HBO's 'Girls' Season 2 Finale Averages 632,000 Total Viewers

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March 18th, 2013


Sunday's Girls season two finale garnered 632,000 Total Viewers, down from 1 million for the season one finale last June, The ratings were also down from the 866,000Total Viewers who watched the season two premiere. The episode aired three times on Sunday night,  delivering 1.13 million cumulative  viewers. More details are available on Deadline.

  • Darma

    I love Girls!! I actually thought season 2 was stronger than the first season. Most shows go down in the second season in ratings, and Girls had a huge lead in last year. Bring on season 3!!! :D:D

  • AaronExplicable


    That says a lot about you that you bash Nikita but praise this show, I won’t even touch it though.

  • King Crab

    Even many of the critics seem to be turning on the show. It clearly is not a mass appeal show and never will be.

  • DKD

    I’m always skeptical when a network starts talking about “gross” viewership, as in this sentence and don’t qualify what that means:

    “The series has been averaging a gross viewership of the 4.6 million this season.”

    There’s a way to calculate viewership as “anyone who watched at least one minute”. This can inflate the numbers a lot, as you might imagine.

    Has anyone seen anything that footnotes and actually explains that number?

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