Report: Jimmy Fallon to Take Over as Host of 'The Tonight Show' by Fall 2014

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March 20th, 2013

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The New York Times reports that NBC is preparing for a changing  of the guard at The Tonight Show. Though a time table has yet to be finalized, the network plans for Jimmy Fallon, current host of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,  to replace Jay Leno as host by fall 2014 when Leno's contract expires.

When Fallon takes over, The Tonight Show will move from Burbank, California to New York City. Leno has recently joked about NBC's ratings woes during his monologue, allegedly upsetting the network's executives. Many more details about the transition can be found here.

  • Adam Stabelli

    I like Jay. But I agree it’s time for him to step aside so Jimmy can lead The Tonight Show into the future and beyond. I harbor no ill will towards Jay at all. But sometimes you need to know when to hang it up. And I’m sure he knows the time is now. He can’t host the show forever. I’m excited to see what Fallon will bring to the Tonight Show.

  • Jon

    I wonder if anyone else has been considered aside from Fallon? I think Chelsea Handler would be in consideration either for The Tonight Show or Late Night but I imagine she’d need to tone down the humour.

    Isn’t Letterman planning to retire in 2014? I imagine CBS will start looking for his replacement soon, I think Seth Meyers from SNL would be a good host or even let Craig Ferguson take the helm.

  • yragcom1

    The only problem with this whole thing is the NBC needing to keep the sacred cow called The Tonight Show. I say kill it, and just move Fallon to 11:35 as is. Let Lorne Michaels create a new 12:35 show.

  • Gary Middleton

    “The only problem with this whole thing is the NBC needing to keep the sacred cow called The Tonight Show. I say kill it, and just move Fallon to 11:35 as is.”

    Kill a brand that has won its timeslot for almost its entire 6 decade history? That’s insane.

  • GARebelman

    @Gary – I still don’t see why this is so important to Greenblatt. The prime time lineup is in shambles and the Today Show IS loosing, why not focus on THAT? This is the same guy who literally had his last upfronts about a friggin Monkey and put that show after the Olympics conclusion. And that was one of the first shows they wound up canceling.

    Lesson learned: NBC doesn’t have the right set of priorities. But they seemingly want what is left of what they have to loose to Univision so I guess they can have fun with that.

  • GARebelman

    Fallon was ballsy tonight to actually bring the rumors up out right in the monologue.

  • Neil

    Who is going to take over Late Night With ……….?

  • Neal

    Michael, Leno should take it back since that’s where he belongs!

  • Neil

    Joel McHale?

  • Kris

    Late Night with Donald Glover

  • Aaron

    Neal, enough. Admit it. Leno is DA KING… who’s been dethroned.

  • DSC

    here’s hoping big jaw doesn’t slow jam this Fallon fool like he did with Conan.

  • 22

    Guys, let’s be honest. Is Fallon an established, self-sufficient comedian? No way. He belongs to Mr Lorne Michaels franchise and will always be. And Fallon is just an entertainer. He is young, cute and fun to watch, its true. But it’s like watching a happy puppy. You can teach puppy new tricks but puppy will not gonna teach you anything.
    This whole move was back-stage designed to bring a gulp of fresh air to Broadway Video. And its gonna follow the 30Rock curve – loosing audience, advertisers and dying.

  • 22

    oops, “losing”

  • Douglas in TN

    Right, Aaron…

    Leno is da-finished, da-kaput, da-over, da-yesterday’s news, da-expired, da-finished,and more.

    Last night’s monologue was proof enough he should go. As predictable as an episode of The Brady Bunch you’ve seen 100 times.

  • Michael1

    Both Conan and Fallon get approximately 400,000 viewers per night in the demo, although Conan is only on 4 nights a week. Fallon’s material is great, but his delivery is lacking. Fallon either needs to rehearse his monoogue more, or get some sort of coaching. He has an interesting take on things, but it’s tough to watch him struggle to joke about the same material that Conan and Dave can go through so effortlessly.

  • Oliver

    Late Night With Alison Brie

  • DW

    Leno did the same to johnny and threw his manager under the bus. then he had a pissy fit when it happened to him and got his job back. time for him to go. for a man that doesn’t touch his tonight show money he sure doesn’t want to leave it.

    i was reading Seth Meyers name brought up. i cant stand him on weekend update but he would be a great late night host for 12:30

  • E.S.

    Fallon barely edges Ferguson (and many times ties the Scot) in the target demo in his current time slot. What makes NBC think he’ll beat Letterman or Kimmel at 11:35?

    If I were an strong NBC affiliate, I would put the network on notice about flipping to ABC, CBS, or even FOX.

  • dust

    The Tonight Show will die with that clown hosting.

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