NBC Acquires Drama 'Crossing Lines' for Summer Debut

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March 20th, 2013

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via press release:


William Fichtner, Donald Sutherland Star in Drama That Focuses on Bringing Global Criminals to Justice

Series Is Produced by Tandem Communications and Bernero Productions


UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — March 20, 2013 — NBC has acquired the U.S. television rights to the one-hour action-crime series “Crossing Lines,” from producers Tandem Communications (“The Pillars of the Earth”, “World Without End”) and Bernero Productions (“Criminal Minds,” “Third Watch”).


Series is produced in co-production with TF1 Production/TF1 Network and commissioned by Sony Pictures Television Networks.


The network will air 10 episodes beginning in summer 2013. Set in exotic locations, “Crossing Lines” taps into the charter of the International Criminal Court to investigate serialized cross-border crimes and to hunt down global criminals. The series stars William Fichtner, Donald Sutherland, Marc Lavoine, Gabriella Pession, Tom Wlaschiha, Moon Dailly and Richard Flood.


“Crossing Lines” was created and developed by Edward Allen Bernero and Tandem president Rola Bauer. Both serve as executive producers.


“We’re making scripted projects a priority for our summer lineup, and this is a great fit,” said Robert Greenblatt, Chairman of NBC Entertainment. “The special unit of ‘Crossing Lines’ brings global criminals to justice with the help of the International Criminal Court. We have every reason to believe that our viewers will enjoy these compelling and well-told stories.”


“Fans of procedural crime shows will feel very much at home with ‘Crossing Lines’ and adopt its team of characters as their new family,” said Bernero, who previously was an executive producer on NBC’s long-running drama “Third Watch.” “I couldn't be more pleased to come home to NBC, which recognized the show's potential.”


Added Rola Bauer, who leads Tandem Communications from the company’s home in Munich: “This is Tandem's entry into the one-hour series arena and, with Ed aboard and with this cast, we feel NBC is the perfect home for our show in the U.S.”


Bernero, a former police officer who made his television debut writing for CBS’ cop drama “Brooklyn South,” is represented by CAA and counseled by Tom Hoberman, who also reps Tandem with Randolph M. Paul.


Bernero Productions has developed several projects over its three-year existence across different broadcast and cable networks.


Tandem Communications, which focuses on production and worldwide distribution, was formed in 1999 by Rola Bauer and Tim Halkin. In 2007 Jonas Bauer was named partner. Last year StudioCanal took a major stake in the company to strengthen Tandem’s one-hour series strategy.


Germany’s SAT.1 and Italian public broadcaster RAI have also acquired the series.




  • JustMe

    USA & TNT own summer dramas and frankly USA, TNT, FX have much better shows than anything on big network (cbs, abc, nbc)television except maybe ncis. I learned my lesson with the NBC dud rollouts.

  • Mike


    Day One Never even aired…. And Crossbones hasn’t even started filming,,,,,,

  • Ultima

    It won’t surprise me if The CW starts beating out NBC any day now.

    That’s because you’re clueless.

    The past couple of weeks where NBC has had a pathetic 1.1 rating, they were still well ahead of the CW’s 0.4.

  • Jordan

    Why the hell is NBC pushing this for the summer when it could be a hit in the fall?


  • Ultima

    Given that it’s a ten-episode series, I would think it won’t premiere any earlier than the second half of June since NBC will carry the Stanley Cup Finals.

    The Stanley Cup Final airs during the second half of June. You might want to educate yourself on a topic before commenting on it. Also, do you even read responses people give you, or is it just hit-and-run nonsense?

    Anyways, you’re significantly overestimating the scheduling impact of the Stanley Cup Final. NBC only carries two to five games, of which maybe one will fall on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

    Of course, assuming Hannibal isn’t terrible, that means that a Wednesday or Thursday drama couldn’t start until the second week of July, but there’s no reason a Monday drama couldn’t start the first week of June.

    If the show were to extend until mid-September, then it might not premiere until after the July 4th vacation week.

    Who gets an entire vacation week for the Fourth of July? :(

  • Ultima

    Why the hell is NBC pushing this for the summer when it could be a hit in the fall?

    Because broadcast networks want original programming on their fall schedule, not syndicated shows.

  • Potato

    I’m assuming this is a canadian import? Or are they really starting production on it this late?

  • Hugh

    Love William Fichtner. Get it on

  • Gomer

    I am not trusting NBC for the summer after Persons Unknown. The network should just cancel everything except the Voice and start over.

  • David


    Not Canadian. It’s an international co-production for French TV and Sony’s AXN channels, which are available in over 80 countries. So they are using an international cast: American, French, Canadian, Italian, German, etc. They starting filming last fall.

  • Justin121

    I meant summer/midseason dramas with “complicated” premises and acquired dramas (The Firm).

  • Justin121

    The CW can average a 1.0 on a night and NBC is already getting that and lower on some nights.

    That’s what he meant…

  • Ultima

    The CW can average a 1.0 on a night and NBC is already getting that and lower on some nights.

    That’s what he meant…

    Obviously not, as the CW has already beaten NBC when it was originals against repeats, so they couldn’t start doing that any day now.

    Otherwise, NBC isn’t anywhere close to losing to the CW on any night when both networks are all new.

  • jessica

    @ DW
    it sounds like its already been sold overseas so NBC isn’t paying much for it. could be a good popcorn summer show.

    This might be a hard concept to grasp but NBC is the foreign/over-seas/international sale. Italy is part of the same land mass so it isn’t ‘over-seas’ from Germany and France, which are the domestic territories for this show.

    Try actually reading the press release before you comment on it.

    Produced by Tandem Communications (Germany), Bernero Productions (USA), TF1 Production (France), and commissioned by Sony Pictures Television Networks (Japan). Not mentioned is Stillking Films (Czech Republic). Definitely Canadian ;) Google is your friend.

    Why the hell is NBC pushing this for the summer when it could be a hit in the fall?

    It isn’t an NBC commissioning and NBC really has not a damn thing to do with making it. Just like with Saving Hope, The Firm, and The Listener. Assuming Crossing Lines were shown in September instead, if it is a hit NBC has no say to suddenly order another 12 episodes to give it a ‘US full season’ as it is predominantly a European production which already has an ‘European full season’.

    I am seriously impressed by how many people seem to think this is an NBC commissioning based on the comments made. The press release opens with “NBC has acquired the U.S. television rights…” and it is in the article title and in the press release title too and still people don’t notice “acquired”. Or they don’t understand that acquired series are not able to be renewed or extended because acquisition does not mean production or/and commissioning. The only thing NBC can do with Crossing Lines is cease broadcast early if the show totally fails for them.

    @ Gomer
    Maybe NBC will be nice to you and pick up The Voice Of Ireland. :)

  • Justin121

    Umm. How about when the CW has two 1.0+ and NBC has sub-1.0 shows?

    See: Arrow/Supernatural vs. Smash/New Nromal/etc.?

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