NBC: 'Grimm' Is Certain To Be Renewed; Why Do Fans Want It Moved From Friday?

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March 19th, 2013

Click this link for the latest NBC renewal / cancellation information:

Our Renew / Cancel Index predicts the network's decision on renewal or cancellation for scripted broadcast primetime shows by the end of the 2012-13 season in May, 2013.  (includes results from December 31, 2012- March 10, 2013):

Program Status Renew/ Cancel Index
Do No Harm* canceled 0.50
Smash canceled 0.65
Animal Practice* canceled 0.66
The New Normal :oops: 0.77
1600 Penn :oops: 0.78
Guys With Kids* :oops: 0.81
Whitney :| :| :| 0.90
Deception :oops: 0.90
Go On :| :| :| 0.90
Community :| :| :| 0.92
30 Rock* final season complete 0.93
Grimm (F) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 1.01
Parenthood* :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 1.08
Parks & Recreation :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 1.14
Law & Order: SVU :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 1.21
Chicago Fire :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 1.43
The Office final season 1.43
Up All Night :oops: pending
Revolution :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: pending

The cancellation bear has been predicting that Grimm was certain to be renewed all season, why put it in the headline now? First, it hadn't been in the headline all season. Second, the headline question is one that often comes up in our comments. Third, the bear's still treading water on making any more definitive predictions on the three "toss up" sitcoms. (Community's dive back to a 1.1 rating last week got the bear to tread water even longer).

Back to the headline question. If a show is certain to be renewed, why should fans care when it airs? (other than personal scheduling like "I party on Fridays").

Typical responses to that question are along the lines of "It deserves better". What does that even mean? The best a TV show can hope for (from a fan's perspective) is renewal.

To pre-emptively answer those who'll howl that Smash has not been canceled, shows that are moved to Saturday in the middle of their run are canceled. To argue otherwise makes you look silly. Or worse.

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*shows no longer on the air have their Renew/Cancel Index "frozen" at the point they left the schedule.

From now through the end of the broadcast season in May, the Renew/Cancel Index values will only be calculated using new episodes airing during 2013. However, until new episodes of a show air in 2013, I will keep the "old"  Fall predictions in the table.

Want to know what the NBC Renew/Cancel Index table looked like at the end of the Fall season? Click here.


  • :oops: - certain to be cancelled by May, 2013
  • :cry: :cry:- more likely to be cancelled than renewed by May, 2013
  • :| :| :| - toss up between renewal or cancellation by May, 2013
  • :) :) :) :) - more likely to be renewed than cancelled by May, 2013
  • :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: - certain to be renewed by May, 2013

The Renew/Cancel Index is the ratio of a scripted show's new episode adults 18-49 ratings relative to the new episode ratings of the other scripted shows on its own network. It's calculated by dividing a show's new episode Live+Same Day adults 18-49 average rating by the Live+Same Day new episode average of all the new scripted show episodes on the show's own network. The network's average ratings in the calculation are not time weighted (ie. hour long shows are not weighted twice what 30 minute shows are).

(F) -Fridays: Shows airing on Fridays were renewed with significantly lower than average Indexes.

How would the Renew / Cancel Index Have Done Predicting Last Season's Scripted Show Fates? Check out how the Renew / Cancel Index predicted renewals and cancellations from past television seasons.

  • davidwatts

    I dont watch Grimm so I dont have an answer for the question, but I appreciate Bill Gorman posing a question and the audience posting thoughtful posts in discussion. It doesnt happen a lot on this website and its a nice change of pace.

  • Anomile

    Whitney has turned into their most watched comedy passing up Off Their Rockers. Whitney has just two weeks left and if it stays consistent there its coming back for a 3rd season.

    Wow New Normal has really hit rock bottom that show should be pulled and cancelled on the same day. Move Go On to Thursdays after The Office.

  • shapeshifter

    Friday nights have a reputation as being the place where shows are sent to die. Personally, however, I wish more shows were scheduled on Friday and Saturday nights, because those are the only 2 nights I never have to work, and I don’t have a social life, but I’m atypical.
    My opinion: Leave it where it is because it’s thriving, not because it works for me.

  • Fred

    This Fall 2013 schedule might work for NBC:




    NEW DRAMA-10:00- Allows Voice to help promote a new drama while it still can.


    NEW SITCOM- Go On failed miserably w/o Voice as a lead in so…..
    NEW SITCOM-Time for another new sitcom here, while Voice is still potent.
    Parenthood-10:00 solid quality drama does reasonably well here.


