Will 'Arrow' Hit Its Target in the Ratings? - Poll

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March 20th, 2013

arrow season premiere

Arrow returns tonight after a three week hiatus. Its most recent new episode on February 27 scored a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating. Can it beat that tonight with an episode featuring The Huntress and the opening of Oliver's club? Make your predictions.

  • outlawz

    tonight nbc is on the list watch arrow

  • Sara

    Irrelevant, it is returning next season anyways. Think it’ll stay at 1.0

  • DW

    yeah its coming back to bore people next year. 1.0

  • Robsten_Fan

    Yes, please!
    Watch it, people!
    It’s a good show!

  • zerg

    0.9 DST strike!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I’d guess it will maintain its 1.0, but not necessarily grow much if any. It could even drop to .9.

    As it’s been renewed, it’s mostly irrelevant – although of course if it starts dropping precipitously for the remainder of the season, that will bode ill for its second season.

    But I don’t expect it to do so, although it may drift a bit lower. It’s been very stable all season, with some growth to 1.3 and occasional drop backs to .9. Mostly lately it’s been 1,0-1.1. It’s viewer totals have been similarly hovering around 3 million give or take a few hundred thousand. Its season average is currently 1.11 with 3.36 million.

  • Mi

    Ditto @Robsten_Fan, it’s my favorite new show this year and one of my current favorites. Episodes 15 and 16 are my current favorites and I hope this episode doesn’t disappoint.

    I think this episode though could get only 0.8 though, due to the basketball games and it being the first episode aired after DST change. Hope I’m wrong though.

  • John

    Gave my guess a 0.9, only because this week for some reason all shows have been low in ratings, even the popular ones. Otherwise I’d say a 1.0 or 1.2.

  • ZmaX

    storyline wise, it should be up. that information we were left with, by that very iconic comic book character last episode was really big, DC comic fans and Dr. Who fans (of Alex Kingston) should check it out.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Oh, yeah, forgot Alex was now in it. She’s cool.

  • Lifey

    The show is BORING . Actors can’t act.
    Writing is lame. Too many plot holes. Too many useless storylines.
    The voice-over is annoying and exagerated. Flashbacks aren’t interesting.

  • hammard

    1.0 it will remain steady but not much more. The return after the midseason only ticked up slightly due to Supernatural being back on and The Huntress arc has not been particularly popular with the fans.

  • Laura

    Arrow , Stephen Amell ? the fact that his expressions are two: the shirt, without a shirt.

  • CrownedCrow

    I can’t wait for the opening of Oliver’s Club! …said no one, ever.

    I’m expecting 1.1.

  • Mary

    Stephen A. is a piece of wood she can not act!

  • Ryann

    I think Arrow will hit a 1.2 and supernatural will get either a 1.0 or 1.1 as castiel and meg are back.. I cant wait for either of them!! Been to long!

  • GWC

    Arrow is good escapist entertainment. I was absolutely astonished that I liked the program when first trying it out. They could get rid of the flashbacks to the island, though, and I would have no problem with it.

  • Wright

    1.3….but I’m more interested in SPN.

  • The End

    @Writing is lame. Too many plot holes. Too many useless storylines.

    Explain this.

    Also what ‘useless’ storylines? The island stuff explains how Oliver went from being a weak rich boy to a butt kicking crime fighter.

    Anyway, they’re currently filming episode 21 this week. You’d think they’d be further ahead than that, explains why there has been so many mini breaks for this show, the scheduling is questionable lol

  • connie

    I’m waiting for NBC to shuffle around
    ‘Revolution’ to the point that they lose
    their audience for one of the two good
    shows it does have.

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