “laugh at me because i am pretending to represent twentysomethings, not because i am crazy!”

  • RyanCanada

    thats because Girls and Veep has Game Of Thrones as there lead in, now Girls doesnt have anything

  • Travis

    Wow, lots of name-calling and fat jokes here. Classy stuff.

  • Just Desserts

    Are you adding the renwwal status fo After Lately?

  • John

    Yeah, I watched 20 minutes of the premiere before turning it off. I knew it was a bad sign when I found myself *rooting for the parents who were cutting their daughter off.* It doesn’t particularly bother me that the show has been renewed for a third season. HBO is allowed to make shows that are loved only by TV critics (Treme is like that too). But they’re not hits if nobody watches. And nobody is watching Girls.

  • Data

    I wish they would finally make up their minds about Enlightened. I think its fait has probably already been sealed internally – but still, the waiting is killing me.

  • JohnnyRico

    Michael1 you are silly . HBO would not be getting anywhere near the subscribers if they were trying to compete for eyeballs of movies that have been on RedBox and or Netflix months ago. The shows are what drive the network and have been for years.Like others have said live ratings matter very little if people are watching it on demand since they are not basing revenue off commercials. If not enough people watch Girls or any other show it will get cancelled. Awards do not matter to HBO they are just ways to get publicity.

  • JohnnyRico

    Yeah JJA I am sure her fanbase were TeaParty people before that political video she made.

  • Lukes

    Regardless of what I think on the quality of Girls, I’m very happy that there exist networks that do not base their cancel/renew on rating only.

    Girls is creating buzz and earned a huge amount of awards this season, it’s completely sufficient for HBO.

  • psychic

    The ratings are really awful, but it’s not a bad show in any way. It’s a shame, but with all the critical acclaim and buzz it’s getting… Well, I can’t imagine it NOT getting renewed.

  • Pierce

    It’s a sad commentary when the sex scenes in Girls can’t even beat the SexGarage scene on TWD. Lena Dunham can have a gangbang with 20 Black guys vs TWD SexGarage scene. I’ll guarantee that women would rather watch SexGarage.

  • Michael1

    My cable company charges $16.99 per month for HBO, $1 more than Netflix does for streaming plus 1 DVD at a time. HBO is available on demand, so that choice is between the HBO selection and what Netflix offers to stream. I actually think HBO has better movies, but Netflix’s DVD selection is fairly comprehensive, so HBO needs to offer something that Netflix does not. That’s why it’s original content, and the current season of the content, is important.

    HBO’s original programming needs to be worth $1 per month in excess of a comprehensive DVD selection. That is why ratings matter.

  • Palm to Face

    I think between live showing/On Demand/HBO Go and repeats it gets close to 4 Million a week. HBO likes that. Plus all the awards it gets and talked about. It’s a win win for HBO.

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