Report: Jimmy Fallon to Take Over as Host of 'The Tonight Show' by Fall 2014

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March 20th, 2013

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The New York Times reports that NBC is preparing for a changing  of the guard at The Tonight Show. Though a time table has yet to be finalized, the network plans for Jimmy Fallon, current host of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,  to replace Jay Leno as host by fall 2014 when Leno's contract expires.

When Fallon takes over, The Tonight Show will move from Burbank, California to New York City. Leno has recently joked about NBC's ratings woes during his monologue, allegedly upsetting the network's executives. Many more details about the transition can be found here.


    Unfortunately Fallon is a poor choice….he couldn’t even handle Ferguson on CBS….to be honest, Conan would of been better (and he did poorly IMO). Good luck NBC

  • clinging to my god

    I don’t know if the Tonight Show will die or not but it’s 6 decades position of being number one, will end with Fallon taking the show over, just like if Conan had kept the show 4 years’ll be just another also ran…The Tonight Show as we’ve known it, will be all over…

  • joel

    When I posted four months ago that Leno was getting forced out there was a lot of denial. Looks like most of those people have graduated to anger. I’m looking forward to the upcoming bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I don’t much bother with this stuff since I don’t watch any of these shows – just clips I download when some hot babe is on.

    However, my question would be: Is this decision over and above anything Leno wants? I’m not sure we can compare this time to the last time because IIRC the issue last time was that Leno wanted his 10PM show and held up the network and when that flopped (excuse the highly overused word, please), he got a huge settlement to go back to his old position and Conan got bumped completely with a lot of rancor on both sides. If this time Leno is willing to go away and stay that way, maybe it will work.

    OTOH, if Fallon flops, who knows what NBC will do? Do we know if they have some sort of contingency plan – with another huge dollar amount attached to it – if this doesn’t work?

    Personally, I don’t distinguish much between any of the “old guard” hosts – Leno and Letterman. I prefer Ferguson because he’s generally considered the underdog and frankly I think he runs his show like he couldn’t care less about competing. He also seems to have tons of less than A list hot babes in short skirts which works for me. :-)

    I don’t find Fallon all that hilarious but he does have some nervous energy you don’t get from the old guard. I think his game skits are usually stupid. He’s also something of a geek so he has people on like Felicia Day which is OK.

    Kimmel’s distinction is he runs all these weird specials which at least separates him from the pack somewhat, although I don’t watch them either. I also watch clips from Chelsea Handler for the babes and she has nice snark.

    Other than that, talk shows haven’t changed much since back when I started watching Carson in the early ’70’s – and before that, occasionally as far back as Steve Allen when he was running the Tonight show in the ’60’s. There’s nothing new at all. So all this is like shifting the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  • CSI



  • CSI

    Jimmy Fallon won Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host 2 times in a row now at the People’s Choice Awards. He’s destined for greatness.

    There’s really no denying in who is the most popular late night host at the moment.

  • Chantell

    Booo! Fallon is an unfunny Jerk . Dumb Move NBC You picked a loser .

  • BrieK

    Jimmy Fallon seems like a nice guy, but he talks too much. I feel like I’m watching an SNL re-run of The Chris Farley Show during his interviews.

  • Brian

    Poor Choice ! Fallon is NOT funny..he is an Idiot!

  • J Leano

    Its about time people recognize the genius of Fallon. Remember the movie “Taxi” starring Jimmy, epic movie on the par of Carrot Top’s “Chairman of the Board”.

  • RG-X

    …then Jay Leno & NBC will change their minds – then Jimmy will quit and will go to another network and NBC will have to find someone to fill Jimmy’s slot.

    This sounds all too familiar!

  • RG-X

    Jimmy Fallon has the funniest bits right now – hashtag, sticky ball, letters, – all fresh and funny every time – He is my favorite late night host right now – congrats to him.

  • elizabeth

    I think Fallon is the freshest choice and I think he will appeal to the old timers as well as the demo.

    Despite being the new comer, he has consistently beat Kimmel head to head (when they were opposite one another) and Ferguson.

    He’s an all around talent, singer, sketch performer and host.

    I like Leno, but I think that this is a good long term plan.

  • Nick

    Everyone’s (for the most part) been making good points here. But I have a bad feeling NBC is just going to handle this very, very badly. I wish they would just leave it up to Leno and let that be. It Fallon is definitely the choice for successor, it would be best if him and Leno could work out something to make the transition move, something that they both agree on. For instance, having Fallon take over TTS one day a week for awhile would be a good start. The problem with Conan was that he was not ready for the slot, and it showed greatly. NBC can’t rush this and let that happen again, because this time Leno will not be here to regain the lead.

    IF NBC does end up forcing Leno out, perhaps CBS should consider him for the Late Show once Dave retires. Not even kidding :p

  • anonymous

    The Hollywood Reporter — It has become clear that Jimmy Fallon is going to become the host of “The Tonight Show,” but sources say an internal debate among key players is under way regarding the timing.

    According to these sources, some top executives at NBCUniversal are leaning toward a February launch to take advantage of the promotional platform of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Others, including “Late Night” executive producer Lorne Michaels, are said to have concerns about rushing the transition.

  • Carm

    SERIOUSLY?????? Jimmy Fallon??? He belongs back on SNL.
    He is NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!!!

  • Kevin

    Don’t worry fans of Leno, in less than 2 years Leno will get the Tonight Show back after Fallon struggles to even come close to Letterman/Kimmel.

    Fallon will end up on a new network, maybe SpikeTV or something.

    History will repeat itself. Leno is a scumbag.

  • Rollie Dethloff

    So, who is going to take over Fallon’s show? Seth Meyers?

  • Gary Middleton

    “However, my question would be: Is this decision over and above anything Leno wants? If this time Leno is willing to go away and stay that way, maybe it will work.”

    Richard, what Leno wants is completely irrelevant. He is fired.

    Jay Leno does not want to leave. He didn’t want to leave in 2009 either, but he was fired. Employers hire you, employers fire you. Employers can re-hire you, but Leno will be 65 next year and re-hiring is not going to happen this time. It’s over for Jay Leno in late night.

  • Gary Middleton

    “Don’t worry fans of Leno, in less than 2 years Leno will get the Tonight Show back after Fallon struggles to even come close to Letterman/Kimmel.”

    Easy money for anyone who takes the other side of that bet.

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