'Enlightened' Cancelled by HBO

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March 19th, 2013


HBO has opted not to order a third season of Enlightened. The critically acclaimed but low rated series aired its second season finale on Sunday, March 3.  “It was a very difficult decision.," HBO said in a press statement. "We’re proud of the show and we look forward to working with Mike White and Laura Dern in the future.”

  • Andrew

    :( :(

  • Esdru

    HBO sucking more and more…

  • Greg

    Noooooo! Easily the best show on TV.

  • rob60990

    yet Lena Dunham remains employed.

  • TV Gord

    It doesn’t matter how good a show is, if enough people aren’t watching.

  • forg

    So much for HBO not caring about ratings and prioritizing critics buzz and awards prestige. This show has great reviews but they still cancelled it because the ratings are even lower than Girls (it’s dangerously close to 0.0 in some weeks) In a way, ratings still matter on HBO even if you are critically acclaimed

  • Kenny

    How long was Hung renewed for? Unreal…Cancel good stuff

  • Kyle R

    That sucks. At least it had a great ending. A much better show than Girls will ever be.

  • forg

    Hung lasted for 3 seasons

  • Rodrigo

    I’m so disappointed. :(

  • DW

    good show but not one i went ooh i have to watch.

  • AaronExplicable

    Did the finale have a cliffhanger? I was actually going to watch this soon but now it might as well go in the recycling bin.

  • glover

    Time to create a Kickstarter project. How much one season of this show costs?

  • glover

    There was no cliffhanger. The show had a great ending. You must watch.

  • John A

    Wasnt its ratings worse than Girls anyway? Lol people always like to poke fun at Girls.

  • forg

    Yes this rated worst than Girls. Girls had around 600k while this barely 200k

  • Andrea

    But… but… I thought ratings didn’t matter? ;)

  • Greg

    The ending was perfect. Mike White closed all the storylines tremendously and yet, when you read the interviews after the show ended, it was clear he had a lot more story to tell.

  • Tommy Mickens

    —“I thought ratings didn’t matter?”—

    Ratings matter, even with HBO. There’s like a tiered level of channels. First is networks, where FIRST RUN ratings are about the ONLY thing that matters.

    Second are regular cable channels. There, it’s more like FIRST NIGHT ratings matter, but depending on the channel, it can also take into all viewings during the week, on DVR or the channel showing a repeat of the episode at different times.

    Third are premium cable channels like HBO. There, it’s more CUMULATIVE ratings that matter. They will still brag if a show gets a lot of viewers on the first night, but they’re usually much more interested on just knowing that the show is getting watched at some point during like an entire season, on DVR, On Demand, on a repeat three weeks later, whatever. Shows that may seem low rated when you just look at their first night/first week numbers may get a lot more viewers for a particular episode through a period of months. And premium channels need to please much fewer viewers, because much fewer viewers are subscribed to them. So a small rating to other channels may seem big to them, percentage-wise compared to total subscribers.

    But ratings do matter for HBO still. If they look at the entire season of Enlightened, and see that hardly anyone, and I mean very very very few people, are watching an episode, whether on the first night, or DVR, or On Demand, or on repeats three weeks later, then what’s the point of renewing it?

  • forg

    I might check the show now because it had a closure. Good thing the showrunner was responsible enough to craft a finale that could work both ways (season or series finale).

    And wasn’t this show a surprise renewal last year after HBO axed Hung, Bored to Death and How to Make it in America all at the same time? HBO gave it a chance and paired with similarly critically adored Girls but it can’t hold on to Girls’ small audience so really it was just not worth it to renew anymore. 200k is just way too low even for HBO

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