Will 'Arrow' Hit Its Target in the Ratings? - Poll

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March 20th, 2013

arrow season premiere

Arrow returns tonight after a three week hiatus. Its most recent new episode on February 27 scored a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating. Can it beat that tonight with an episode featuring The Huntress and the opening of Oliver's club? Make your predictions.

  • LisaM

    Watch Arrow if you want to, but stay for Supernatural. WEven EW said this episode will be a great one.

  • Carl

    The last episode seemed to get a lot of buzz, and Alex Kingston is popular, so I think they’ll get 1.1.

  • Mi

    I prefer Arrow to SPN these days, and I’ve been a fan of SPN from the beginning.

  • MBmomof3

    My husband and I love this show. We’ve also been SPN fans since day 1. Putting them together is as great as the Smallville and Supernatural combo. We still miss Smallville, but Arrow is one of the best new shows IMO.

  • Lifey

    That “Colton Haynes” Love Storyline with Oliver’s sister is useless. I mean …
    This is NOT Gossip Girl.

  • Lifey

    I respect everyone watching the show.

  • Simon

    Season average is my guess between 0.9 – 1.1. Shows been renewed anyway and its still the CW’s second highest rated show, no way the change their Wed schedule it’s the only good night they have left!

    Misha returns to SPN tonight! The Cass storyline, the Men of Letters storyline and the Angel and Demon tablets storyline have been the most interesting parts this season. VERY weak start but it has really picked up a little, wonder when/if Benny will return.

  • SueP

    @Simon- Benny will be back in ep 19. The purgatory flashbacks have been my favorite part this season so I’ll be happy to see his return. The angels, not so much.

  • LisaM

    Yes, on SPN tonight, Cas and Meg too! Hopefully an explanation on Naomi and her mission, and what Crowley has been up to. been too long, oh King of Hell.

  • starship

    I can see it falling to 0.8 because of DST at some point in April, but tonight it should be stable at around 0.9-1.0. Expect Supernatural to get at least a 1.0.

  • s0303

    1.0…i really like arrow…i don’t really have a problem with stephen a’s acting…he isn’t the best actor, but he’s certainly not the worst…i do agree that there’s way too much focus on what happened on the island though…

  • JayZ

    i am like 10 episodes behind .. all sitting on my DVR !! LOVE the show and can’t wait till i have time to catch up

  • OMGInYourRice

    No, it won’t. In fact, this is the night that TV will fade away and be regarded as just a phase. No one will watch anything. Time will actually stop, and the moon will crash into a coffee shop – but no one will be injured because coffee is also being abandoned in favor of Snapple.

  • Psycho Bob

    wow, half of you people ripping on the flashbacks are braindead. The flashbacks serve a purpose to show how he became who he is today. I would rather watch the somewhat darker toned flashbacks that have some action and excitement than hearing Thea aka Speedy whine about her parents. It’s a comic book based action show, this is not a serious drama, yes there are dramatic moments, but this is not The Walking Dead or Game Of Thrones level of drama so don’t expect it to be.

  • david

    I am hoping for a 1.2 again.

  • brian

    1.1. I think it edges up, but not much higher due to daylight time.

  • evesix

    Looks like they bet on the wrong horse… I mean, the show isn’t doing so well and still, they already renewed it. CW is so full of sht it’s getting ridiculous now.

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