    Revolution- Good counterprogramming against ABC sitcoms and FOX’s X Factor. One of the few solid scripted shows on NBC.
    Chicago Fire- One of NBC strongest dramas deserves the upgrade. Might work OK against the weaker Modern Family.
    Law & Order SUV-10:00- Now is the time to give this veteran some solid support for a change. If can’t compete here, NBC should let it go after a short season and replace with a

    Thursday-NBC needs to make some major changes to help rebuild Thursday. NBC used to own this night. Time to cancel the ultra low rated sitcoms.

    Parks & Recreation- No sitcom will do fantastic against the BBT monster. But at least P&R has a solid and loyal fan base amd it is the best NBC has
    at the moment.

    I will get flak for this next move:

    Grimm- 10:00- Should do well against female skewing ABC and maybe even build a larger fan base here. A bit risky, yes but NBC needs to make serious moves.

    Friday-I know I’m also gonna get yelled out for this. But I want NBC to go unscripted here. Its cheaper and more profitable. Plenty of other slots for expensive scripted shows.

    Biggest Loser- Or Anything cheap. Hate wasting expensive shows like Grimm on Friday.
    Rock Center- Should perform better here than up against the more popular 20/20.
    Dateline-10:00- This longrunning newsmagazine should improve upon what Rock Center has been doing here. And should be competitve with 20/20.

    Midseason- New dramas and especially new sitcoms if these fail. Weak sitcoms like Whitney, New Normal, Community and Lead in dependent Go On should be canceled. Why waste time with shows that will most likely never become real hits. Parks & Recreation seems to at least have a chance of becoming something big one day.

  • Gene


    I like your ideas for Friday, especially the two newsmagazines together. I don’t know why they haven’t put Dateline and Rock Center permanently together yet, they’d obviously be better together than apart. Friday might have decent ratings then, and at the very least they’d have good profits off of it.

  • RyanCanada

    i want Grimm to stay on Friday, its chances of survival are better on friday

  • RyanCanada

    community and go on are preforming worse then Whitney, so i dont know why its ahead of whitney

  • Ultima

    I really like deception and think that it maybe on at the wrong time slot, it really wasn’t givin a chance.

    Deception aired 11 consecutive weeks, in the same timeslot, behind NBC’s highest rated show during that timespan. The bar was set very low and it still couldn’t manage average ratings.

    “It didn’t take advantage of the chance it was given” seems like a much more accurate conclusion.

  • moviewatcher

    I would leave it where it is. Although in theory it would seem like a good idea. Networks don’t have the best track record for doing the right thing when moving shows around. You should only move something when it is in danger of getting cancel to see if it would work on another night.

  • HV

    @Brian J
    What I am saying there is that shows (like “The New Normal”) that I say will be canceled next season after being renewed this season, I believe will make it this season, but not next. And, keeping things largely the same is good. Don’t want to play the “Happy Endings” game, if you know what I mean.

  • Michael

    Who even watches live tv any more anyway? I don’t know anyone, including my 80 year old parents, who watch live tv.

  • Michael

    What i predict will be NBC Schedule for the 2013/14 season.. Im 90% sure this is how it will look like… the main thing im unsure about is the Parenthood switching nights

    NBC Schedule:

    8:00 – The Voice
    9:00 – The Voice
    10:00 – Revolution

    8:00 – The Voice
    9:00 – Believe (NEW)
    10:00 – Untitled Rand Ravich (NEW

    8:00 – Girlfriend In A Coma (NEW) Comedy
    8:30 – Go On
    9:00 – Law And Order SVU (FINAL SEASON)
    10:00 – Chicago Fire

    8:00 – Whitney / Community
    8:30 – Parks And Recreation
    9:00 – Michael J Fox (NEW) Comedy
    9:30 – Welcome To The Family (NEW) Comedy
    10:00 – Parenthood

    8:00 – Dracula
    9:00 – Grimm
    10:00 – Rock Center With Brian Williams


    Crossbones (NEW)
    Hatfields & Mcoys (NEW)
    I Am Victor (NEW)
    6 GUNS(NEW)
    Sean Hayes (NEW) Comedy
    About A Boy (NEW) Comedy
    The Gates(NEW) Comedy

  • Reven8ger

    It’s stupid.
    Why moving a show who is doing really great for a Friday Night, and take the risk to become a flop in another night.

    Plus, with a real lead-in (who can be a new show, like Hannibal), it will be a “fantastic” night, and Friday on NBC could be really great. Don’t see why Grimm has to me moved.

  • hdc

    Grimm fans are idiots. So please move Grimm to another night so it will get cancelled soon.

  • Brian J


    I agree that many of NBC’s moves are puzzling, but what’s in the past is in the past. There’s nothing preventing the network from moving it next season and pairing it with something better. There’s also nothing from preventing the network from giving it a boost over the summer with America’s Got Talent. Correct me if I am wrong, but last summer, they chose to promote effin’ SVU over this show or Parenthood, which is…just WTF?

