ABC Asks Viewers To "Save 'Happy Endings'", Are They Begging, Cynical Or Joking? (Poll)

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March 21st, 2013


A current ABC promo advertising the schedule move of its low rated sitcom Happy Endings to Friday asks viewers to "Save Happy Endings".

Given that when it left ABC's schedule seven weeks ago Happy Endings was by far ABC's lowest rated non-Friday scripted show, and its prognosis was already overwhelmingly bleak, is the plea by ABC

  • Begging - They're begging to fans to produce a Friday ratings miracle to save the show!
  • Cynical - The show's dead already, they're just trying to milk whatever ratings (and ad revenue) they can get from it on Fridays by appeals to desperate fans.
  • Joking - It's a comedy, they're just joking around! They don't really mean it! The show's dead and they're just having some fun!

You be the judge:

For those who haven't seen it:

  • forg

    At least they’re trying to do one last effort to save it. I wish it can but I doubt it can match what LMS has been doing in the slot

  • asdf

    At the very least they made a promo. So there’s that…

  • Elijah

    What a strange promo…. I would love for Happy Endings to be renewed. I’d also love to win the lottery!

  • DW

    cynical. this crap isn’t coming back. better chance of max headroom coming back than this show.

  • Jonay

    There begging they want to renew it for sydication they wouldn’t be trying this hard to keep it!!..!

  • Spencer

    At least they are trying. hopefully they can get at least better than MC or match LMS. Does anybody know what the last episodes of Happy Endings got ratings-wise and how those would look on a friday?

  • Wilkamp

    Most clever episode burn!

  • Jayson

    I don’t care about the kind of promo as long as it gets saved! Seriously, it’s the best comedy on TV now!

  • Dan

    They probably are bring cynical and maybe begging a little but why would they joke about watching a show. They are PR hounds at ABC, using promos like this to watch their programming but when May rolls around and the show is axed, there will be less joking

    Fans can’t save Happy Endings but maybe TBS can. Even Sony can try if they slash the licensing fee, they did it with Breaking In, Til Death and Unforgettable

  • Doug

    I’ve been keeping an eye out for the cast picking up pilots, but nothing so far. I would assume that they would be somewhat in demand, so this leaves me somewhat hopefully. As already noted, the wildcard here is Sony.

  • Fred

    I’m just happy ABC is airing the remaining eps. If by chance it does well on Friday , great !
    Perhaps ABC will find a slot for it next season.
    HE is one of my top sitcoms (along with Middle and Cougar Town)

  • Dan

    I’m surprised none of the cast is looking at other pilots, maybe they think they have a chance at renewal.

  • Elijah

    I always never overthink things and try to just not think about conspiracy theories such as the cast not having signed to any pilots.

    The conspiracy theorist in me thinks the fact the cast not having signed on to any pilots is a good sign.
    The real side of me knows the ratings are terrible and the show is currently at “certain to be cancelled” and the fact the episodes are being burned off.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    Does TBS want to become known as the dumping ground for failed ABC comedies, especially since the ratings for Cougar Town have been nothing special?

  • Kavyn

    You know something’s up when the network is begging you to save their show lol. Pretty sure it’s a joke, but you never know.

    Just curious but if Happy Endings can pull the same ratings as MC, is it more likely to be renewed and paired with LMS over Malibu?

  • Iggy

    If ABC wanted to save it, they would’ve moved Neighbors to Fridays, Suburgatory to 8:30 and Happy Endings to 9:30 after Modern Family.

  • Mitholas

    Is it possible that Sony asked ABC to pull this stunt, in an attempt to salvage whatever ratings they can get, in order to get that season needed for syndication?

  • Just Desserts

    Begging. Duh! :-)

  • Elijah

    I guess is what I am trying to say I never read much into things such as “the cast hasn’t signed onto any pilots”
    Thats a better way to phrase it.

  • Tran

    This is ABC’s only chance to save HAPPY ENDINGS after the season is over. You people better “ignore the ratings”.

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