HBO's 'Girls' Season 2 Finale Averages 632,000 Total Viewers

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March 18th, 2013


Sunday's Girls season two finale garnered 632,000 Total Viewers, down from 1 million for the season one finale last June, The ratings were also down from the 866,000Total Viewers who watched the season two premiere. The episode aired three times on Sunday night,  delivering 1.13 million cumulative  viewers. More details are available on Deadline.

  • gerry

    careful haters, your misogyny is showing.

  • mike

    If they moved this to NBC, they’d double their normal prime time numbers.

  • forg

    Girls looks like it is cheap to produce so even if it the ratings are low, they can afford to renew it.

    There’s nothing wrong if critics and fans defend the show from haters (and the show has vicious haters) but please don’t claim it as a hit because it is not a hit even in HBO standards

  • DW

    its a hit. john from Cincinnati , not a hit. you can stick your fingers in your ears and go la la la , i cant hear you but it is a hit. there will be a third season and 10 episodes for people complain about. hbo wants people to watch when they want. they used to have commercials about it.

  • Joe

    Leave your sexist comments at the door… Is it that hard to believe that people do not like the show because they don’t like the humor? It is a crap show IMO. I watched it for one season and it was okay as a filler, but you have to understand HBO costs $20.00 a month. Most people pay that price for the Sunday shows… HBO canceled their Monday night shows, so now Sunday is all we have.

    So what they do is they air two crappy 30 minute shows: Girls and Enlightenment. Both shows are heavily skewed towards women viewers. I don’t connect with either show at all. I can’t justify paying $20 a month for a channel that shows movies I have seen months ago that is now airing two lame shows. HBO used to air 4-5 shows at a time. They have downed their show numbers and quality as far as I am concerned.

    Showtime is where it is at right now. Shameless, Californiacation, and House of Lies are all great and worthy of my money. That is why for the first time in 6 years HBO is canceled until the 31st when they air Game of Thrones.

  • boogke

    @ DW

    actually its renewed for 12 episodes, not 10 :-)

  • Marty

    I’ll see all you haters in the season 3 threads ^_^ Lena<3 Girls<3

  • Lionel

    Btw, the reason of the ratings decrease of Girls this season was the loss of the Game of Thrones lead-in, of which it had it season 1.

  • BigBrotherCanadaFan

    Best show on TV.

  • TeeVeeViewer

    This show is a piece of garbage, but then it’s no surprise as it features the equally unappealing and untalented Lena Dunham.

  • Nick

    Enlightened is miles better than Girls. Season 2 of Girls was a horrible mess.

  • Solelle

    This show was already renewed for next season a while back. And being a young woman I can say it is very close to how real life is for some of us at that point in life. It may not be pretty but I know many women in my age group that c@an relate to this show but since season 3 already got the go ahead guss if you don’t like it don’t watch it.

  • brandy

    Girls is already renewed for next season hbo is not driven by raitings like other networks and it is a good show if you like that kind of show wich I do. So hate all you want its already renewed for season 3. And my moneys on renewal for season 4 hbo tries to get 4 to 5 seasons out of their shows.

  • AaronExplicable

    I hope this show ends after the third season but not for the same reasons as most of you trolls who rely on fat jokes and irrelevant tweets. I’ve watched because of my gf(got her to watch Nikita, so this was my punishment) The first season wasn’t that bad honestly, aside from the slapstick fifth episode. But I started to realize how much I started to hate every single one of these female characters as they started resembling every horrible gf I used to have and their self involved bs. The last three episodes of this season were the most excruciating. Obviously this is a chick’s show, but to see girls relating to THESE characters and rooting for them made me die a little inside. I won’t be watching the next season, but at least I’m coming from a rational standpoint. The juvenile comments in this thread almost makes ME root for this show’s long tenure…..almost.

  • Mike

    The canceled sunday shows(Hung,Bored to Death & How to Make It in America)all got much stronger ratings then this dud.Like HBO’s weird decision to part with Golden Boy Promotions and all of its top-named fighters (giving even boxing to Showtime),I don’t get it.

  • douglas

    I seriously can’t understand where all this hate came from.
    GIRLS is not a show supposed to be a hit, it’s a show about one part of this crazy generation.
    The writing is great, the acting is ok and IT IS HBO LEVEL. I used to watch Sopranos, Six Feet Under and Big Love and i think girls is as good as those, but in a different way. It’s the first tv show created by someone who actually is a young adult. I can relate so much with this characters in my young days.

    It’s a hit here in Brazil, and i can’t wait to watch the season finale this sunday here.

  • douglas

    Oh god, you like Nikita. That’s a crappy show, crappy writing and acting.

  • brandy

    I think most of the people spewing hate at this show are just too old to get it. If you are in your 20s to early 30s then there is a good chance unless you have been uber spoiled your life that you can relate to these girls. This is a show about what actually goes on it is close to reality I actually myself or know someone who has had many of the same or simillar issues as in this show I have ocd and so does the main character. I had a close friend who marnnied out all the damn time. So I guess if you have not lived it you won’t get it. And as for all the sex its not even as often as real single young adults are doing it.

  • jem is truely outragious

    Girls is pulling in better raitings than this do to on demand watching. I think I read its getting a few million on demand plays on average. If that is true I don’t see it going anywhere in the near future because hbo makes their money as a paid network and does not really give a crap about raitings they market the hell out of these shws in merchandising like dvd sets trinkets clothing ect…the make big bank of true blood merchandise and that’s how they make money on most of their origanal programs. So I see this show getting at least 2 more seasons.

  • jem is truely outragious

    Damn tiny key board you suck auto correct.

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