    It’s important to remember that people like me aren’t predicting it will become the next CSI. We just think that it could grow on another night and, seeing the shape NBC is in, think NBC could use the help. Take Thursdays, a night I’ve said would be a seemingly but good fit for it. NBC is in such a hole on the night, it’s funny. The seemingly obvious answer is to put the Michael J. Fox show there, and if NBC does that, it will probably help. But it could be better used on another night, which NBC could completely own, and on Thursdays, NBC could focus on simply improving. WIth some promotion, smart scheduling, and some luck, a combination of Believe, Grimm, and, say, Bloodline could get at least an average of 2.0 across the board.

    That’s hardly huge, but it’d be a solid improvement from where NBC is now. In a season or two, when it’s stronger, it could break up the night to some degree, or maybe it could leave it be. After all, why does NBC have to have comedies on Thursdays?

  • Brian J

    @TSC’s Revenge:

    One interesting suggestion along these lines came from Tim Goodman, who said that it might behoove networks to make it crystal clear–down to having the network chairman come out and announce it before a show–that the network will allow something to run for a full season, especially in the case of serialized dramas. It couldn’t do this for all shows, of course, but for a few a season, especially for those that are risky, it might help draw in viewers.

    Anyway, we’ll see what happens with Revolution. I have to hope it does well, if only to shut up the people who say NBC is past the point of no return. And if it does legitimately well, perhaps it can be moved to a new night.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “One interesting suggestion along these lines came from Tim Goodman, who said that it might behoove networks to make it crystal clear–down to having the network chairman come out and announce it before a show–that the network will allow something to run for a full season, especially in the case of serialized dramas. It couldn’t do this for all shows, of course, but for a few a season, especially for those that are risky, it might help draw in viewers.”

    Just the latest in idiocy from Tim Goodman.

  • Brian J


    I think there is an audience for shows on Friday and Saturday, but the networks have to make more of an effort. That’s why I’ve suggested that NBC should consider putting The Biggest Loser on Saturdays at some point. (Fridays would make more sense right now, for a few reasons.) It wouldn’t get huge ratings, but it might get at least a 2.0 on that night, which would be a big deal. It could then take the bold move of putting original programming on the night if it wanted to.


    Like you, I think NBC needs to be bold, but I think it could be more consistent. Why not have Grimm anchor 9:00 PM? Especially after a summer behind America’s Got Talent (which, yes, has been scheduled, but could easily be moved) on Thursdays at 8:00, it could do well. It could be paired with one or two new dramas, depending on what else NBC has renewed and how quickly it wants to roll out new shows. Grimm would work well at 10:00, considering pretty much anything would be better than what’s there now, but I think it would work better as an anchor. And all dramas that are a particular type of drama would be nice counter programming against the other networks. This would also work well on Wednesdays, of course.

    As I’ve said multiple times and will say again in the future, NBC should place most if not all of its focus on three to at most four comedies on Mondays and Tuesdays. If it finds they are working, it can then expand them on those nights at midseason. I could see the logic in rolling out one entire night of new comedy, but I think NBC would have more luck focusing on less competitive nights at the moment.

    Moving Revolution might be a good move, especially if it returns strongly, but I would consider SVU an after thought at this point. It’s down and not coming back, and NBC would be best served by making last season its last. The network should strongly consider moving it to Fridays, or some other similar spot, to let it finish out its run until midseason, at which point NBC could premiere a new show.

  • Brian J

    @Bill Gorman:

    Why is that such a terrible suggestion? As I said, it couldn’t happen with every show, and I’m not saying it’d work, but it might be worth trying. I can see the logic in finding a unique show–Awake, for instance–and putting it on a less high profile night and giving it some time. NBC did let the show finish out its run last season, to its credit, but perhaps it could have given it a back order and used social media to promote the show, a la Scandal on ABC, or something.

    Again, I’m not saying it’d work, but while the lanscape has changed, it is possible for the networks to grab viewers. They just need to try something new to see what works. And in general, if what you are doing (partially, in this case, canceling a show before its episodes air) isn’t working, you need to change up your routines.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “@Bill Gorman:

    Why is that such a terrible suggestion?”

    1. ~3/4 of new shows fail. Making a commitment like that risks “wasting” a valuable hour of primetime for an entire season.

    2. Most TV viewers have absolutely no idea what “network chairmen” announce, so even his nonsense hypothetical benefit would be known by few.

    3. The phenomenon of shows failing in the ratings and getting yanked early IS NOTHING NEW! Why is this suddenly such a big problem in 2013?

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