FNC's 'The 'O'Reilly Factor' Beats NBC's 'Go On', 'The New Normal' and 'Smash' in Total Viewers

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March 20th, 2013

Bill O'Reilly Factor

Scripted cable dramas and reality shows are frequently beating broadcast network primetime programming this season. Last night, a cable news program managed to outperform much of NBC's primetime line up in Total Viewers.  More people tuned into FNC's The O'Reilly Factor (2.92 million P2+) than Go On (2.87 million P2+), The New Normal (2.11 million P2+) or Smash (2.66 million P2+).

  • Mark2

    @Jim “I understand why Sara is not comparing O’Reilly to the other cable news networks…”

    So why not compare it the the Broadcast shows that O’Reilly competes against at 8PM?


  • Iggy

    I don’t think this changes the fact that Bill O’Reilly is a butt-head.

  • Dan

    Enjoy beating NBC, O’Reilly Factor because when The Voice returns next week it will be #1 again.

  • tomsman

    I see they are teaching you ways to generate page hits…

  • usa8888

    This just in: Fox Fake News is running a nother bogus story. This it says “voters see debt as immediate problem.” Of course, the debt is NOT an immediate problem, job growth and economic expansion are. But Fox Fake News has manipulated their survey to yield the bogus results the right wing would like to see….

  • CJ

    If NBC wanted viewers as old as Bill’s they would have renewed Harry’s Law.

  • Stan T.

    NBC’s fewers ARE old..just look at the numbers they are putting up…or not putting up…lol

  • Stan T.

    oops fewer viewers are old…lol

  • JusThaFacs

    In the first place how can anyone watch the Billo show??? The whole show is all about himself and how great he is (in his eyes ONLY) and how many times in 60 minutes can he praise himself as the world’s greatest talking head. He keeps boasting about his number of viewer, which he states as 5-6 million nightly??? Huh???. hhh billo, maybe you should check places like this site so you can get accurate numbers and not numbers you try to make as big as the universe. And yes I have actually watched his show all the way through a couple times and what a waste of time that was. Billo should take some time off and work on his PR in the world of divorce (again) and take anger management classes on how to treat women. B

    Bottom line….Billo is a big blowhard who thinks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much of himself. Much like Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, Donald Trump and the like.

  • Pearl Clutcher

    @JusThaF your description of Bill O is spot on he is an egoist,and I too can’t sit through one hour of his self righteous hypocrisy but then again so what?!? As far as how he treats woman, WTF that ain’t shi* compared to how a sitting president with the same name treated woman.

    @usa888 What the hell ya runnin on about? “This it says “voters see debt as immediate problem.” Of course, the debt is NOT an immediate problem, job growth and economic expansion are” Really your arse is gonna sit here and bitch at a news station and not those who hold public office? Your priorities are about as effed up as our current sitting president’s.

  • Grandpa

    Congrats Bill! You deserve it.

  • carigis

    Im impressed 2 pages on foxnews and noone has thought they were clever and said Faux News yet :) there is a first for everything.

  • Ralph Hahn

    YOU FOX HATERS are like the d1@kheads in school who hated the kid(s) who got the best grades in class. STILL MORE comparing of everything else in sight, completely denying that THIS particular page of TVbytheNumbers compared to the OTHER pages of have NOTHING IN COMMON.

    You have stated misinformation (more like lied your stinking a$ses off) without providing any proof and reason of fairness of why you can’t match a bike vs. a bike and a bus vs. a bus.

    HERE’s some real news…THIS JUST IN. MSNBC has been hurting badly since the HLN Murder Trial began. It appears that MSNBC people enjoy watching real-life trials because they have no lives of their own. While Fox News has retained its usual number of viewers. So, Fox News viewers are WISER because 45% of their audience watches for REAL NEWS when only 15% of MSNBC just want to watch the bigoted shows run and hosted by pinheads.

    As a reporter over the years, I’ve covered a lot of murder and other serious crime trials. The same people are usually referred to as “buffalos,” not related to the plaintiffs and defendants, not a reporter and not engaged at all in the courthouse proceedings. Here, the “Buffalos” deserted Rachel and Rev. Al to watch a murder trial. THERE is your people and why FOX has been kicking MSDNC a*ses in the demo for over a week now. It’s like watching a train wreck. After the trial is over, Madcow viewers will likely return to her show.

  • JSunkist

    I know where & why Fox News gets its ratings… its cause the people at Media Matters for America watch it :-D. How else can they talk back at how much they ‘lie’ (just a site of people who make their own side look bad IMO). I’m not sure if its they or another site (thinking other site) says “We watch Fox News so you don’t have to!” – Fox thanks them for the demo.

    I know this is off topic, but as far as I’m concerned, Fox and MSNBC (and others) are nothing but “opinion” networks. I’d watch either if they gave ‘news’. I make my own opinion, I don’t like to just watch and agree. Waste of my time.

    Mark2, might as well count MSNBC, CNN, HLN… others too, for losing to the Big 4.

  • JSunkist

    Ralph – don’t you think calling haters for any of the opinion networks names is helping make whatever side look any good? You’ll let people think Fox people are that rude and arrogant.

    TBH, I used to watch Fox News, but I expressed my ‘opinion’ (though I didn’t specifically say it as such) that I believe Fox and MSNBC are both opinion networks. I just want uninterrupted news, no talk or anything.

    I will admit, that Fox would be my go-to, but at this time, I refuse, same with MSNBC. Don’t want to listen to other’s opinions

  • Mark2

    @Dan “Enjoy beating NBC, O’Reilly Factor because when The Voice returns next week it will be #1 again”

    O’Reilly never beat NBC. O’Reilly actually lost to NBC’s Betty White show:

    8PM NBC – Betty White’s Off Their Rockers = 3.66 Million

    8PM Fox News – The O’Reilly Factor = 2.92 million

  • Stan T.

    The lefties are like all the rest of liberal disease…They just can’t accept the fact that their truth is a lie…I actually feel sorry for them…

    My favorite one is when they tried to blame the republicans for the gun ban failing when Harry Reid admitted he couldn’t even get 40 democrats in the senate to vote for it…and the left keep saying “ban assault weapons”…and that they want to get “guns used on the battlefield off the streets”…both of those comments are 100% false…anyone with a brain knows that assault weapons and weapons used on the battlefiekd are already banned…what they’re trying to ban are guns that LOOK like assault weapons…but the left can’t even admit they’ve lied that much about it…

  • David Howell

    I’m sure O’Reilly/FNC will especially enjoy pointing out the lead over TNN!

    Obviously The Factor won’t produce the same ad rates as even NBC’s uberflops, because it skews old (and some advertisers are nervous about being associated with FNC), but to get almost three million viewers every night is impressive for cable, whoever those three million people are.

  • tony

    I like how some of these posters try to ridicule older viewers–older but wiser,meanwhile these detractors are straight from the MTV generation–YEAH SURE, REAL INTELLECTUALS!

  • Michael1

    Wait, we’re comparing different time slots? Why not also include the fact that Bill O’ is beating Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, and Carson Daly in total viewers? They’re all on NBC.

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