FNC's 'The 'O'Reilly Factor' Beats NBC's 'Go On', 'The New Normal' and 'Smash' in Total Viewers

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March 20th, 2013

Bill O'Reilly Factor

Scripted cable dramas and reality shows are frequently beating broadcast network primetime programming this season. Last night, a cable news program managed to outperform much of NBC's primetime line up in Total Viewers.  More people tuned into FNC's The O'Reilly Factor (2.92 million P2+) than Go On (2.87 million P2+), The New Normal (2.11 million P2+) or Smash (2.66 million P2+).

  • T

    How sad. :(

  • sarah

    Congratulations to Mr. O’Reilley and FNC :D!

  • Tully

    Only Sara goes digging for this drivel!

  • xwiseguyx

    But since demo is all that matters.. this is really a moot point. O’Reilly typically only has a .3 or lower demo.

  • 1966


  • AppleStinx

    Thank you, Sara. :grin:

  • Ralph Hahn

    @xwiseguyx: For cable news shows, the ideal rating is 25/54 NOT 18/49 which is important for entertainment programming.

    While MADison Avenue only cares about 18-49 and 25-54, the number of homes watching O’Reilly vs. NBC’s crap is still an amazing thing.

    Perhaps, NBC should consider O’Reilly as Leno’s replacement than Fallon (too green) or Stern (too mean).

  • Mark2

    Hey Sara Bibel,

    Why don’t you go ahead and show the key demo ratings for each of those programs….that’s what I thought.

  • Paul

    I love The Factor! Bill is awesome! I watch the rerun at 1:am usually.

  • Mark2

    Talk about comparing Apples and Oranges…lol. Now, here’s the real deal:

    8PM NBC – Betty White’s Off Their Rockers = 3.66 Million

    8PM Fox News – The O’Reilly Factor = 2.92 million

    OUCH!!! Billo the Clown got beat by Betty White in a head to head competition.

  • usa8888

    Billo continues to draw a very old audience who are obsessed with right wing politics–it’s that simple….

    The country as a whole has rejected right wing ideology and is firmly supportive of Obama’s policies. The t-party is becomming more irrelevant every day….

  • carigis

    I used to like watching the factor years ago.. but bill’s toned it down alot over the years. his shows just girls talking now…and that annoying denis miller or the even more annoying watters with his popped collar… or the war on christmas.

    all I remember is reading about someone accusing him of sexual harassment or something then he started to stink. now he is just dull. he hardly ever confronts anyone anymore. colbert makes a better orielly.

  • TheBoss1


  • Mark2

    Well let’s see how O’Reilly really did against those in his time slot:

    CBS NCIS = 19.79 Million
    ABC Splash = 9.02 Million
    FOX Hell’s Kitchen = 4.59
    NBC Betty White’s Off Their Rockers = 3.66
    FNC The O’Reilly Factor = 2.92

    Yep, last place. And don’t get me started on the demo numbers. Bill O’Reilly didn’t even finish in the Top 100 Cable shows when it came to the key demo.

  • HowardBeale

    Congrat, Sarah!

    When you’re getting hate from the haters and used facts, you’ve struck the right chord and done your job too.

    I never heard you claim that O’reilly won in the demo (yet), nor editorializing that this info was a good or bad thing.

    Yet, it is significant that O’Reilly has beaten up on the conservative Comcast. ;)

  • Gene

    Seriously, they didn’t even show demo numbers? Everyone knows that the vast majority of O’Reilly’s audience is old people.

  • Mark2

    @Howard and Gene

    O’Reilly didn’t even win his 8PM time slot…he got beat by Betty White and all the other Networks. And Howard…that’s a FACT.

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    Yes, there’s a lot of nutjobs. When it beats Modern Family, I’ll be worried.

  • Jim B

    I understand why Sara is not comparing O’Reilly to the other cable news networks, he destroys them every time. It’s really not even news worthy any more.

    Net 8PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
    FNC THE OREILLY FACTOR 2,924 439 932
    CNN Anderson Cooper360 522 138 233
    MSNBC Ed Show 689 185 263
    HLN Nancy Grace 892 207 464

    on Cable news it’s just a blood bath with O’Reilly at the top of heap.

  • Pearl Clutcher

    LMFAO at TNN…hahahahahaah. Bitch getting served, yea you know which bitch I refer too. Could care less if Betty White is beating Billy Boy, the story is that Billy o’Boy is beating TNN, that is the type of entertainment I can get behind. God numbers watching is more fascinating than any of the trite shat NBC puts on the air.
    *No I do not watch Bill O, he is painful on the ears.

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